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Liberty Seated Dimes – Die Varieties, 1837 - 1891

Liberty Seated Dime Web-Book

Foreword by Chris Pilliod

Introduction by Gerry Fortin

Table of Contents

Welcome to the web-book resource for Liberty Seated Dime varieties and Gerry Fortin Rare Coins; desirable coins for Seated and Bust collectors.

Gerry Fortin has been collecting and researching Liberty Seated Dime since 1988 and launched his Liberty Seated Dimes - Die Varieties, 1837 - 1891 web-book during 2004. The web-book expanded die variety knowledge beyond the efforts of Kamal Ahwash and Brian Greer in their respective numismatic research guides. Contained within the Fortin web-book is a wealth of new information about Liberty Seated Dime die varieties, die states and rarity coupled with a presentation format using exceptional photography.

All web-book content is fully accessible to the public. You are free to link to web-book content for numismatic purposes, but please remember that written content, images, rarity estimates and pricing guides are copyrighted by the author and must be accurately referenced as to the source in other paper or online publications.

Please enjoy this Seated Dime reference and consider collecting the series...... Gerry

Authorized Dealer, Member ANA, FUN, JRCS and LSCC

What's New?

April 16: David Miller publishes his Top 100 set in the Open Registry; Ryan Hill provides an important update to his Top 100 set also.

April 9: Back from Maine coin shop trip with lots of new purchases. The highlights include 1890-S F-112 Die Gouge PCGS F15, original 1831 bust half dime EF45+, 1874-S original dime VF35 with rotated reverse.

April 8: Added 1856 Sm Date contemporary counterfeit to archives. It is cast from F-112 business strike model. The T+N Albert Top 100 and Ultimate collections are updated in the Open Registry. Please consider adding your Seated dime or quarter sets to the competitive Open Registry. RAC Seated dime price reductions (at least 20 pieces) from one consignor have been posted.

April 6: The North Georgia Collection is updated in the open registry. This collector is aggressively building his sets and moving into CAC validation phase.

April 2: The April E-Gobrecht issue is available at LSCC link. Posted many Baltimore Newps and consignment images on price lists. Driving from Florida to Maine in the next two days. I'm still open for business via email and phone.

April 1: No Fooling! Tim Cook takes a commanding lead with his Top 100 Varieties set after adding PCGS63 1861 Rusted Reverse dime. Will be imaging and listing Newps and consignment today and there is quite a bit of new material after all...

March 22: Today is a web-book maintenance and catch up day. Added new 1891-S die pairing (Medium S) as F-119 and update the Rotated Reverse Index to capture new 1839 and 1876-CC rotated reverses listed in New Discovery section a few weeks back. Next project is the Top 25 Rotated Reverse set for open registry.

Liberty Seated Collectors Club - 2013 Hall of Fame

PCGS/NGC Awards - Liberty Seated Dime Collection

PCGS: Best Presented Sets of 2006,   Best Classic Sets of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

NGC: Best Presented Sets of 2004,    Most Informative Signature Set 2007

Collectors Weekly Website - 2009 Hall of Fame Award,    December 2009 Interview




Welcome to the definitive resource for Estes Model Rocketry Kit collectors.

Estes Model Rocket Kit Collecting Guide

Individual kit database pages are updated and reflect eBay sales from February 2008 through June 2011. Recorded pricing observation in the database now stands at 9680 entries. All updated kit prices and totals are black colored. Due to a very busy 2011 business schedule, I had no choice but to place the Estes Kit Database on hold. I did manage to collect eBay kit pricing into the June 2011 timeframe and those prices are published. There are a number of new kit variety listings so checking the revised database could be worthwhile for serious collectors.

What's New?

May 5: Starting to update eBay pricing results in all three databases for the March-May 2013 timeframe. This update will be done by end of day May 6. My apology for not paying attention to the Estes databases for a long period of time. On average, it appears prices for original and problem free Estes kits are climbing.

February 5: Added K-45 1970 and 1971 Astron Beta, 1340 Scud B and 1367 Vindicator individual kit description pages. Added K-23 Big Bertha pictorial guide page.

January 6: Added rare K Kit group (X-Ray, Beta, Apogee II, Big Bertha, Thor Agena) with pre Damon yellow hang tags and countdown hang tags to the database and pictorial guide. I won the X-Ray and Apogee II kit and should have big higher for the Beta kit. This was a once in several year opportunity to acquire early K Kits in original condition.

The pictorial pages also provide links into kit description pages inside the database. To my knowledge, this Estes database is becoming the most comprehensive study of Estes model rocket kit packaging and artwork varieties ever assembled.






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