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December 19, 2018

West Texas Collection Consignment Preview


West Texas Collection - Consignment Highlights

1801 PCGS F12 50C

        1806 PCGS F12 50C                                                           1809 ANACS AU50 50C OWH


1812/1 O-102a ANACS EF45 50C OWH                                                 1855-S ANACS F15 50C OWH





December 18, 2018

Twins Lakes Collection Seated Half Dimes and Dimes Arrive!

Greetings from the GFRC Venice office and welcome to an early morning edition of the Blog. Thanks for checking in.

Another full day is at hand with an LSCC Leadership Team meeting at 9:00 pm following by a Tampa airport trip to pick up Renee and Mike. An afternoon nap may be in order since working until Monday midnight along with a rigorous exercise walk with 8 lbs weights.

The Yamatins are settled in with Natsumi sleeping until 5:00 am, which is excellent jetlag recovery time. Matt's training has expanded and now includes laps in the condo association pool after long daily runs. Yes, Matt is training for a triathlon. Back in Beijing, Matt added cycling training to his daily routine.


New Oregon Beaver Collection Consignment

The GFRC trading desk business model continues to see adoption. For years, many collectors stockpiled their duplicate coins in safes or bank boxes. There was anxiety with allowing beloved duplicates to leave the fold. But once collectors take that initial step to divest, then the anxiety is gone and the benefits of incremental cash for new purchases is realized. I see many GFRC customers, turned consignor, having this realization. Selling duplicate coins brings about multiple benefits; feedback on prior purchases and newly found working capital are at the top of the list.

The Oregon Beaver is an example of a GFRC customer that made the transition to active consignor. On Monday, the following Liberty Seated half dollar consignment arrived. The individual coins are consistent with the greater than $500 per coin requirement for accepting new consignments prior to the Orlando FUN show.

If readers click on the below image, a high resoluton version will be downloaded and allow detailed inspection of each coin. There are some great new offerings in this lot and First Right of Refusal is recommended to avoid disappointments.


A Ton Of Twins Lakes Collection Coins to Consider

The most recent Twins Lakes Collections consignment consisted of four PCGS blue boxes that were completely full. That amounts to eighty consigned coins to process and market. To date, the twenty-five piece Walking Liberty half dollar lot has been featured and immediately found a potential home. Those were USPS Express shipped on Monday. The two Trade dollars reached the price list.

Today's Blog reveals eight Liberty Seated half dimes and another eight Liberty Seated dimes from the Twins Lakes Collection consignment. Nearly all are consistently graded PCGS AU58. Most are common dates and ideal for type set collecting. There are a few better dates in the group including the 1852-O half dime and 1886-S dime. Look for these to reach the price list by end of day with limited descriptions.

Twins Lakes Collection - PCGS AU58 Liberty Seated Dimes

Well almost all AU58....

1837 Large Date F-101 PCGS AU58 10C                                           1886-S F-101 PCGS AU55 10C         


   1857 PCGS AU58 10C                            1870 F-101a PCGS AU55 10C                          1876 PCGS AU58 10C    


   1877-CC Type 2 F-108 PCGS AU58 10C                1888 PCGS AU58 10C                          1891-O F-130 PCGS AU58 10C          



Twins Lakes Collection - PCGS AU58 Liberty Seated Half Dimes

1837 Large Date PCGS AU58 5C                                                           1845 PCGS AU58 5C         


   1852-O PCGS AU55 5C                               1857 PCGS AU58 5C                            1858  PCGS AU58 CAC 5C


   1861 PCGS AU58 5C OGH                               1872 PCGS AU58 5C                              1873-S PCGS AU58 5C       



Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1984

Monday brought a strong sales day with another six coins finding new homes for the holidays. GFRC December 2018 sales remain consistent with November and have not experienced the typical seasonal slow down. New Collectors Corner customers are having a positive impact on December sales. You will note that GFRC is not featuring any special promotions during the Christmas holiday season. Rather, the focus is on operational execution and loading as many new offerings as possible before the Orlando FUN. I have a feeling that FUN will be a vibrant show with collectors out in force.

Sixteen coins remain towards reaching the 2000 sold coins goal for 2018. With ongoing luck, this milestone may be reached before Christmas day with the entire GFRC staff being given a few days off to relax.....


Global Financial News

Volatity in the equity and bond markets is at hand. The 24 hour financial media is having a field day and raising fears of a calamity on the horizon. Traders and investors are reacting with pessimism as following the herd is a well known investment approach. When a market trend shifts negative, it is best to run for the hills and not be the last person in. Personally, I'm sitting back and watching as my investment philosophy is contrarian.

The Federal Reserve has a huge interest rate decision to make in the next few days. My bet is that the Fed Funds Rate will stay at current level going into 2019.

Overnight, crude oil took a beating and is now trading at $47.84/bbl. There is a glut of oil on the market from United States producers and Russia. Gold continues to slowly move up as a hedge against equity market uncertainty. Bitcoin has moved up slightly as another vehicle for asset allocations. And lastly, the 10 Year U.S. Treasury bond yields dropped significantly to 2.82%. This fact will further increase pressure on the Fed to hold short term interest rates at current levels else stoking more yield curve inversion fears.

Now to Seeking Alpha headlines. We open with commentary on the sizable overnight drop in crude oil prices.

Oil tumbled another 4% overnight, dropping for a third consecutive session, as reports of swelling inventories and forecasts of record U.S. and Russian output combined with a sharp selloff in equity markets. OPEC and other oil producers agreed this month to curb production by 1.2M barrels per day, but those cuts won't happen until next month and the amount only represents about 1% of global demand.

An interesting headline concerning coal production and climate change. Emerging economies continue to ramp up the usage of coal for power generation.

Coal consumption is expanding after two years of decline, but miners should brace for another period of sluggish growth. According to the IEA, global coal demand will inch up by just over 1% between 2017 and 2023, as growth in India and other Asian countries offsets a decline in Europe and the U.S. While developed nations are ditching the fossil fuel, emerging economies are using coal to quickly scale up electric power generation.

The German economy is slowing down which is negative news for the entire European continent.

"Pre-Christmas delights are not to be expected," declared Ifo chief Clemens Fuest, as German business morale fell for the fourth straight month. Ifo's business climate index slipped to 101.0 in December, the lowest level in more than two years. Trade frictions, risks linked to Brexit, anti-government protests in France and weaker growth in emerging markets are all putting the brakes on a nine-year upswing in Europe’s economic powerhouse.


Wrapping Up The Blog

That is a wrap for today's edition. There is considerable packaging and shipping to get done followed by more photography immediately after lunch time. Afternoon brings price list postings and then the LSCC meeting at 9:00 pm. Just another busy GFRC day....

We will be back tomorrow with more ramblings.




December 17, 2018

Whitman 2020 Red Book Pricing Submissions are Done!

Greetings as the last full week before Christmas holiday arrives. Welcome to another edition of the Daily Blog.

The Yamatin family has settled in at our Venice home and living through expected jetlag. Little Natsumi is a joy and bundle of energy. On Sunday, Natsumi spent over an hour in the Association pool while Matt was off training for his next marathon. Grandpa conducted a long photography session and is loaded with a coin image library for rolling out new GFRC offerings throughout the week.

Tuesday brings the arrival of Renee and new husband Mike for several days before heading off to Long Island for Christmas with Mike's parents. The entire Fortin family will be soon reunited and a few family pictures will be in order to document the event.

Whitman 2020 Red Book Pricing Submissions are Done

What a relief to have completed Liberty Seated half dime and quarter pricing evaluations and recommended changes for the 2020 Red Book edition. Frankly, I'm probably the best person in the numismatic industry to handle this responsibility since GFRC's primary sales volume is Liberty Seated coinage. Being curious, I took a stroll through the COIN system to quantify the number of Liberty Seated coins sold during the past 90 days. Since Matt previously wrote an app that provides itemized rolling sales on a 30 and 90 days basis, the answers was readily available. GFRC has sold exactly 317 Seated Liberty coins across all denominations during the past 90 days. Liberty Seated quarters are the most popular followed by dimes and halves being tied within two coins for second place. The Mountain View Collection of Liberty Seated quarters provided fresh inventory and is probably the reason for the quarters being at the top of the Seated list. The Sunset Point Collection should continue that trend.

Back to the Red Book! How is pricing evaluation conducted?

At the beginning of every Red Book is a listing of pricing contributors. In past years, I often wondered as to how these individuals go about rendering pricing recommendations. Now I have first hand knowledge of the process and will share in today's Blog.

The evaluation process kicks off with new Red Book editor, Jeff Garrett, providing Excel spreadsheets for 2019 prices. There is one excel sheet per Liberty Seated denomination. Each spreadsheet is downloaded onto the GFRC laptop. Then the work starts. The Excel sheet for the denomination being evaluated is displayed on my Dell 21" monitor. Then CoinFacts and the GFRC Sales Archive are opened on the laptop display screen. What follows is a slow methodical process of reviewing CoinFacts and GFRC sales records, by date and grade, against the 2019 Red Book prices and recording new recommendations on the Excel sheet. Every cell that is changed is highlighted in yellow for easy reading by Jeff.

Both the Liberty Seated half dime and quarter prices required a serious update. Key date prices were ok since that is where attention is always focused first. But common and semi-key dates were an opportunity for bringing pricing to current market. For example, the low mintage Seated quarter dates from 1879 through 1889 saw significant pricing increases in grades from Good to Extra Fine. The 2019 Red Book prices were much too low and I would have bought a truckload for inventory at those pricing levels.

Last evening, Jeff Garrett sent out an email to acknowledge the submissions and his thanks for the effort to bring pricing to current market levels. I've committed to update Seated half dollars, dollars and Trade dollars during the 2021 Red Book pricing cycle.


Today's Featured Consignment - Running Boar Collection Offerings

There was a huge sense of relief after wrapping up the Red Book pricing project with attention shifting to GFRC image processing. The mind could go into idle mode and relax while formatting images.

The new Running Boar Collection consignment is awesome in terms of old time originality and easy to photograph gray patina. I made a command decision to jump the queue with this consignment as a gift to my tired mind after the challenge of the Twins Lakes Walking Liberty halves. Processing images for frosty white coins is much more difficult with lots of time and mental effort to get the colors and contrasting surfaces right.

It is my pleasure to feature some great new early type silver from the Running Boar Collection. My immediate favorites are the 1831 B-5 Capped Bust quarter and the 1838 and 1851 Seated quarters. I'm expecting mostly choice original quality ratings with chances for a gem or two once each coin is carefully examined for marks and strike. The Running Boar consignment should be on the price list by end of day. First Right of Refusal is recommended for those that might catch your eye.

Running Boar Collection Consignment - Quality Early Silver Type

1838 PCGS EF45 CAC 25C                                                         1851 PCGS EF40 CAC 25C


1842 NGC MS61 $1 Seated                                                   1837 RE PCGS AU55 50C


 1831 B-5 NGC AU5 25C                       1834 B-1 PCGS AU50 25C OGH                     1835 B-8 PCGS VF30 25C



Twins Lakes Collection Consignment - Another 55 Coins to Load

Processing the entire Twins Lakes Collection consignment will take some time. My approach is to group designs and denominations together as was done with the Walking Liberty halves. Outside of the Walkers, nearly all the Twins Lakes coins are graded AU58 and should see immediate demand.

Following are the two Trade dollars from Twins Lakes. Both are frosty specimens with the 1877-S receiving a Choice quality rating. The 1877-S brings vibrant steely luster and few blemishes. Both offerings are loaded to the price list and immediately available.

Twins Lakes Collection Consignment - AU58 Trade Dollars

1875-S PCGS AU58 $1 Trade                                                   1877-S PCGS AU58 $1 Trade



Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1978

Sunday brought another great GFRC sales day with six more coins being sold. The highlight was an 1884-O PCGS MS64 CAC toner Morgan with gem obverse coloring. The buyer requested a video of the coin which I did with new Huawei cellphone under bright Florida sunshine. Upon reviewing the video, we quickly came to terms on purchase price.

GFRC is therefore down to 22 coins to sell during the next 14 days. Given the number of new consigned pieces to be loaded this week, I expect we will reach the 2000 goal soon and probably exceed it.


Global Financial News

Markets are quiet to kick off the week before Christmas. Global equity market futures are mixed while commodity prices are flat. Spot gold continues to trade within a tight $1240 - $1250 range and is quoting at $1244/oz to start the day. Crude oil is priced at an even $52/bbl while Bitcoin has settled down at its new depressed level. $3236 buys you a Bitcoin today. Interest rates are also quiet with the 10 Year U.S. Treasury yielding 2.88%

Today's Seeking Alpha review takes us back to Europe and China. Germany is tightening rules for foreign equity stakes in local technology firms. The target is once again controlling China's access to overseas technology.

Germany is tightening rules to make it harder for non-European companies to buy stakes in local firms without its approval. The country is set to lower to 10% (from 25%) the threshold at which it can launch national security probes of foreign stake purchases involved in defense, tech or media deals. It also signals growing concern in Berlin about China's push to acquire valuable know-how and key technology.

The Brexit drama never seems to end as political leaders have not delivered on initial Brexit mandate. Now there is talk of a second Brexit vote?

As pressure builds for a new vote, Theresa May will condemn the prospect of a second Brexit referendum in an address to the U.K. parliament today. Another ballot "would do irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics, because it would say to millions who trusted in democracy, that our democracy does not deliver," the prime minister will say, according to prepared remarks.

The EU is now imposing its rules and regulations on the Swiss stock exchanges. The Swiss people are unhappy with incremental oversight.

The European Commission is expected to officially give Switzerland a six-month reprieve that will allow its stock exchanges to maintain access to EU clients until June 2019. It had previously warned that the exchanges faced suspension in a row over a new treaty governing ties between Switzerland and the EU, which faces domestic criticism that it impinges too much on Swiss sovereignty.

And finally, I was not aware that Boeing had built an airliner manufacturing facility near Shanghai. Another core industrial technology is placed into the hands of the Chinese.

High stakes? Boeing has delivered the first 737s built at its new Zhoushan facility to Air China as the U.S.-China trade battle plays out. The facility, located about 180 miles from Shanghai, is tagged with a production target of 100 planes a year. "We have to keep our eye on the long game in China. Long term, I’m optimistic we will work our way through this," said Boeing China president John Bruns.


Wrapping Up the Blog

Another long Blog edition comes to an end. Thank you for checking in on a Monday morning.

Today brings a huge shipping day so best to get a shower in and immediately start packing lots for USPS transfer before 2:00 pm.

Wishing everyone a fun week with holiday parties and Christmas shopping. See you tomorrow morning with more ramblings.




December 16, 2018

Running Boar Collection Consignment Arrives

Greetings and welcome to the Daily Blog on a Sunday morning.

Today's edition will be brief due to a limited sleep plus a busy Saturday schedule that left no time for topic preparations. The Yamatin family landed at Tampa International Airport at 10:00 pm Saturday evening. It was such a joy to see grand-daughter Natsumi as she has grown much since the summer visit at Maine home. The day ended with Matt and I chatting until nearly 2:00 am to catch-up on his sustainability program efforts at the International School of Beijing.


Whitman 2020 Red Book Pricing Update

Much of Saturday was spent updating Whitman Red Book pricing for Liberty Seated quarters. The quarters are a long series. Existing prices definitely needed attention towards reflecting current market levels.

When updating prices, the GFRC Sales Archives was employed as reference for circulated grades while CoinFacts guided the higher circulated grades and mint state levels. One of the challenges with Seated quarters is the lack of near term pricing data points in AU or better grades.

Many updates are being recommended and I hope that Jeff Garrett accepts and runs with these inputs. I should be done with the evaluation during Sunday morning hours.


Twins Lakes Collection - Walking Liberty Half Dollars PCGS MS64 CAC Set on Hold

I'm most delighted to report that the gorgeous 25c piece CAC approved Walker set from the Twins Lakes Collection is presently on hold.

After settling 1923-S and 1927-S offer prices during early Saturday afternoon hours, these remaining pieces were posted to the price list followed by a courtesy call to the individuals with First Right of Refusal. Upon careful online description review and doing some serious homework, the potential buyers called the GFRC office for a detailed conversation on the 1923-S offering. The decision came down to a simple question and an expression of trust: would I place the 1923-S in my personal collection? This was a difficult question to respond to, given that my expertise is with Liberty Seated coinage. The 1923-S and 1927-S halves were placed side by side on my desk followed by a description of what I saw; two well color matched key dates with above average strikes that are the nucleus of a broader 25 piece set. Yes, I would love to place the 1923-S half into a personal collection along with the entire set as a foundation for a larger initiative. Based on that response, the potential buyers committed to send payment on Monday. Then they suggested joining the GFRC community as new consignors for earlier half dollar duplicates.

Given the buyers' commitment to purchase the entire 25 piece offering, all have been marked on hold and are no longer available for separate purchases. My apology to the many collectors who expressed initial interest in certain pieces. This gorgeous set needed to stay together due to the color matching and consistent eye appeal.


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1972

Numerous coins sold on Saturday beside the Twins Lakes Walkers. The highlight being the Dr. Glenn Peterson Seated half dimes that are gaining traction with three more pieces finding new homes.

GFRC is now down to selling 28 coins during the second half of December to reach the 2000 coin milestone. The goal does appear attainable without last minute heroics. To ensure attainment, GFRC will continue to aggressive load new offerings during the final two week of 2018 towards improving inventory for the Orlando FUN show.


Running Boar Collection Consignment Arrives

Since there are no images in today's Blog edition, let's try something new. The latest Running Boar Collection consignment arrived on Saturday via Express mail and what an offering! Following is a quick cellphone photograph of the seven early type coins being consigned for the Orlando FUN show.

If readers click on the below image, a high resoluton version will be downloaded and allow detailed inspection of each coin. I love the strict originality found with this lot.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Given the limited amount of sleep, I'm surprised with the content that somehow appears when sitting at the keyboard and starting a new edition.

Yes, I will be in the GFRC office most of the day wrapping up Whitman Red Book pricing and working on new coin images. If interested in a purchase, please email or call.

Thanks again for stopping by at the Blog and wishing everyone a fantastic Sunday. See you on Monday morning with more ramblings.




December 15, 2018

Whitman Red Book Pricing and Yamatin Family Arrives

Greetings on a quiet Saturday morning and welcome to the Daily Blog.

I'm a bit brain dead after a long Friday in the GFRC office so please have patience with today's Blog content. Once the hot coffee and caffeine reach the brain, then all will be well....

Seth Godin Blog: Working in a studio

Let's open today's Blog edition with a great piece from Seth Godin that pretty much summarizes my life. My life transitioned from years of semiconductor operations management to the quiet creativity of the GFRC office. The transition was facilitated by a marketing and sales leadership role in China. Semiconductor operations requires compliance to procedures at a level unimaginable to the average person. Successful individuals in the marketing sales realm must be creative, flexible with high EQ, and working knowledge of the products being sold. As the sole proprietor of GFRC, the required skill set is an amalgamation of the the prior two roles; but also learning to be self sufficent and operating in a small quiet environment for cost management. Personal initiative is paramount for success.

So here I am on a Saturday morning, working in a studio and finding the energy to prepare another Blog edition. Let's listen to Godin's thoughts on this subject.

Working in a studio

The boss in a factory relies on compliance. More compliance leads to more profits. Do what you’re told, faster and cheaper, repeat.

This is the history of the twentieth century.

The studio, on the other hand, is about initiative. Creativity, sure, but mostly the initiative to make a new thing, a better thing, a process that leads to better.

It’s peer to peer. The hierarchy is mostly gone, because the tasks can be outsourced. So all that’s left is leadership.

Initiative plus responsibility. Authority is far less important, as are the traditional measures of productivity.

You can tell a studio and factory apart in about three minutes. Where do you work?

Other than sleeping, most of my waking hours are spent in the GFRC "studio." This week brought a new addition; a comfortable La-Z-Boy chair for evening chill outs. Note the huge Bose wireless speaker at upper right as my only music source. Can't wait to get back to Maine and build that 5.1 Surrounding Sound system.

New La-Z-Boy in GFRC Studio Office



Whitman 2020 Red Book Pricing Update

Friday brought a host of activities including pricing and loading the Twins Lakes Collection Walkers to the price list followed by hours spent reviewing Liberty Seated half dime Red Book pricing and making improvements. The Whitman Red Book submission deadline is December 15 which is today. My plan is to review and update Liberty Seated quarters pricing as the final step in the Red Book effort for their 2020 edition. Liberty Seated halves, dollars and Trade dollars will be updated for the 2021 edition. One individual can provide only so much volunteer time to the hobby.


Twins Lakes Collection - Walking Liberty Half Dollars Arrive

On Friday morning, a well known GFRC customer read the Blog and noted the 25 piece CAC approved Walking Liberty half dollar set posted as a client gallery. There is no question that the 1923-S and 1927-S offerings bring a rare opportunity to acquire these dates in CAC approved holders. Few auction records exist. This advanced numismatist called the GFRC office and requested First Right of Refusal for the complete 25 piece offering. At this time, the 25 piece set is reserved for this individual. I've received several orders for new listings but holding back until the potential sale of the entire lot is explored today.

All halves have been priced with descriptions written. I've held back posting the 1923-S and 1927-S until the Twins Lakes consignor confirms my suggested asking prices. Once that takes place today, those pieces will be posted to the price list. At that point, the customer with FRoR on the entire set will be contacted towards a purchase decision.

Your understanding during this process is appreciated.


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1945

Sometime in business it is two steps forward and one step back! This is the case during Friday. GFRC managed to sell four more coins but the lay-a-way commitment for the recently purchased 1842-O WB-8 PCGS MS62 half was rescinded due to customer's financial issue. Therefore, this frosty original specimen is once again available and returned to the top of the 30 day new offerings price list. Following are the images. So as of December 15, GFRC still needs to sell 55 coins to reach the 2000 goal for 2018. Let's hope for a successful discussion on the Twins Lakes Collection's Walking Liberty halves!

Again Available - 1842-O WB-8 PCGS MS62 50C


Yamatin Family Arrives Today

Yes, Matt, Chikae and Natsumi are presently flying from Beijing to Chicago and will arrive inTampa later today. It will be a pleasure to have the family home for the holidays. We've not seen Natsumi since July-August timeframe other than Facetime sessions. Starting tomorrow, the Florida home will be bustling with activities. Matt and I will carve out time for COIN system reviews and potential enhancements. Most important is building an applicaton for loading both PCGS and NGC coins onto Collectors Corner.


Upcoming New GFRC Listings - Twins Lakes and West Texas Collections

The upcoming week will bring more listings to the GFRC price list. First priority is loading the balance of the Twins Lakes Collection consignment, which totals another 50 coins. Attention then shifts to the West Texas Collection consignment that has been quietly waiting attention since the NH Coin Expo. This is a massive lot of nearly 100 coins. Photography of the slabbed Draped and Capped Bust halves starts on Sunday.

The Running Boar and Oregon Beaver Collection consignors have also submitted new consignments consistent with my greater than $500 retail value threshold. Each will be itemized upon arrival during the next few days. More great offerings are forthcoming just in time for the Orlando FUN show.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Let's end the Blog at this point. There is a pile of payment checks to be loaded into the COIN system and another morning of packing and shipping. The day then shifts to reviewing Liberty Seated quarters for 2020 Red Book and closing on the potential Twins Lakes Collection walker deal.

I will be in the office all day. Your purchase inquires via email and phone call are most welcomed.

Wishing everyone in the GFRC community a wonderful seasonal weekend.




December 14, 2018

Twins Lakes Collection - Walking Liberty Half Dollars Arrive

Greetings and welcome to the Daily Blog on a Friday morning. The GFRC office is quiet at 6:00 am while the coffee is hot and refreshing towards kicking off another day. Thank-you for making the Blog a regular stop during the busy holiday season.

Thursday was a long day in the office but much was accomplished. The Sunset Point Collection Seated quarters were transferrred to CAC for review. Results for the entire collection should be known by next Friday. The Oregon Beaver Collection consignor committed another six piece Liberty Seated half dollar consignment and those ship today. This consignment meets my greater than $500 per coin requirement and gladly taken on before the FUN show.

Afternoon and evenings are typically when orders arrive. By 2:00 pm, processing images for the 25 Walking Liberty halves in the Twins Lakes Collection became the next priority. I was not going to bed until the images were completed and published for today's Blog. Those were indeed completed by 10:30 pm and showcased next. Sandwiched in between the Twins Lakes project was a 4 miles health walk and brief dinner.


Twins Lakes Collection - PCGS MS64 CAC Walking Liberty Half Dollars Arrive

It gives us great pleasure to offer the following Twins Lakes Collection client gallery. What a pleasure to handle this outstanding lot of Walkers that are consistent graded PCGS MS64 with subsequent CAC approval.

My role at GFRC is to capture the beauty of consignor coins and bring them to life in the Blog and price list. Some coin are straighforward to photograph while others are most challenging. Frosty white coins, with just a hint of toning, fall in the latter category. The frosty surfaces reflect huge amounts of light into the camera and wash out the resulting images. The camera also detects colors, other than white, and amplifies those against the white background.

When viewing the following images, please keep a few things in mind. Darker silver-green coloring equates to the heaviest mint frost and boldest luster. Examples are the 1941-S and 1944 halves. Lighter coloring, like the 1940-S, indicates softer luster. The 1923-S is an exceptional example at the grade level with the segmented toning being much less apparent in hand than on the images. Again, the camera will amplify any toning difference since the background is mostly silver white.

This consignment is a thing of beauty to view and brings a wide range of dates and price ranges. All coins are housed in older PCGS blue label or green label holders; an indication of conservative grading. This set is very well match in terms of coloring and frosty surfaces. I hope the images are able to communicate this point. The 1923-S and 1927-S dates are serious acquisitions at the PCGS MS64 CAC grade level while later dates in the 1940s are common and will be priced at less than $100. Frankly, someone should step up and buy the entire lot as is and then attempt to complete the set at current MS64 CAC certifications. Start with the short set as a very achievable goal and then move on the earlier dates. Of course, there are many stopper dates for a complete set at the MS64 grade level including all three 1921 mints along with the 1919-D.

GFRC customers can expect to see this lot on the 30 day price list by end of day. All are loaded into the COIN system with price setting and consignor approval being the final steps. In the meantime, First Rights of Refusal are encouraged. If potentially interest in multiple coins, then call me immediately. Pricing will be fairly set as these pieces are here to sell rather than being museum pieces.

Twins Lakes Collection - 25 Superb Walkers Graded PCGS MS64 CAC

1923-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                                                      1927-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


 1917 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                  1934-D PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                  1935 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


   1935-D PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                  1935-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                  1936 DDO PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


1936-D PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1937 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1937-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


1938 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1939-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1940-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


1941 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1941-D PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1941-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


1942-D PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1943 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1943-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


1944 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1944-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                     1945-D PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


1945-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C                    1946-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C



Higher Priced Consignments Wanted For Orlando FUN Show

The Orlando FUN show is about 25 days away and there is still plenty of time to consign coins. The key requirement is that coins must have a retail value of greater than $500 and be consistent with GFRC's core product lines. No Details graded coins or raw coins please.

Please call or email to discuss what might be potentially available. GFRC continues to work towards establishing a competitive position in the auction services market. Why send your coins to an auction house and lose control when GFRC is available to partner with every consignor towards meeting their specific sales goals?


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1942

I'm pleased to report more progress towards the 2018 year ending goal of 2000 coins sold. Another six pieces found new homes on Thursday leaving just 58 additional sales required in a little over two weeks. Today's rollout of the Twins Lakes Walker Liberty halves should be a positive step towards generating incremental sales volume.

Every GFRC order is precious, whether $50 or $1000, and your consideration is appreciated.


Global Financial News

Friday brings negative sentiment across global equity markets as news of slowing China and European economies is taking its toll on trader mindsets. We will check on this topic shortly but first a quick look at commodities and interest rates.

The U.S. 10 Year Treasury note yield has stabilizes at 2.88% for the time being. Sentiment is that the Federal Reserve will slow or stop raising interest rates as the United States economy is not showing signs of overheating or apparent inflation. The Federal Reserve must be careful to not cause a recession as it attempts to prepare tools to combat an economic recession at some point.

Crude oil has inched up at bit to $52.21/bbl while spot gold is holding ground at $1242/oz. Bitcoin is trading within in new range and quoting at $3251.

China's economy is slowing inspite of numerous economic stimulus attempts (aka deficit spending). A slowing economy will place pressure on imports as Beijing Central government priorities are to keep the masses employed and happy. The timing of the U.S - China trade war is a substantial burden on Xi Jinping given his powers as modern day emporer for life.

The world's second-largest economy is showing more signs of stalling, suggesting the latest economic stimulus measures enacted since the summer have failed to reverse flagging growth. Chinese retail sales grew at the slowest pace in 15 years in November and factory output was the weakest in nearly three years, underlining rising risks over the wider impact of a yet unresolved Sino-U.S. trade dispute.

European business growth is about ready to stall out regardless of huge ECB stimulus and zero interest rates. This leaves the European continent with few options to deal with a potential recession.

Eurozone business growth plummeted to a four-year low in December. IHS Markit's Flash Composite PMI slumped to 51.3, its weakest since November 2014, as the "yellow vest" protests in France - set for a fifth week this Saturday - and ongoing weak car demand exacerbated a widespread economic slowdown. "It's a relatively gloomy picture to end the year on," said Chris Williamson, chief business economist at IHS Markit.

The bureacrats in Brussel continue to increase their power and control over EU members. Just ask Theresa May...

EU leaders will approve a long-anticipated list of eurozone reforms today that are meant to strengthen the financial plumbing of the European economy. The centerpiece will be an agreement to pursue a eurozone budgetary "instrument" and expand the responsibilities of the ESM, but the deal ignores far grander visions like designating a eurozone finance minister or setting up a European version of the IMF.

Commercial human space flight may officially begin in 2019 with Richard Branson being one of the first space tourists.

A Virgin Galactic rocket plane reached space and returned safely on Thursday, becoming the first U.S. commercial human flight to breach Earth's atmosphere since the U.S. shuttle program ended in 2011. "I would hope sometime in the middle of next year I will be going up and then quite soon after that the public will go up," founder Richard Branson told CNBC, cautioning that he "always get these estimates wrong."


Wrapping Up the Blog

Today brings another important task that must get done by end of day tomorow. I owe Jeff Garrett a review of Liberty Seated coinage prices for the 2020 Red Book edition. After loading the Twins Lakes Walkers, attention shift to that deliverable.

Regardless of the Red Book workload, I'm here to sell coins. Again thanks for stopping by at the Blog!




December 13, 2018

Sunset Point Liberty Seated Quarter Collection Arriving

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the Daily Blog.

Sunset Point Liberty Seated Quarter Collection

Santa arrived early this year as USPS did a fine job with timely delivery of Sunset Point Collection shipments #4 through #6. Since each USPS box is insured for a maximum $60,000, the Sunset Point Collection has been broken up into discrete shipping segments based on value. The first shipment was two PCGS blue boxes with common dates. Then came the two "boxes don't smell right" shipments, each with a single PCGS blue box of better dates. Wednesday brought another three Express boxes with the meat of the Liberty Seated quarter set; key date Carson City and San Francisco pieces. There were multiple wows! as these boxes were opened and contents inspected.

When starting the GFRC business, there was a dream of handling a substantial Heritage auction level collection. Well, that time has arrived. The six Sunset Point Collection shipments to date were insured for roughly $350,000 with the last two arriving today. My dream has been realized with a most sincere thank-you to the Sunset Point Collection consignor for the trust in handling his life long Liberty Seated quarter collecting journey.

Following are a few highlights to whet your appetite. All are housed in old PCGS blue or green label holders along with NGC standard ring holders. None of the Sunset Point quarters have been to CAC so please keep this in mind when viewing the list.

Carson City Dates: 1870-CC PCGS VF20; 1871-CC PCGS VG08 OGH; 1872-CC PCGS VF25; 1873-CC PCGS F15

San Francisco Dates: 1856-S PCGS AU50; 1858-S NGC AU53; 1859-S NGC EF40; 1860-S NGC EF40; 1861-S PCGS AU55; 1862-S PCGS MS62 OGH; 1864-S NGC AU58, 1867-S NGC EF40; 1869-S PCGS MS62; 1871-S PCGS MS62; 1873-S NGC MS62; 1878-S NGC MS63

Noteworthy Philadelphia Dates; 1853 NA PCGS MS64 CAC Rattler amazing example; 1869 PCGS MS63 gorgeous frosty example; 1873 NA Closed 3 PCGS AU55 and stunning

After documenting each shipment in the GFRC COIN system, coins are immediately shipped to CAC for review. The entire set should be through CAC prior to the FUN show. However, there is insufficient time to process a set of this magnitude and have ready for FUN sales.


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1936

After a quiet Tuesday, GFRC sales improved on Wednesday. A New Orleans area dealer has become a steady GFRC customer for sourcing Liberty Seated coins for his clients and made a reasonably sized purchase. A few other purchases arrived along with more want list demands. Traction is beginning with the Dr. Glenn Peterson half dimes and an overdue Collectors Corner update was completed.

As of this morning, only 64 coins must be sold in 19 days to reach the year 2018 ending goal of 2000 pieces. I'm growing more confident that the goal will be met.


Pursuing the Last Audio/Video System of a Lifetime Update

Yesterday also brought another research update from the StoneCold Collection consignor towards building my premium 5.1 Surround Sound audio system. He entitled his email as Front and Center. I can't thank this friend enough for the efforts and detailed Blog updates. May 2019 will be an exciting time as the final decision is made with speakers and electronics purchased and delivery to the Maine office.

At this time, it appears that the B&W 804 D3 Diamond and Focal Kanta No.2 speakers are primary targets based on revised budget.

Front and Center Rambling by StoneCold Collection Consignor

Hello Gerry,

Thanks once again for the opportunity in helping you build your new audio system. I have been learning allot myself during the process. My current system has been status quo for some time now and shopping around has given me some new ideas. Being an old school two channel guy I hadn't realized some of the important factors when building a multi-channel system.

First off, the center channel speaker and how much of a role it actually plays, and second, how important the correct amplifier choice is when spec'ing out speakers for such a system. Lastly, the cost involved in proper matching of these components, as power costs money.

The center channel speaker is responsible for handling up to 80% of the load when watching movies and videos. This represents a large challenge for the amp which must provide enough power while not losing the ability to properly drive the main channels. Most amplifiers do not have a dedicated transformer for each channel so the one it does have must be robust enough to feed all contently. I am well aware of how important speaker sensitivity and impedance values are and this becomes even more critical in a multi-channel system. Also, proper voicing and tonal balance between all three front channel speakers is paramount and sticking with one manufacture would be sound advice.

This puts us back where we started for speaker choices.

B&W 804 D3 Diamond - Still in the running at $9K per pair with matching HTM2 D3 center channel speaker at $4.5K.

Paradigm Persona 3F - Probably out of the race at $10K per pair with the matching center channel unit going for a cool $7.5K.

Focal Kanta No. 2 - Still in the mix at $10K per pair with matching center going for around $3K.

Totem Element Earth - Probably still in the race at $9K with center unit going for a bit over $6K.


Global Financial News

Commodity markets appear to be stabilizing at current levels now that visible progress has been made on the China - U.S. Trade war. Let's have a quick look at trading prices and the key 10 year long bond interest rate before reviewing a few Seeking Alpha headlines.

Thursday opens with spot gold still holding recent gains and quoting at $1246/oz. Crude oil has moved down slightly at $51/bbl while Bitcoin continues to trade at the low to mid $3000 level. Today's quote is $3360. The 10 Year U.S Treasury yield is flat at 2.89%

Onward to Seeking Alpha headlines. There is important news from China concerning meeting United States trading demands.

U.S. stock index futures are holding on to yesterday's gains as China resumed buying U.S. soybeans, making its first major purchase since President Trump and Xi Jinping struck a trade war truce. In another sign of concessions, China appears to be easing its high-tech industrial push, dubbed "Made in China 2025," and told state oil trader Unipec to buy U.S. oil. Beijing is also expected to cut tariffs on American autos and car parts.

It is difficult to believe that the European Central Bank is still in QE mode and with negative interest rates. The European economy is quite fragile as compared to the United States and China.

The European Central Bank is all but certain to formally end its three-year, €2.6T monetary stimulus scheme today, which will be followed by a news conference with President Mario Draghi and Vice President Luis de Guindos, as well as updated growth and inflation projections. The economic picture is still fragile, however, and the ECB could struggle to bring interest rates back up to zero percent, especially if the U.S. Federal Reserve pauses its rate hike cycle.

U.K.'s Theresa May still has a job and is heading back to Brussels and dealing with EU bureaucrats. My sympathies.....

Theresa May is heading to Brussels for an EU summit, the day after surviving a no-confidence vote. While the EU will not renegotiate the current Brexit deal, it may be willing to give greater assurances on the temporary nature of the Irish backstop. May's 11th-hour effort might also gain some clarifications or addendums, or some kind of promise of a future comprehensive trade and political agreement.

Here comes the tit for tat between Canada and China. I was correct in assumption that the arrest of Meng Wanzhou will scare away U.S. business people from spending time in China. Canadians are the canary in the coal mine.....

Escalating diplomatic row... Canadian businessman Michael Spavor is being investigated on suspicion of harming China's state security, days after Chinese authorities detained former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig. The news follows the recent arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver on allegations of evading Iranian sanctions. "Our partners should not seek to politicize the extradition process," warned Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.


Featured Coins of the Day

Daily Blog editions without coin images are visually boring. Yes, I'm a visual person and enjoy looking at pictures with interpretations rather than reading long discussions.

Following are a few more stocking stuffer candidates for that favorite budding numismatist in your family. Every purchase counts towards the 2018 year ending goal of 2000 coins sold.

1887 PCGS PR64BN 1C                                                               1861 PCGS AU55 3CS


     1834 LM-2 Raw VF35 5C                                                              1823/2 JR-3 Raw F15 10C


1875 BF-1 PCGS VF20 20C                                                            1838 B-1 PCGS VF35 25C


1883-S Raw EF45 Morgan $1                                                              1851 PCGS AU55 G$1        


Thank you for stopping by! Time for a quick shower, then more shipping followed by preparing additional Sunset Point Collection submissions into CAC.

It will be another busy GFRC day but please don't hesitate to call on a potential purchase. As much as I enjoy insourcing coins, they need to sell towards completing the consignment and sales cycle. Writing consignment checks is probably the most important yet underrated activity at GFRC.




December 12, 2018

Exceptional CAC Approved U.S. Gold New Purchases Arrive!

Greetings from a cool Venice Florida and welcome to the Blog.

Yes, this opening line will not garner sympathy for those in the northern states and rightly so. Actually, I'm enjoying the cool temperatures and not a fan of hot humid weather. Yesterday's low to mid 60s was ideal for a rigorous health walk. As the Blog is written, current temperature is 44F.

There are no formal topics prepared for today's Blog. Tuesday's focus was on behind the scene operational matters.

- All 80 pieces in the Twins Lakes Collection are photographed with a decision necessary on which portions of the consignment are rolled out first.

- The great people at Whitman sent a reminder that payment for upcoming table space at Spring Baltimore show is due soon. This resulted in email conversations for strategies to load the entire four corner booth that GFRC has committed to manage.

- Then image processing kicked in for some exceptional CAC approved United States gold purchased last Friday. Processing gold coin images requires a different approach as compared to silver. Oranges tend to dominate in gold coin images and must be subdued with elevated green coloring. After some experimentation, the right color balancing formula was found and applied to the upcoming gallery. I am very proud of these images regardless of recent criticism on the PCGS forum about my poor or "deceptive" images. This last comment leads to Seth Godin's blog post for today. I wish that the individal on the PCGS forum would have been a student of my Daily Blog before making accusations of doctored images. He did not do his reading....

Seth Godin Blog: “I didn’t do the reading…”

There is no question that information overload is a serious issue in the modern age. Where do we allocate our precious time when challenged with higher efficiency expectations in the office or even when serving on local community boards? Numismatic dealers face the same challenge when marketing consigned products. Is there enough time to properly research a die variety and its rarity towards a better price for a consignor? Or do we simply wing it and leave the cherrypicking opportunity to the potential buyer? Let's visit with Seth Godin and his thoughts on the matter.

“I didn’t do the reading…”

This is a brave and generous thing to say.

If you’re not able (or committed enough) to do the reading before you give your opinion, please have the guts to point that out.

“I didn’t read the proposal, but my bias is…”

We’re winging it. All of us. The world goes faster and faster, and so people are finding themselves unable to read the bill before they vote on it, listen to the entire album before they review it or keep up with the best in the field before they do their work.

That’s not always a good idea.

Winging it is a fine way to start a conversation or get back to first principles. If you’re clear about your background and your focus, you can add a lot of value without doing the reading.

But doing the reading matters. It’s the shortcut to being better at your craft. And it’s respectful to those you’re working with, the ones who cared enough to allocate the time.

But… if you’re not going to do the reading, at least let us know so we can process your input in a useful way instead of assuming that you’re doing the analysis wrong.

Let me assure GFRC consignors and customers that Gerry Fortin does indeed take the time to do the reading when it comes to selling Capped Bust and Liberty Seated coinage on consignment. It takes time to attribute every listing against current references, but the credibility with the GFRC community is priceless. The personal learning opportunity is also huge for the upcoming years as a speciality coin dealer.


Outstanding GFRC United States Gold New Purchases

The following gallery captures the balance of United States gold new purchases from Friday's Florida gold mining expedition. I believe that Dan White and I did well. We invite GFRC customers to be the judge on this matter. Asking prices are posted with each offering. The lot should reach the price list by end of day.

There are several personal favorites in the lot. What is there not to like about the 1856-S gold $1 graded NGC AU58+ CAC? This is the first San Francisco struck gold dollar and also the only Type 2 design struck in 1856. Look closely at the Indian 1912 PCGS MS64 CAC and the 1916-S PCGS MS63 CAC $5 half eagles. These are truly exceptional pieces!

Exceptional CAC Approved U.S. Gold New Purchases

1851-O NGC AU58+ CAC G$10 - Priced at $8450

1856-S Type 2 NGC AU58+ CAC G$1 - Priced at $6850                    1916-S PCGS MS63 CAC G$5 - Priced at $4450   


      1878 PCGS MS63+ CAC G$10 - Priced at $6250                 1851-O PCGS VF35 CAC OGH G$20 - Priced at $4475


  1901-S PCGS MS65 G$5 - $1625             1911 PCGS MS63+ CAC G$5 - $1350                1911-D NGC AU58 G$5 - $3800   


     1912 PCGS MS64 CAC G$5 - $2500       1882-S PCGS MS62 CAC G$20 - $2925        1907 PCGS MS64+ CAC G$20 - $2725



Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1929

Tuesday brought a slow sales day with another 71 coins needing to be sold by year end. I did not help the cause by focusing on expensive United States gold or loading better date half dimes from the Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection to the price list. But the Orlando FUN show is upcoming and preparations must be done on a timely basis. After today, attention shifts to the Twins Lakes Collection and an opportunity to load lower priced silver and gold type coins that should garner immediate demand. I appreciate those GFRC customers who are attempting to help the cause. In the end, a goal is just that: a goal. No one dies or loses their reputation is the goal is not met. Goals have a way of focusing attention and that is the key point.


Global Financial News

Global equity markets are flashing green with expectations for solid gains after progress appears at hand in U.S. and China trade negotiations. But first, it is time to check on commodity prices and the long bond interest rate.

Spot gold is holding its recent gains and is quoting at $1249/oz to kick off a new day. Crude oil has gained ground to $52.56/bbl while Bitcoin is holding ground at $3415. The U.S. 10 Year Treasury yield is flat at 2.88% as President Trump applies more pressure on the Federal Reserve to not raise short term interest rates in December. That action would fuel more inverted interest rate fears in the markets.

This opening Seeking Alpha headline captures the sentiment behind upbeat market expectations.

Previously spooked by U.S. government shutdown fears, U.S. stock index futures are getting a lift following upbeat trade comments. Besides saying he would intervene in the Huawei case, President Trump announced that China was buying a "tremendous amount" of U.S. soybeans and that trade talks with Beijing were already underway by telephone. He also said it would be a mistake if the Fed raises rates when it meets next week, but called Chair Jerome Powell "a good man."

Across the pond in the U.K., Brexit implementation, or lack there of, may cost Theresa May her job.

Theresa May will face a no-confidence vote this evening after the announcement that 48 Conservative lawmakers had formally called for her ouster. A decision to delay this week's House of Commons vote on her Brexit deal is thought to have enraged previously supportive Tories, plunging the divorce from the EU into chaos. If over half of Conservative MPs vote against May, there will be a leadership election to choose her replacement.

The EU drama grows ever more complex as French budget concessions, to address citizenry living standards, may warrant EU bureaucratic sanctions. The long term survivability of the EU is growing into questions as populist movements increase.

France risks EU censure over its latest "Gilets Jaunes" budget concessions, Italian Deputy Prime Minster Luigi Di Maio declared, adding that he expected Brussels to treat Paris and Rome in the same fashion. The European Commission has rejected Italy's draft budget which targets the deficit to rise to 2.4% of GDP in 2019, while France's 2019 deficit is now likely to rise above 3%. More news headlines are anticipated today as Italy's Giuseppe Conte meets with Jean-Claude Juncker.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Another busy day lies ahead and best to get into the shower and shipping department asap. A host of check payments arrived during the past 36 hours and it appears that Venice Island post office has become accustomed to GFRC's presence for the winter months. Therefore, today will be a substantial shipping day.

Thank you for stopping in at the Blog!




December 11, 2018

Worst USPS Excuse Ever Heard!

Greetings and welcome to the Daily Blog and ongoing life of a coin dealer.

How I wish to be back in Raymond, Maine with respect to United States Postal Service deliveries. Everyone at the Windham, Maine post office knows me well with delivery service being outstanding. That changed immediately upon arriving to Venice and being serviced by the Venice Island main post office. Yesterday brought two screw-ups and one of the lamest excuses I've ever heard. Read on to learn what a coin dealer goes through...

Worst USPS Excuse Ever Heard!

The Sunset Point Collection of Liberty Seated quarters is a substantial collection and now being transferred to GFRC via USPS Priority Express boxes.The first trial shipment went smoothly. A second shipment of two Express boxes was guaranteed to arrive on Saturday by 3:00 pm. Tracking indicated that the boxes reached the Venice Island post office at 1:03 pm Saturday. But then there was no delivery. On Monday morning, the consignor emails me indicating that both boxes have been labeled with undeliverable mailing address on the tracking system. Our poor consignor is worried as he used the same address as on the first shipment. The GFRC staff (Diane) immediately drives to the Venice Island post office to secure the packages and to learn what happened. After waiting 20 minutes for the attendant to locate the boxes, they appear with perfectly correct addresses on both boxes. Diane asks why these were not delivered on Saturday since the delivery address was correct. You won't believe the response! The attendant said that"the boxes did not smell right" and were placed on hold. What a lousy excuse considering that the reason probably is that USPS lacked staffing on Saturday afternoon to make the delivery and covered their tracks on the tracking system with an incorrect delivery address. Now the Sunset Point Collection consignor will file claim with USPS for late delivery and must prove that he employed the correct GFRC address.

But there is more. Sunday brought an email from the Upstate New York Collection consignor asking if I had received check payment for a purchase sent via Quick Ship program. The payment had yet to arrive probably due to the holiday mailing rush. Yesterday brought a phone call from the individual indicating that the letter had been returned for undeliverable address. Once again, the mailing address was perfectly fine.

With two events in one week, I had to stop and explore the potential reasons. Then it dawned on me that our area has two roads with very similar names. There is Auburn Lakes Circle and Auburn Lakes Road. Unless the post office staff carefully reads the address and notes "Circle", their conclusion will be that there is no #502 on Auburn Lakes Road. If undeliverable packages and letters become an ongoing issue, then GFRC may need to use a PO Box number. This will be a significant time inconvenience as traveling to the island post office is a royal pain due to lack of parking and winter tourist congestion. The coming weeks will be telling.....


Better Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection Liberty Seated Half Dimes on Price List

Monday evening and early Tuesday morning (4:30 am) brought the loading of Dr. Peterson's better Liberty Seated half dimes to the price list. There are still another five pieces to load after the Daily Blog is published. While carefully researching each half dime and setting asking prices, I discovered that Dr. Peterson's 1849-O example, graded PCGS EF40 with follow-on CAC approval, is the only specimen to be CAC approved in either EF40 or EF45 grades. It was previously known that this date was a challenge to locate in choice condition but the new revelation was eye opening.

Therefore this 1849-O half dime offering presents an important opportunity for fans of the series. Believe me that the coin will look much better in hand, than in GFRC images.

1849-O PCGS EF40 CAC 5C - Only CAC Approved Example in EF

Only EF Example CAC Approved, V-1, Choice Original, Better Date, Gray-Gold Patina, Typical Strike, Pleasing Eye Appeal, Accurately Graded, Low mintage of 140,000 and low CAC population make this 1849-O half dime from the Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection a compelling offering and JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. PCGS population in both EF grades is a scant 13 pieces while CAC approval population report indicates a single piece approved: this offering!!! The Peterson example is no question original with choice surfaces. Gray-gold patina covers both sides with traces of residual luster when viewed under a light source. Strike is typical for the date as nearly all have weak head and gown lines. Accurately graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with CAC approval. Worthy of special consideration and much better in hand than the GFRC images.


Forthcoming Daily Blog Client Galleries

Now that the better Dr. Peterson half dimes are loaded, attention pivots to the Twins Lakes Collection and part two of recent United States gold new purchases. Yes, there are several smaller Liberty Seated dime consignments that are overdue for attention and those will be processed concurrently during the week.

My plan is to showcase the Twins Lakes PCGS MS64 CAC approved Walking Liberty half dollar lot as one event. There are 25 halves in the lot and a full day's work to process and load these images. But that is just the beginning as the Twins Lakes Collection consignment totals 80 coins!


GFRC Reaches $3,300,000 Consignor Proceeds Milestone

For those of you tracking GFRC business status, I'm pleased to report that overnight sales brought the Consigment Proceeds total to $3,300,000 level. With current consignments on hand and anticipated 2019 business, GFRC goal for 2019 will be set at a low to mid $4,000,000 point.


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1927

Progress continues towards attaining the 2018 year end goal of 2000 sold coins. As of this morning, there are still 73 coins to be sold across twenty days including the Christmas holiday timeframe. Hopefully, a few Dr. Peterson half dimes will sell immediately, followed by loading 80 pieces from the Twins Lakes Collection consignment and more great United States gold. Time is running short but let's keep the faith. I will do my part in loading as many new offerings as possible in the upcoming week.


Global Financial News

Equity market volatility remains as we proceed through another trading week. Volatility has also returned to the commodities market and interest rates. Bitcoin saw another drop overnight and is down to $3330 quote. I feel sorry for those who became enthralled with this runaway market last year. Spot gold continues to be strong and trading at $1253 while black gold (crude oil) has stabilized at $51.45/bbl. The 10 Year U.S. bond yield ticked up slightly to 2.88%.

I've not discussed Brexit as of late as the situation between Theresa May, the U.K. parliament, and the EU grows more complex by the day. What was a simple concept for the British people to approve has evolved into a complex matter that few comprehend outside of political officials. One way to stop a movement is to make the implementation so complex that everyone is befuddled and gives up. The Seeking Alpha headlines summarizes the Brexit situation.

While elements of the Brexit deal could still be "clarified," European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is ruling out any renegotiation of the divorce agreement after Theresa May delayed a critical parliamentary vote on her proposal to leave the EU. She now plans to meet with European leaders before an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday. If a deal cannot pass through parliament, the range of outcomes runs from a leadership challenge, a May resignation, a general election in the U.K., a second referendum on EU membership or a temporary stop on Britain's withdrawal.

Common citizens continue to revolt against elites at the top of France's social pyramid and their globalistic objectives continue.

Grappling with violent demonstrations over living costs, the French government is preparing for a "Black Tuesday" of protests by high-school students who have jumped onto the Yellow Vest bandwagon. Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation last night for the first time since the Gilet Jaunes demonstrations began, promising to raise the minimum wage and speed up tax relief. The concessions will likely cost the country between €8B-€10B.

Top China and U.S. trade officials are working towards the President Trump and Xi Jinping handshake agreement.

The road map for the next stage of trade talks between the U.S. and China was discussed this morning, Beijing time, during a telephone call between Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. "Both sides exchanged views on putting into effect the consensus reached by the two countries' leaders at their meeting, and pushing forward the timetable and roadmap for the next stage of economic and trade consultations work," China's commerce ministry said.

Robotics is coming to fast food preparations. Where will the thousands of low skill workers find their next employment?

Walmart is doubling down on automation and is in the early stages of testing a kitchen robot assistant named "Flippy" at its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. While Flippy can grill up to 150 burgers an hour, Walmart is interested in using the robot to fry foods - up to eight baskets at a time - for its in-stores delis. The machine costs between $60K and $100K depending on its features.


Featured Coins of the Day

With another 73 coins to sell before end of month, let's feature some quality low cost offerings that would be an ideal Christmas stocking stuffer for the young collector in your life.

1931-S PCGS MS64RD 1C                                                   1864 Lg Motto Raw MS64 2C


1913-D Type 1 PCGS MS64 5C                                                   1900 PCGS AU58 CAC 10C


1860 Type II/I Raw AU50 25C                                                              1908-S Raw F12 25C    


         1809 III Edge PCGS VG08 CAC 50C                                          1860 Contemporary Counterfeit 50C



Thanks for stopping by at the Blog! Time for a shower and another long day in the GFRC office.

Don't be bashful about calling or emailing for potential purchases as I must report sales progress in Wednesday's Blog and need your help!

Wishing the over than 600 daily visitors a great day.




December 10, 2018

More Dr. Glenn Peterson Liberty Seated Half Dimes Arrive

Greetings and welcome to the Daily Blog as we start another week. Thank you for checking in.

Sunday was a long busy day which started at 5:00 am and went essentially non-stop until 9:00 pm in the GFRC office. With rains in central Florida, attention focused on image processing, loading new inventory to the price list, and images to the Blog. By later afternoon, the weather appeared to have cleared with just a few residual dark clouds hanging around. My body was craving for its daily healthy walk and therefore listened. Off I went for the first two miles swinging 2.5lb weights and noting that clouds were becoming darker. Upon arriving at the halfway point, a bridge by a golf course, it started to rain. I hate when that happens! The remaining two miles were covered at a rapid pace. There is nothing like walking in the rain to bring focus and attention towards returning home.

Further north in Durham, North Carolina, snowfall was the issue. A good friend and GFRC customer sent the following image of his backyard.


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1925

The march towards the 2000 coin sales goal continued on Sunday. Another five pieces sold including 1913 PCGS MS63 CAC $5 and 1914-D PCGS MS62 $10 gold pieces. That leaves 75 more coins to sell in 20 days and believe this will be accomplished thanks to all the friends in the GFRC community. Three of the upcoming Dr. Peterson Collection half dimes already have First Rights of Refusal. Pricing will be finalized and listings loaded to the price list today. Then I'm sure that the 80 piece Twins Lakes Collection consignment will drive a significant number of new sales as this collector's coins are mostly AU58 silver type or the PCGS MS64 CAC lot of Walking Liberty halves previously itemized in the Blog.


Keeping Pace with GFRC United States Gold Demand

Following is the first installment of Friday's gold mining expedition purchases. All are posted to the price list and immediately available for purchase.

Several phone calls arrived concerning individual pieces. The 1908 $10 Indian and 1927 $20 Saint have classic deep orange gold patina that may not be continuous on both sides. The 1908 $10 Indian features thick orange patina on the reverse while the obverse is thinner with an untoned area at the lower left obverse. Ditto with the 1927 $20 Saint and the non-continuous toning on the reverse. Actually, these types of toning patterns are evidence of strict originality. The 1904 $2.5 Liberty is my favorite in the lot and a little gem. If searching for a gem original quarter eagle Liberty type coin, then this one will be most pleasing in that spot. The 1914 $5 Indian is a sweet piece with claims to at least MS63+.

New GFRC United States Gold Offerings

1914 NGC MS63 CAC G$5                                                   1908 Motto PCGS MS63 G$10


   1904 PCGS MS65 CAC G$2.5                    1899 PCGS MS64 CAC G$5                      1927 PCGS MS65 G$20 OGH



More Dr. Glenn Peterson Liberty Seated Half Dimes Arrive

The following group of Liberty Seated half dimes were pulled from Dr. Peterson's Dansco album and submitted to PCGS for grading. Those that straight graded were then submitted to CAC for approval. Now the group is available for placement in GFRC customer collections. Hurry on these as three pieces (1847, 1848, and 1865-S) are already on FRoR. If all goes to plan, this group will reach the price list by end of day Monday.

Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection - Better Date Liberty Seated Half Dimes

             1838-O PCGS VF30 5C                 1838 ND V-12 PCGS AU55 CAC 5C             1838 ND V-8 PCGS AU55 CAC 5C


  1839-O V-1 Large O PCGS VG10 5C                 1839-O V-4 PCGS EF45 5C                    1839-O V-5 PCGS EF45 CAC 5C     


    1840 ND V-4 PCGS AU50 CAC 5C              1842-O V-1 PCGS EF40 CAC 5C               1844-O V-1 PCGS F15 CAC 5C      


   1844-O V-2 Coin Turn PCGS VF30 5C    1844-O V-2 Medal Turn PCGS VF25 5C                  1846 V-1 PCGS VF30 5C            


         1847 V-1 PCGS AU58 5C                   1848 MD V-2 PCGS AU58 CAC 5C             1849-O V-1 PCGS EF40 CAC 5C  


  1850-O V-1 PCGS AU55 5C                            1863 PCGS PR64 5C                               1863-S V-1 PCGS AU58 5C  


       1864 V-1 PCGS EF40 5C                          1865-S V-2 PCGS AU50 5C                       1866-S V-1 PCGS AU55 5C  


      1868 PCGS PR62 5C                           1868-S V-2 PCGS AU53 5C



Global Financial News

The global equity markets are flashing red as another trading week opens. There is turmoil in the air outside of the United States. This will be covered in Seeking Alpha headlines. But first let's look at commodities and the long bond interest rate.

Spot gold continues its rally in a slow controlled manner and is quoting at $1253. Is it time to be buying $20 Libs and Saints and current bargain pricing levels? Crude oil is flat at $52/bbl while Bitcoin's recent fall has stabilized for the time being. It is quoting at $3491. Finally, the 10 year U.S. Treasury bond yield is down to 2.85% and will stoke more fears of an inverted yield curve. When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, it is short maturity bonds that are impacted.

Ok, onward to Seeking Alpha headlines.

Robert Lighthizer has made it clear to Xi Jinping that March 1 is the deadline for concrete actions by China on U.S. trade demands.

Stocks across the globe are flashing red, while U.S. equity futures were off to a softer start to the new week on fresh worries about U.S.-China trade tensions. Those include frictions over the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and tariff comments from White House trade adviser Peter Navarro. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer also warned Sunday that he considers March 1 - when the current trade truce is scheduled to expire - as "a hard deadline."

With all the discussions concerning balance trade, the Chinese trade surplus with the U.S. continues to grow to record levels.

China's trade surplus with the U.S. jumped in November, widening to a record $35.5B, upping pressures ahead of trade talks between Beijing and Washington. Despite the increase, China's overall exports grew at their slowest pace in eight months. Import growth was also the slowest since October 2016, raising the possibility authorities will take further measures to revitalize the country's growth rate.

Is Japan walking into another recession? Years of zero interest rates and BOJ bond buying has not unleashed that economy.

Japan's gross domestic product shrank at an annualized rate of 2.5% in Q3, according to a revised estimate from the country’s Cabinet Office, marking the worst slump since the second quarter of 2014. The downturn, affected by several natural disasters, adds to signs elsewhere in Asia and Europe of weakening momentum, with recent data pointing to concerns about the wider impact of the Sino-U.S trade war.

France is in trouble due to high taxation and the revolt by the Yellow Vest. Check out the OECD global taxation graph which easily explains why the French population is revolting. European citizens are heavily taxes as compared to American citizens.

The "Yellow Vest" protests in France over the last month will cost the country's economy 0.1 percentage points in Q4, according to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. Expectations are high that Emmanuel Macron will soothe an angry France tonight with some sort of grand gesture. Some suggest he may reinstate a decades-old wealth tax that he abolished as one of his first acts as president.

Did you know that Australia is now the world's largest exporter of LNG?

Australia took the world's largest LNG exporter crown from Qatar for the first time in November, according to data from Refinitiv Eikon. It follows the start up of a number of export projects in the country over the past three years, most recently the Ichthys project offshore its northern coast. "We expect a new wave of projects to be launched which will see Qatar regain its position as the leading exporter by the early 2020s," said Sanford Bernstein analyst Neil Beveridge.

And finally, China is upset with the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. I've read where this arrest could have been staged as a signal to American business executives of the peril of operating in mainland China.

After warning Ottawa of "severe consequences," China's foreign ministry called in the U.S. ambassador on Sunday to lodge a "strong protest" over the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver, and said the U.S. should withdraw its arrest warrant. Meng has argued she should be released on bail while awaiting an extradition hearing, citing her longstanding ties to Canada, properties she owns in Vancouver and fears for her health while incarcerated.


Wrapping Up The Blog

This is the last week before the Yamatin family arrives for holiday time in Florida. Blog readers and customers can expect another substantial round of new coin offerings through Friday. I will be working long hours to get consignments processed and loaded.

Your inquiries and purchases are most welcomed towards reaching the 2000 coin sales goal for 2018.

Wishing everyone a great mid December week.




December 9, 2018

Dan and Gerry Mining for CAC Gold in Florida

Greetings on a peaceful Sunday morning and welcome to another Blog edition. Thank-you for stopping by.

GFRC's United States gold sales ramped up nicely during the last few months of 2018. Placing inventory on Collectors Corner gained additional exposure with a noticeable sales bump. With the Orlando FUN show approaching quickly, Dan White and Gerry needed to replenish inventory. Our goal was to locate quality gold that combined rarity with eye appeal plus CAC approval. This past Friday, we enjoyed an excellent Florida buying trip and upgraded the GFRC United Stated gold inventory with significant offerings.

Following is a new purchase summary. First Right of Refusals (FRoR) are available as this lot will reach the price list early next week.

Type II $1: 1856-S NGC AU58 CAC first year San Francisco issue and only Type II strike during 1856, choice original

Liberty $2.5: 1904 PCGS MS65 CAC gem original with gorgeous mint bloom

Liberty $5: 1899 PCGS MS64 CAC pleasing frosty cartwheel luster; 1901-S PCGS MS65 stunning cartwheel luster

Indian $5: 1911 PCGS MS63+ gorgeous satiny luster; 1911-D NGC AU58 popular low mintage date; 1912 NGC MS64 CAC; 1914 NGC MS63 CAC; 1916-S PCGS MS63 CAC well struck with frosty luster

Liberty $10: 1851-O NGC AU58+ CAC proof like, choice original and rare at AU58+ grade level; 1878 PCGS MS63+ CAC only two at MS63+ and rare in mint state

Indian $10: 1908 Motto PCGS MS63 gorgeous eye appeal with deep orange patina

Liberty $20: 1851-O PCGS VF35 CAC OGH second year New Orleans issue with classic copper gold patina; 1882-S PCGS MS62 CAC choice original

St. Gaudens $20: 1907 PCGS MS64+ CAC gem original; 1913 PCGS MS63 CAC choice original; 1927 PCGS MS65 OGH gem with orange gold patina

Also during the buying trip, Gerry located and purchased three important Liberty Seated half dollars. The highlight of the three pieces in the finest CAC approved 1871-S half dollar extant graded PCGS MS64. Following are images. Sorry but this incredible piece is already on hold.

Finest CAC Approved 1871-S Liberty Seated Half Dollar

1871-S WB-8 PCGS MS64 CAC 50C


Remaining from the Friday purchase are two other Liberty Seated halves that are well matched with the 1871-S. I suspect that all three came out of the same collection. The 1871-S and 1875-S have sequential PCGS serial numbers.

These two gems will be reaching the price list on Sunday. PCGS has only graded two 1842-O Medium Dates at the MS62 level. This example offers choice original surfaces and excellent eye appeal at a reasonable price point.

Frosty Original 1842-O Liberty Seated Half Dollar

1842-O Medium Date WB-8 PCGS MS62 50C


Stunning 1875-S Liberty Seated Half Dollar

1875-S PCGS MS64+ CAC 50C


But there is more in terms of new Friday purchases. There was additional focus on adding quality Capped Bust coinage to the price list. Following are three new purchases that were hand selected for being well above average in old time originality coupled with substantial eye appeal. The 1812 images fail to capture luster, especially on the reverse. The 1836 Lettered Edge half exhibits stunning luster and eye appeal under a light source. And finally, the 1837 GR-14 is choice original with the typical Gerry Look!

1812 O-105 PCGS AU58 CAC 50C


1836 Lettered Edge O-111 PCGS MS63 50C                                             1837 GR-14 PCGS MS63 50C           



Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1919

Saturday brought a strong sales day with seven more coins sold. With 22 days left in December, GFRC sales quantity goal is down to 81 coins towards reaching the 2000 milestone during 2018. Today will bring a rollout of many Dr. Glenn Peterson Liberty Seated half dimes. The attention shifts to the Twins Lakes collection and those 80 piece waiting in queue. Twins Lakes brings sometime for everyone and should see substantial demand.


Inverted Yield Curve - The Complete Picture

Fears of an inverted yield curve in the bond market have been rampant during the past week. This phenonemon is blamed for recent volatility in equity markets. But what is an inverted yield curve and why do market traders fear this situation?

Seeking Alpha published an excellent explanation and summary by Dilantha De Silva on Friday. His complete article can be found here and is an insightful read during a quiet Sunday morning. Following is Mr. De Silva's explanation of an inverted yield curve.

An inverted yield curve generally occurs as authorities hike interest rates to cool down an overheating economy. Rising rates are expected to reduce business activities and inflation.

An inverted yield curve depicts the underlying bond market dynamics. When bond investors see bonds with long-dated maturities safer, they tend to invest in long-dated bonds rather than short-dated bonds. This results in a lower yield for long-dated treasuries as the United States Department of Treasury can easily sell these fixed income securities to investors, even at a lower quoted yield.

On the flip side, the Treasury Department gets forced to increase the quoted yield on short-dated securities to attract potential investors. This gives rise to an inverted yield curve.

After reading this article, one has to ask a fundamental question. Does the Federal Reserve play an important role is causing recessions through its interest rate management policiies? Something to think about.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Thank you for visiting on a Sunday morning. I hope today's edition was a fun read.

Please check back this evening for a wonderful Liberty Seated half dime client gallery from the Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection. There will be 23 images to review and many better dates to consider.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day in the numismatic neighborhood. Good luck to readers in North Carolina and southern Virginia as weather conditions will be nasty. Here in Florida, we are anticipating heavy rains around lunch time.

See you tomorrow with more ramblings.



December 8, 2018

Orlando FUN Show Just a Month Away

Greetings on a peaceful Saturday morning and welcome to the ongoing Daily Blog.

The month of December is moving along quickly with much on the to do list prior to the Yamatins arriving on December 15. Then Renee and new husband, Mike arrive on the 18th to complete the family reunion. Friday brought a GFRC inventory procurement trip as there are a host of well stocked dealers located throughout Florida state. For security reasons, no mention of this trip was made in the Blog. It was a long day of driving and visiting coin shops. Time was well spent with new purchases being announced in Sunday's Blog.

Orlando FUN Show Just a Month Away

The great people at FUN have published the Orlando bourse floor map and it is massive. Your dynamic duo, Gerry Fortin Rare Coins and David Perkins Rare Coins will be once again operating together at FUN at tables 535 and 634. GFRC will be at Table 535 while DPRC will be at 634. The show opens for dealer setup on Wednesday January 9 followed by general public attendance starting on January 10.

The United States economy is booming and, as a result, my expectations are high for a well attended show and strong start to the 2019 numismatic year. The GFRC corner booth will be staffed by Gerry and Diane Fortin along with Dan White and his new love, Rose Marie. Visitors can expect eight cases of fresh inventory including the Dr. Glenn Peterson and Twins Lakes Collection offerings along with a host of other consigned coins and new purchases.

Insourcing incremental consignments will also be high on the to do list as one quality consignment is already committed. If considering a GFRC consignment, then please contact me for transfer arrangements.

Orlando FUN Tables 535 and 634

Gerry Fortin Rare Coins (535) and David Perkins Rare Coins (634)


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1912

Friday was a slow sales day with no new posting to the 30 day new offerings price list. Today will be different concerning new posting as there is so much material to load. With 23 days left in December, GFRC still must sell 88 coins to attain the 2000 sold coins goal for 2018. I'm confident that this milestone will be reached and even exceeded.


Pursuing the Last Audio/Video System of a Lifetime Update

In the November 29 Blog edition, I discussed partnering with the StoneCold Collection consignor towards assembling a high end audio/visual system in the Maine basement sound room. As a reminder, following were the requirements and budget. Based on initial feedback and research, the total budget has been increased from $20,000 to $25,000 with the additional $5,000 being allocated to speakers.

Listening requirements are;

- Watching rock concert DVDs - Home theater style with friends
- Late night CD chill
- Late night streaming chill out
- Exploring old rock concert footage on Youtube
- Occasional critical listening of old rock music(1965 -1980) recordings.

The system speaker configuration will be 5.1 Surround Sound resulting in the purchase of two high end front speakers and a matching center speaker. No sub woofer is planned given the investment in superior 3-way main speakers. To meet the new budget goal, existing Boston Acoustic towers will be employed for rear speaker channels.

Following is the latest StoneCold Collection commentary as the search for superior main speakers begins.

I think that many here who read Gerry's blog on a daily basis find relief in the content provided. Of course it is based on coins, but many of us have other interests as well, so why not broaden the subject matter to some extent and be more diverse. One cannot live on coins alone!

We started this audio blog addition to help facilitate the next step in Gerry's audio journey. After talking about his needs, his room size, and his budget, we must now decide what products available fit all the criteria. We shall start with the speakers as they are the lens into any audio system and deemed by many as the most important component. This is where a large chunk of the budget should be spent, usually 50% or more. You may ask why and here is part of the answer.

Speaker technology has moved so far forward in the last 25 years due to computer modeling software, machining technology, and materials. What use to be glued and screwed together rectangular boxes filled with drivers and a crossover unit, have been transformed into highly ridged organic shapes formed from high tech materials and polymers trickled down from the aerospace industry and beyond. Yes, wood is still used by some manufactures for cabinet construction, but other materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and various resin based composite substances have also been incorporated, often laminated together. What this allows is amazing flexibility in design and the ability to tune the cabinet for proper resonance. Cabinet aside, drivers are now made from beryllium, titanium, Kevlar, diamond, and even natural fibers such as flax. All of these when properly incorporated allow much better frequency response over traditionally used materials. Last, all the electronic components used in the crossover networks(s) and the magnets used for the drivers are light years ahead.

Acoustics is an intriguingly interesting field of study and the way that the human brain perceives sound may be even more interesting. Bringing both together is highly complex, and understanding this takes some serious study way beyond most people's capabilities. Once again, computer programs have been used as a tool to gain better knowledge of this interaction and incorporating the results into making better speakers.

Now the budget and some choices to consider >

Many may think that $10,000 is a crazy amount of money to spend on a set of speakers, but then again, who said any of us here are in fact sane. Some spend this much on one coin purchase, and if not, maybe more than this throughout a year's time working on a collection. What I have decided to do is present a group of speakers that each offer different technology, and also provide the links to some reading so anyone interested can do so. For me to re-write what has already been said by those more knowledgable than me doesn't make good sense. Please note that I have seen all of the choices in person and I'm in the process of spending time listening to each. I will report back on those personal findings as we move along. Here we go on potential speaker options....

B&W 804 Diamond      Paradigm Persona 3F      Focal Kanta No. 2      Totem Element Earth or Metal


Featured Coins of the Day

Let's featured the Newtown Collection consignor's inventory items to wrap up today's Blog. I've selected only CAC approved items. These lovely lots bring considerable eye appeal and would fit nicely in any advanced collection.

Newtown Collection Offering Highlights - All CAC Approved

1840 F-102 PCGS MS63 CAC 10C                                              1843 F-104 PCGS MS64 CAC 10C


1875 F-103 PCGS MS65 CAC 10C                                              1843 WB-22 PCGS AU55 CAC 50C


1854-O PCGS AU53 CAC 50C                                                   1855-O PCGS AU55 CAC 50C


Thank you for visiting with me on a Saturday morning and wishing everyone a relaxing weekend if that is possible. The upcoming holidays means dinner parties and shopping for gift giving.

GFRC has always thought about issuing gift certificates but again too late this year.

If interested in a purchase greater than $500 and needing 30 day terms with FUN show pick-up, then please contact me. I'm sure we can work out a deal.

See you tomorrow with a report on Friday's new purchases!




December 7, 2018

GFRC Venice Office - Remodeled High Tech Workspace

Greetings from a newly remodeled Venice office and welcome to the Blog. Thank-you for checking in.

December 7, 1941 Day of Infamy

Today brings the 77th anniversay of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I still become emotional when viewing this iconic image of the USS Arizona. We should never forget the horrors of war else they will be repeated.


Seth Godin's Blog: Seeing what’s right in front you

This recent Seth Godin blog post provides an opportunity for introspective reflections for those of us is the knowledge service industry. The Daily Blog is indeed a service as more individuals become daily readers. Presently, Blog readership is running between 600-700 hits per day. Requests for certain topics to be discussed are arriving as new numismatic doors are opened. I have much to consider in the upcoming months as the education potential remains substantial.

Seeing what’s right in front you

When the people we serve present themselves, when they offer us their attention and their trust, we need to work to see two things:

- Who they are. What do they fear, what do they believe, what do they need?

- Who they can become. Which doors can we open, how can we support them, what will they leave behind?


GFRC Venice Office - Remodeled High Tech Workspace

Yes, the GFRC Venice office is finally configured for the winter months. Yesterday brought laminate flooring, a Dell 21" monitor, and organization of the office area. I'm ready to rock n' roll with coin image processing and loading the Daily Blog with a host of new offerings. Most important, is the numismatic library for die variety attributions and a Bose wireless speaker for music.

Remodeled GFRC Venice Office


Dr. Glenn Peterson Seated Half Dimes Back from CAC

I'm pleased to report that last week's CAC submission of the recently graded Dr. Peterson Liberty Seated half dimes is back to the office. All twenty-three have been photographed and we are ready for moving these to the GFRC price list. How did Dr. Peterson fair in this conservative PCGS grading environment? Out of twenty-three half dimes, eight were approved for a 35% approval rate. Not great but closer to typical results. The eight approved half dimes are most special. I ran out of time last evening to complete image processing for the entire lot. Therefore, following are five of the CAC approved half dimes to whet your appetite. The balance should be in Saturday's Blog.

Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection - Fresh Liberty Seated Half Dimes with CAC Approval

1842-O V-1 PCGS EF40 CAC 5C

    1838 V-8 PCGS AU55 CAC 5C                                                  1838 V-2 PCGS AU55 CAC 5C  


     1839-O V-5 PCGS EF45 CAC 5C                                                 1840 No Drap V-4 PCGS AU50 50C



Additional Liberty Seated Half Dollars to Price List

Following is a group of Liberty Seated half dollars that reached the price list on Friday. Three of the four sold within hours.

Later Date Liberty Seated Half Dollars to Consider

1874 WB-103 ANACS EF45 50C OWH

  1876 WB-104 PCI AU50 50C                       1878 ANACS AU58 50C Blue                     1881 ANACS PF62 50C OWH



Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1908

Regardless of the Venice office remodeling project and operating in a hallway, GFRC sold seven coins on Thursday. New listings in the Blog and price lists are hot and selling quickly. The last Draped Bust dollar in inventory, the circulated cameo 1803 PCGS F12, sold along with the newly acquired 1844 PCGS EF45 CAC OGH Seated dime as highlights.

Only 92 coins left to sell towards reaching the 2000 piece sales goal for 2018. Again, every GFRC transaction is precious and your kind support is appreciated. My role is to load more great coins....


Global Financial News

Global financial markets remain volatile as another week comes to an end. Spot gold continues its slow and steady upward momentum and is quoting at $1248 to start the day. Crude oil is essentially flat at $51.47/bbl while OPEC and Russia negotiate who will bear the brunt of production cuts. Bitcoin is a basket case and now down to $3385. Then there is the 10 Year U.S. Treasury yield which dropped to 2.89% and continues to fuel fearing of a pending yield curve inversion.

We open Seeking Alpha headlines with an explanation for the sharp 24 hour drop in Bitcoin prices. The SEC has again delayed approval of the first Bitcoin ETF over regulatory concerns for the crypto currency industry.

Triggering carnage in the crypto markets, Bitcoin fell more than 11% overnight, as the SEC once again delayed its decision on a rule change for the first Bitcoin ETF from VanEck. The new deadline is February 27, 2019. Lawmakers in the U.S. also sought to introduce new rules on Thursday for the crypto industry aimed at protecting consumers and keeping America ahead in the space.

In the crude oil space, OPEC members and Russia are not jumping on the production cut bandwagon.

OPEC has kicked off another day of talks on oil production curbs after a summit on Thursday ended with no deal, as Russia resisted the 1M bpd cut that Saudi Arabia was demanding. Other sticking points: Iran, currently subject to U.S. sanctions, sees no possibility of curbing its output. OPEC ministers are also discussing exemptions for Libya, Venezuela and Nigeria, which are opposed to participating in a supply reduction.

Western nationals are clamping down on Chinese technology companies Huawei and ZTE. Both are state owned and therefore have connections to the Chinese military. Yes, I do carry a Huawei phone but my risks for backdoor spying is limited to the United States coin market.....not a concern.

The news isn't getting any better for Huawei following the arrest of CFO Meng Wanzhou. Japan plans to ban government purchases of equipment from the Chinese firm and ZTE to beef up its defenses against intelligence leaks and cyberattacks. Pushed by a U.S. initiative, Australia, New Zealand and Britain's BT Group have already blocked Huawei from building 5G networks amid fears that the equipment could contain "backdoors" for use by spies.

And finally, Angela Merkel appears to be out the door as German chancellor.

Germany's ruling Christian Democrats will vote to replace Angela Merkel as their leader today, with the successful candidate then a hot favorite to become future chancellor. Many delegates at the Hamburg congress say they will not make up their mind until they have heard the speeches of leading candidates Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who is seen as a choice for "more Merkel," and Friedrich Merz, who appeals to the party’s traditionally conservative supporters.


Wrapping Up the Blog

Friday brings another busy day in the GFRC office including the arrival of the first Sunset Point Collection shipment of Liberty Seated quarters. With so much consignment inventory on hand, Blog readers can expect a constant stream of new client galleries and price list postings during the next 10 days. Starting December 16, the Yamatin family arrives from Beijing with Grandpa's attention divided between GFRC and the family.

Thank you again for being dedicated Daily Blog fans.




December 6, 2018

A Collecting Epiphany

A sincere greetings to Daily Blog readers for your patronage. Welcome to another Florida edition.

Today's Blog is being written from the entrance hallway rather than the GFRC office. Why you might ask? Diane decided to remodel the office space last spring, and replacing the carpeting with laminate flooring was one of the improvement actions. The day of reckoning has arrived for the flooring installation. Yes, after driving two days to Florida this past weekend, then setting up the office on Monday, last evening brought a complete emptying of the room. So here I sit in the entrance hallway attempting to complete a Blog edition followed by piecing together the day's shipping. Life is never boring at GFRC.

A Collecting Epiphany

The following unsolicited email arrived on Wednesday and thoroughly warmed my numismatic heart. I've spent countless years preaching a collecting philosophy of pursuing strictly original coins with natural eye appeal. My firm belief has been that these well preserved coins will hold their financial value and be the first to see appreciation. A new GFRC customer shares his collecting epiphany and attempts to capture the true rarity and undervalued nature of choice and gem original early types. His thought process brings clarity to the matter.

Hi Gerry, I just wanted you to know that I am quickly taking on an entirely new appreciation for the difference between genuinely original CAC quality and the most likely cleaned or improved, “commercial” quality coins I used to purchase back in the day. I had an epiphany last night while looking through your price list of bust quarters for over an hour. It suddenly occurred to me that all of your CAC coins had a certain “look” that most of the non-CAC coins did not have. The non-CAC quarters had more of that 2-tone appearance that imparted a certain enhanced aesthetic beauty that the CAC coins didn’t have. Then I realized that I had been looking at the beauty totally the wrong way. I was only looking at the coin from the standpoint of its visual beauty without considering the beauty associated with a genuine piece of Americana having survived for 2 long centuries in its original state. With the CAC coins, I was looking back in time at 1818, as if the coin had been put on somebody’s desk and the room sealed until now. In the case of the non-CAC coins I was only looking back as far as the last enhancement. In the same sense, if the coin were melted, it wouldn’t be 200 years old anymore, it would be brand new. Looking at all the CAC’s as a group and all the non-CAC’s as a separate group, the real beauty (and rarity) came to light. It occurred to me that out of a mintage of 28,000, how few still existed, and then how few of those could have survived without being touched or modified. It brought on a whole new sense of serious rarity. If only 5% were left untouched, these coins could be 1 in 100 as opposed to 1 in 1000 quite easily. And the difference in price did not reflect that disparity. Hence, the extreme rarity and true value seriously hidden in all original coins.

My computer is close to the bed so this has become my nightly ritual for me prior to turning in. I check to see what Gerry Fortin came up with that day. My wife frequently asks how I can possibly look at pictures of coins night after night without tiring of it. I explain that people who really love coins get this “coin bug”, and once you catch it you not only can sit and look for hours, sometimes it’s really hard to stop because we’re always aware of the possibility that the very next coin we examine may be the one we’ve been searching for. In answering her, it occurred to me that I had just answered the question I had been asking myself for a long, long time.


GFRC New Purchases Arriving to Price List

Locating top quality early type coins, with CAC approval, takes considerable effort. Relationship building for gaining first shot at new coins reaching the market is an imperative. Traveling to meet with speciality dealers is another avenue with unpredictable results. Though GFRC handles a large amount of consignments, the insourcing quality can be unpredictable. As a result, GFRC must continue to pursue the finest coins possible to augment its consignment offerings.

Following is a lot of nine top quality coins to consider. Most are CAC approved. Nearly half are in old TPG holders when grading standards were tight prior to the years of gradeflation. My favorite piece in the group is the 1894 PCGS AU58 CAC OGH quarter eagle. This piece has incredible reflective luster and is a no question gem.

1849 NGC AU58 CAC 50C Fatty

1844 PCGS EF45 CAC 10C OGH                                                   1841-O PCGS AU58 CAC 50C


1834 LM-2 PCGS AU58 CAC 5C                  1834 PCGS AU58 5C Rattler                 1822 JR-1 PCGS G06 CAC 10C


1853 Arrows PCGS MS63 CAC 10C             1917 Type 1 PCGS AU58FH 25C             1894 PCGS AU58 CAC G$2.5 OGH



Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1901

Wednesday was a strong sales day with five more coins finding a home. Sales highlights include the Iowa Collection's 1869 Seated quarter followed by an order for 1800 and 1801 Draped Bust dollars. Two offerings from the Murphys Collection were immediately scooped up by knowledgeable collectors; the 1875-CC PCGS VF30 Seated half and the 1860-S PCGS AU58 $2.5 quarter eagle.

Only 99 coins left to sell to reach the 2000 piece sales goal for 2018. I'm looking forward to your support.


Twins Lakes Collection Consignment Arrives

On Tuesday, the Twins Lakes Collection consignment arrived via USPS Express shipment. The packaged was opened yesterday revealing four PCGS blue boxes filled with 80 new consigned coins. The consignment highlight is the individual's Walking Liberty half dollar collection with a specific goal; all pieces must be PCGS MS64 graded with CAC approval. Wow! The balance of the consignment is early silver type and a partial U.S. gold type set.

Following are the Walking Liberty halves that will be arriving to the price list prior to the FUN show. Again, all are PCGS MS64 graded with CAC approval. This lot is so well matched in terms of natural frosty luster and surfaces. No First Rights of Refusal at this time please. This entire lot will be marketed and sold during late December. Just keep checking the Blog on a daily basis for the rollout.

Walking Liberty 50c: 1917, 1923-S, 1827-S, 1934-D, 1935, 1935-D, 1935-S, 1936 DDO FS-102, 1936-D, 1937, 1937-S, 1938, 1939-S, 1940-S, 1941, 1941-D, 1941-S, 1942-D, 1943, 1943-S, 1944, 1944-S, 1945-D, 1945-S, 1946-S


Sunset Point Collection of Liberty Seated Quarters - First Shipment Today

The Sunset Point Collection consignor has moved up his schedule for divesting his complete Liberty Seated quarter collection. As mentioned previously in the Blog, this set is nearly all AU/MS grades with the key Carson City dates being mid circulated grades. The first USPS Express shipment ships today and will be a thrill to open tomorrow upon arrival.


Global Financial News

Global equity markets are broadly falling as bad news arrived during the past 24 hours. OPEC is experiencing difficulties in production cut agreements and China Huawei's CFO was arrested in Canada for violating trade restrictions with Iran.

As expected on the news, crude oil prices have dropped sharply and quoting at $50.21/bbl. Luckily, spot gold is weathering the financial storms and holding to the $1242/oz level. Bitcoin continues to lose ground at $3766. To make matters worse, the 10 Year U.S Treasury yield is down to 2.9% leading to more fears of an inverted United States bond yield curve.

Just as President Trump and Xi Jinping reached a gentlemen's agreement to racket down the U.S. - China trade war, Huawei CFO is arrested for violating U.S. sanctions with Iran.

It's another dark day for stocks across the globe as Canadian officials arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions with Iran. Meng, who is also the daughter of the company's founder, may now face extradition to the U.S.; a hearing is set for Friday. The news raises fresh doubts over a 90-day trade truce struck between President Trump and Xi Jinping, feeding fears of a fresh flare-up in tensions between the world's two largest economies.

However, the Chinese Commerce department is reassuring that concrete steps will be taken to follow through on the Trump and Xi Jinping agreement. From my perspective, Meng Wanzhou is in deep crap with Xi Jinping too for getting caught!

Despite the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, China’s commerce ministry is "confident in reaching an agreement (with the U.S.) within the next 90 days," adding that both parties have been communicating "smoothly" since leaders met in Argentina. "We will start with agricultural products, energy, automobiles to immediately implement the issues that the two sides have reached consensus," spokesman Gao Feng said in a weekly briefing.

Looking at oil prices and OPEC, it is unclear as to which OPEC members will bear production cuts. In reality, Saudi Arabia could accomplish the production cuts by themselves if necessary.

Risk of a no OPEC deal? "It's real," Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih told CNBC, as OPEC delegates and Russia gathered for a meeting in Vienna. Oil prices have now extended their decline to 5%, risking tumbling below the $50 level. Earlier, Saudi Arabia signaled the group could cut less than expected, saying an output reduction of 1M barrels per day may suffice. Besides that number, the cartel has to figure out how to divvy up the cuts.

GM CEO Mary Barra is feeling the heat towards moving Mexico based vehicle production back to Ohio. What a difference in domestic business accountability since President Trump took office.

Following private Congressional meetings on Wednesday, General Motors CEO Mary Barra vowed to keep an "open mind" about the future of an Ohio plant that will lose vehicle production. She also said it would be "very costly" to shift production from Mexico, but acknowledged that the company's restructuring "is something that impacts the country and there is a lot of emotion and concern about it."


Featured Coins of the Day

Yes, there are only 99 more coins to sell before December 31! Kinda reminds me of the 99 Bottles of Beer song, "99 bottles of beer on the wall. 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around. 98 bottles of beer on the wall."

Happy hunting and please consider a purchase! So ends today's long Blog edition.

        1818/5 B-1 PCGS F12 CAC 25C                                               1828 25/50C B-3 PCGS F12 CAC 25C


              1839 PCGS AU53 CAC 25C                                                 1803 Large 3 O-101 PCGS VF20 50C


    1809 III Edge O-107a PCGS EF40 50C                                          1860-O WB-11 PCGS EF45 CAC 50C






December 5, 2018

Final Call for LSCC Premier Membership Medals

Greetings from the land of sunshine and welcome to the Daily Blog.

One of the benefits of living in Florida during winter months is easy access to long health walks. Back in Maine, plowed snow banks narrow country roads and walking in just too dangerous given the number of distracted drivers on the roads. Here in Venice, there are miles of sidewalks to stroll at a leisurely pace, typically the morning walkers, or at a brisk pace during evening hours. After sitting in the GFRC office for long hours each day, the brisk evening trot with hand weights is welcomed and a day's highlight.

The GFRC office is a beehive of activity now that we are settled in. On Tuesday, three express shipments arrived to add to the growing amount of consigned coins in queue. There were two photography session in the backyard following by a late evening of image processing. I was up until midnight formating images and having a ball with so many lovely new additions. Posting new offerings in the Blog and price lists is key to sustaining current business levels and also attempting further expansion of the GFRC customer base.


Attaining GFRC's 2018 Sales Goal

Goal: 2000

Actual: 1896

More orders arrived on Tuesday with onlly 26 days left in the year to reach the 2000 sold coin goal. As of this morning, the total stands 1896. Selling another 104 coins in the time remaining will be formidable given there are no coin shows or GFRC discounted sales events. The strategy for reaching that goal is a relentless posting of new offerings to the price list effective today.


Final Call for LSCC Premier Membership Medals

Jeff Ball emailed on Tuesday to report that Dan Carr (Moonlight Mint) is preparing to engrave the final round of LSCC Premier Membership Medal orders. I am aware of several commitments to purchase additional silver Premier Membership medals but those orders have not been received or recorded by Jeff. Therefore, today brings emails and phone calls to those who had expressed an interest in purchasing medals. The club still has 80+ struck silver medals waiting for orders and engraving.

The remaining 80+ medals represent the LSCC's profit from offering and executing this program. Worst case, the medals can be melted for silver bullion but that would be a pity.

If interested in a final offering purchase, please contact Jeff Ball at to arrange your order.

LSCC Premier Membership Silver Medal


GFRC Offers Second Finest 1876 WB-106 Large Over Small Date Seated Half

Tuesday brought the addition of a seriously important Liberty Seated coinage die variety rarity to the GFRC price list. The 1876 Large over Small Date Seated half dollar is a well recognized rarity among Seated coinage specialists. Bill Bugerts estimates that twelve may exist. The following example is the second finest graded at PCGS with a lone AU58 having the distinction of being the finest known. The Anonymous Consignor purchased the AU58 specimen from GFRC during 2018 therefore his AU55 duplicate is now available.

1876 Large Over Small Date WB-106 - Liberty Seated Half Dollar

Second Finest Graded at PCGS - PCGS AU55

1876 Large over Small Date WB-106 FS-301 PCGS AU55. Second Finest Example Graded, Mirrored Obverse, Reflective Cartwheel Luster, Choice Original, Accurately Graded, An Anonymous Consignor. GFRC is pleased to present the second finest example known of the Large over Small Date 1876 die variety! An extremely rare double date variety first listed by Wiley and Bugert in their Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars (DLRC Press). Since the Wiley/Bugert announcement in the early 1990s, few examples have surfaced with Bugert currently indicating that approximately twelve (12) pieces are known in all grades. This AU55 graded example offers strong diagnostics for the regular half dollar date punch properly placed over the erroneous double dime date punch undertype. The undertype is clearly visible in the upper loop of the final 8 digit. The earlier 6 digit can still be seen behind the final 6 digit. This outstanding example has a boldly mirrored obverse that emits serious reflective cartwheel luster. The reverse fields have a frosty texture with ample cartwheel luster. Peripheral gold nicely frames the untoned centers on both sides. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. The PCGS label captures the die variety as follows; Lg/Sm Date FS-301 (FS-007.4). An opportunity for the serious Liberty Seated half dollar variety specialist to acquire this challenging variety as cherrypicking one could take decades of searching. From an anonymous consignor. Priced at $4750.


Murphys Collection Consignment Arrives to Price List Today

One of the consignments photographed on Tuesday comprised the most recent offerings from the Murphys Collection. The highlight is a lot of seven low mintage San Francisco struck Liberty quarter eagles. If that was not enough, how about several Carson City struck Liberty Seated halves including an 1871-CC WB-2 PCGS AU Details along with two perfectly original 1875-CC WB-2 halves. The Murphy's Collection is also letting go of another 1878-CC Morgan with 45 degree rotated reverse. While writing the Blog, I see that a FRoR has already arrived for the 1878-CC Morgan!

Many Liberty Seated coinage collectors don't have an appreciation of low mintage opportunities within the $2.5 United States gold denomination. Here are the mintages for the seven pieces showcased next.

1860-S (35,600), 1868-S (34,000), 1871-S (22,000), 1872-S (18,000), 1873-S (27,000), 1877-S (35,400), and 1878-S(178,000)

Murphys Collection Consignment

Low Mintage San Francisco $2.5 Quarter Eagle Gold

1860-S PCGS AU58 G$2.5

  1868-S NGC AU58 G$2.5                          1871-S PCGS AU58 G$2.5                         1872-S PCGS AU55 G$2.5


      1873-S NGC AU58 G$2.5                           1877-S PCGS MS62 G$2.5                        1878-S PCGS MS61 G$2.5     



Murphys Collection Consignment - Silver Coinage

1871-CC WB-2 PCGS AU Details 50C                                          1875-CC WB-2 PCGS AU55 50C


   1875-CC WB-2 PCGS VF30 50C                 1875-CC WB-10 Raw VF30 50C              1878-CC Raw VG10 Rotated Rev $1



Global Financial News

United States and foreign equity markets are in the red after word arrived of a flattening U.S. bond yield curve. Commodities are mostly unchanged however. Crude oil is quoting at $53.20/bbl to start the day while spot gold is holding recent gains at $1243/oz. Bitcoin is a basket case at $3827 and continues to lose value. Scaring investors is the fact that the 10 Year U.S Treasury bond yield has dropped to 2.92%

Seeking Alpha headlines open with the following commentary concerning global equity market weakness.

Europe and Asia followed the U.S. into the red overnight as equities fell on the latest economic growth and yield curve concerns. Many attributed yesterday's rapid decline on Wall Street to the "algos," as the Dow slumped more than 800 points intraday and FAANGs shed more than $140B in market value. While U.S. markets will be closed today to honor the memory of George H.W. Bush, stock index futures pointed to some relief, rebounding stateside on Tuesday evening.

Reported progress is at hand after the G20 meeting between President Trump and Xi Jinping. China will be restarting U.S. soybean and LNG purchases.

Chinese officials are preparing to restart imports of U.S. soybeans and liquefied natural gas, Bloomberg reports, in the first sign confirming claims by President Trump that Beijing had agreed to start buying some American products "immediately." Chinese oil trader Unipec is also reportedly planning to resume U.S. crude shipments to China by March after the Trump-Xi deal reduced the risk of tariffs being imposed on oil imports.

Not much is mentioned concerning India's economic growth within Seeking Alpha headlines. GDP growth of 7.4% tops that of China and the United States.

Following a three-day meeting, the Reserve Bank of India has kept its repo rate unchanged at 6.5% on the back of a fall in crude oil prices and lower-than-expected inflation. The monetary policy committee also retained a GDP growth projection for 2018-19 at 7.4%, but slashed its inflation target for the second half of FY19 to 2.7%-3.2%, from a previous 3.9%-4.5%.

Back in America, Trump is pushing for a break-even USPS operation.

The U.S. Postal Service should have more flexibility to raise rates for packages, according to recommendations from a task force set up by President Trump. The news slammed Amazon's share price on Tuesday, as well as, UPS and FedEx. The task force was announced in April to find ways to stem financial losses by USPS, which reported a $4B shortfall in fiscal 2018.

5G cellphones will be rolling out during 2019. Can you imagine data rates that are 50 to 100 times faster than today's service?

Qualcomm has unveiled its Snapdragon 855 chip that will run many of the first 5G-capable phones that will be arriving next year. In addition to enabling mobile data speeds of up to 50 or 100 times faster than current networks, the 855's modem will enable "computer vision" to help phones recognize objects and faces, support a new Qualcomm fingerprint sensor and "outperform" other chips in running AI software.


Wrapping Up the Blog

Well, 8:30 am ET has arrived and time to hit the upload button for today's Blog edition. I would not want to disappoint the New Hampshire Collection consignor who is waiting to proof read the edition and find all those missing commas and hypens.....

Thank you for stopping by. Please check back later today for another gallery of exciting new purchases. I'm not kidding about rolling a ton of new coins during December to achieve the 2000 piece annual sales goal.

Wishing everyone a great day and remember that USPS is closed today for George H.W. Bush observance.




December 4, 2018

GFRC Coin Processing Operation Ramping Up

Greetings once again from Venice office and welcome to the Daily Blog.

It is great to be in Florida from a weather perspective. Walking barefoot to collect the mail was a drastic change from Maine's snowy landscape. Photographing coins in the backyard with only shorts and t-shirt was also notable. But there are downsides too. The satellite Venice post office is jammed with senior citizens mailing holiday packages and word is that the Venice Island post office is even worse. Looks like GFRC will be dropping off shipping at a local UPS store and praying those lines are not as atrocious. How I already miss Doug the mailman's daily front door pick-ups in Maine.

December sales are off to a strong start. Most notable was the placement of my 1878-CC F-102 NGC AU55 CAC dime into an advanced collection last evening. How I hate to see that one leave the reference collection; but this is life, and eventually all non-core date and mintmark set Liberty Seated dimes must find new homes.

The GFRC office (coin processing factory) ramped production on Monday and I'm pleased to be offering a number of new coins in today's Blog.

First up is a lovely 1834 JR-5 PCGS AU58 Capped Bust dime that had been quietly sitting in show inventory boxes for months. It is a major show new purchase that went directly into the show cases and was never pulled for photography and price list addition. This dime has not been to CAC and will be submitted at some point in December if not quickly sold. The toning is most attractive. A perfect AU58 grade level type coin!

December 3 New Offerings - Collectible Early Silver Type

1834 JR-5 PCGS AU58 10C


GFRC is becoming more aggressive with taking in trades and making outright purchases. Of course, the offered coins must be consistent with quality standards.

There two Draped Bust dollars were recently acquired in a trade deal and are posted to the price list. Under the images are the individual descriptions towards saving readers a trip to the Draped Bust price list.

1800 BB-190 B-10 PCGS F12 Draped $1                                     1803 BB-254 B-4 PCGS F12 Draped $1


1800 BB-190 B-10 PCGS F12 $1. Wide Date, Low 8 Digit, Strictly Original, Dirty Gray Patina, Steely Fields, Well Preserved, Blemish Free, Accurately Graded. Steely gray surfaces immediately catch one's attention on this strictly original 1800 BB-190 Draped Bust dollar. BB-190 is listed separately in the PCGS price guide as "Wide Date, Low 8" die variety. The die variety is not attributed on the holder. Strike is quite uniform and the eye appeal is there on this nicely circulated example. Housed in PCGS old blue label holder with standard ring insert. Priced below bid as taken in on a trade and working a small profit margin this time around. Priced at $1395.

1803 Small 3 BB-254 B-4 PCGS F12 $1. Small 8, Near Choice Original, Golden Cameo Contrast, Well Struck, Blemish Free, Nice Eye Appeal for Grade. What about the eye appeal on this 1803 Small 8 Draped Bust half? Circulated cameo is all there and results from darker devices that constrast so well against the lighter fields. Usually circulated cameo silver coinage is found with the opposite phase contrast; light devices against darker fields. GFRC images are 100% color accurate. Obverse toning has more embedded orange while the reverse is brownish gold. Surfaces are blemish free and well preserved. Housed in PCGS old green holder with of course, a standard ring insert. Small 8 is designated on holder label. Priced at $1450.

Monday's Florida weather was ideal for coin photography and provided an opportunity to image a Liberty Seated half dime lot from the Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection. All are recently graded at PCGS with the last three better dates being assigned Details grades. I will share my perspective on the conservative grading standards for the last three pieces shortly. Look for all to reach the price list today. If one of these Peterson half dimes catches your attention, then a First Right of Refusal may be warranted prior to asking prices being posted.

Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection - Freshly Graded Liberty Seated Half Dimes

No CAC Submissions Here!

     1843 V-5 PCGS AU53 5C                                                        1843 V-6 FS-301 PCGS EF45 5C


   1840-O ND V-1 PCGS VF25 5C                  1840-O Drap V-7 PCGS VF30 5C                    1841-O V-4 PCGS AU50 5C        


   1844 V-2 PCGS AU50 5C                         1849/6 V-2 PCGS AU53 5C                          1850-O V-1 PCGS AU58 5C


Isn't It a Pity PCGS Grading.....

Yes, there is no question that PCGS grading has shifted to the conservative side. I have the following three pieces in hand. Under the images are forthcoming price list descriptions. Dr. Peterson and I decided to sell these as graded but with full disclosure on surface conditions. Prices will be consistent with the actual coins and not the PCGS opinions.

  1865-S V-4 PCGS AU Details 5C                 1866 V-1 PCGS AU Details 5C                1867-S V-1 PCGS AU Details 5C


1865-S V-4 Repunched Date PCGS AU Details Cleaned 5c. A strong surviving 1865-S specimen from a mintage of 120,000. Obverse is well struck while reverse has weakness at the upper wreath. Both dies are heavily clashed with die cracking on the upper reverse. A golden gray skin is uniform across the obverse while the reverse shows the same coloring but in lighter shades. Residual luster is evident on both sides under a bright light. Rotational repunching on the 1 and 5 digits is bold under a 10x loupe. Why the PCGS cleaned designation? Under a bright light, there are very faint horizontal micro hairlines within the toning at the date punch and addition vertical hairlines in the right obverse field. The reverse is problem free. Given the presence of these faint hairlines, the PCGS designation is appropriate. Pricing is forthcoming.

1866 PCGS AU Details Cleaned 5c. Civil War ending strike with mintage of only 10,000. Attractive aquamarine gold patina covers both sides. Strike is well executed with complete legend lettering and all reverse wreath devices being exactly defined. Under a bright light, both sides exhibits reflective luster with some cartwheel effects on the reverse. PCGS has graded only 17 examples in all AU grades. Why the PCGS cleaned designation? Armed with a 10x loupe and bright light, I carefully inspected both sides to see what PCGS did not like. Armed with a 10x loupe and bright light, I carefully inspected both sides to see what PCGS did not like. All I could find were a few ancient micro hairlines in the right obverse field under the toning. This lovely and rare Philadelphia should be in a straight graded holder based on what I've seen graded during the past few years. Let's go with a strong Market Acceptable quality rating. From the Dr. Peterson Collection.

1867-S PCGS AU Details Cleaned 5c. 1867 San Francisco strikes sport a mintage of 120,000 and are scarce at the AU grade level. When sending in this example from the Peterson Collection, I fully expected a straight grade and was surprised with a Cleaned designation. A nearly fully struck speciment with only weakness in the upper left reverse wreath needing mention. Both dies are heavily clashed when sriking this piece. Pleasing frosty luster is present under a light source. Toning is deep gun metal gray-blue with embedded rose. Residual mint frost is seen at the obverse and reverse peripheries when the toning ends near the denticles. Why the PCGS cleaned designation? Ok, another 10x loupe inspection to get into the PCGS grader's head. There are no hairlines whatsoever therefore no mechanical cleaning. Could the grader not like the toning? This 1867-S half dime should be in a straight graded holder. Pricing is forthcoming.


Global Financial News

Are we starting to see a breakout in spot gold prices? Let's have a look at the morning commodity prices and long interest rates. In particular, the interest rate curve deserves watching as inversion is starting to take place though the entire curve has yet to invert. An inverted interest rate curve typically calls a pending recession.

Spot gold continues to move upward at $1245/oz while crude oil is also recovering from recent downside trading action. Crude is quoting at $54/bbl. Bitcoin remains depressed at $3928. The 10 year U.S. bond yield is back below 3.0% at 2.96%.

Here are some worthy Seeking Alpha headlines worth reviewing. We open with markets becoming skeptical on the pending Trump - Xi Jinping deal at the G20. The agreement between the two leaders is a handshake agreement without detailed documentation. If Xi Jinping does not follow through, then Trump still holds the tariff cards. But please note the last sentence which discusses U. S. Treasury bond yield curve inversion that is setting up at shorter maturities.

The rapprochement between President Trump and Xi Jinping fired up markets on Monday, but skepticism crept into investing sentiment overnight, weighing on equity markets. None of the commitments that U.S. officials said had been given by China were agreed to in writing, while there was initial confusion on when the three-month negotiating window would start. Meanwhile, the curve between U.S. three-year and five-year and between two-year and five-year paper inverted on Monday for the first time since the financial crisis, and analysts expect the two-year, 10-year yield curve - seen as a predictor of a U.S. recession - to follow suit.

The new Italian government has definitely blinked in their stand-off with EU masters.

Aiming to avoid a disciplinary procedure by Brussels, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he will present a new budget proposal in the next few hours. The government intends to drop the proposed deficit to 2% for 2019, from a previous 2.4%, according to sources. The EU Commission had threatened to slap Rome with an excessive deficit procedure as early as Dec. 19, potentially costing the country up to €9B in sanctions.

France's Macron will suspend fuel tax increases after severe rioting by the yellow vests.

The French government is reportedly ready to suspend a controversial rise in fuel tax that has triggered protests by the gilets jaunes - or yellow vests - throughout the country and dramatic scenes of violence and civil unrest. Initial demonstrations have now morphed into wider anger at a perceived drop in living standards, price rises and a rallying cry for those who say Emmanuel Macron's policies favor the elite and wealthy.

SpaceX achievements are simply amazing! Five dozen satellites clustered on top of a heavy Falcon 9 rocket.....

A successful rocket launch on Monday by SpaceX marked twin milestones for the company's drive to ease access for commercial satellites into orbit. The mission was SpaceX's 19th launch this year, topping its previous record of 18 in 2017. The Falcon 9 rocket also carried the largest number of satellites - a cluster of more than five dozen - ever stacked on top a U.S. booster.


Wrapping Up The Blog

There is substantial reading and images in today's Blog so let's end the edition here. Thank you for stopping by at the Blog and please consider a purchase for yourself or for a holiday gift.

I will be back on Wednesday with more new coins and ramblings. Wishing everyone a great day!




December 3, 2018

GFRC Back in Business in Florida

Greetings from Venice, Florida and welcome to a Sunshine state edition of the Daily Blog.

For those new readers, who have clicked on Coin World's GFRC banner and arrived here, then a very special welcome. I hope you might considering adding the Daily Blog as a numismatic reading option.

I'm pleased to report that the GFRC office is already operational and ready for business!

Sunday's drive from North Carolina to Venice was uneventful other than rains and heavy traffic in South Carolina. Regardless of leaving for Florida in early December, the driving on South Carolina's last I-95 60 miles was miserable. For those who travel I-95, it is the segment between I-26 exit and Georgia border. This year was no different with many truckers and the crazies passing in the right lane due to heavy left lane traffic. Pouring rain made the driving conditions worst. There is such a sense of relief when crossing the bridge into Georgia and returning to three lanes and disciplined drivers.

We arrived to the Auburn Lakes Condos by 6:00pm and were impressed with the newly power washed complex. This project was my last contribution to complex residents as a board member. Now Diane takes my place on the board and I wish her the best.


Seth Godin Blog: 1,000 little steps

Let's open the Blog with a short piece of advice from Seth Godin. I'm a firm believer that businesses should be consistently working through three step act-evaluate-improve cycles towards continuous improvement. This belief is not only for the business as a whole but for all the sub-systems; in GFRC's case, photography, website graphics, shipping department, and product strategies to name just a few.

Just last week, a Chinese fortune cookie provided the same advice; best change is measured in inches and not yards! Those who ignore continuous improvement and focus on constantly shifting strategies are doomed to struggle.

1,000 little steps

There’s nothing in the dentist’s office that was there fifty years ago. Every device, every compound, every technique has been changed.

Bit by bit. Involving thousands of people and organizations. Improvements large and small (mostly small), in every corner.

And every one of those improvements was met with resistance. Every change was fought, tooth (!) and nail. Every one had critics and skeptics and hold outs.

That’s how the world changes. By drips. Persistent, generous, tiny drips.


GFRC Consignment Status - A Tidal Wave of New Offerings

When organizing GFRC consignments for transport to Florida office, I counted over 400 coins waiting to be processed. This number does not include the Twins Lakes consignment that arrives this week and the Sunset Point collection; a complete set of Liberty Seated quarters. Many of the 400 or so pieces will be priced in the $100 - $300 range and ideal for a broad segment of the GFRC customers base. Current consignments include the following collections with a brief status.

Dr. Glenn Peterson Liberty Seated Half Dimes and Half Dollars

- A Seated half dime CAC submission is due back end of this week along with another 20 slabbed pieces ready to be posted to the price lists. Photography of available half dimes starts immediately.

- Most of Dr. Peterson's Seated halves are raw and must be submitted to a TPG. The current PCGS situation is a challenge.

Murphy's Collectionn Seated Halves and Quarter Eagle Gold

- This consignment is priced and loaded into the COIN systems. All that remains is quality Florida photography and posting to the price list.

West Texas Collection Seated Quarters, Seated Halves and Capped Bust Halves

- A huge consignment taken in at the NH Coin Expo. Attention starts with loading contents into the COIN system followed by photography

Gerry Fortin Liberty Seated Dime Reference Collection

- Two double row slabbed boxes of better grade and die varieties consistent with my collection divestment timeline. Need to raise monies to pay for that high end sound system!

Smaller Consignments from Massachusetts and Tombstone Joe Collections

- Both are entirely Liberty Seated dimes. Photography is done.


Limited GFRC Consignment Acceptance - Coins Valued Greater than $500

Given the huge consignment backlog, GFRC will only be accepting consignments of coins valued between $500 to $10,000 during the month of December. These are more than enough lower priced coins to last through the FUN show and possibly into the Spring Whitman Baltimore show.


Global Financial News

The G20 meeting lived up to expectations with significant progress between President Trump and China's Xi Jinping. Global equity markets are soaring on the news as traders are breathing a sigh of relief. Let's have a brief look at commodities followed by a host of Seeking Alpha headlines.

Crude oil pricing has firmed up as Canada and other oil producers take action to curtail production. As a result, crude oil has increased to $53/bbl with more potential upside in the coming days. The bright global economic outlook appears bullish for gold which increased to $1235/oz. Bitcoin is trading at $3966. Finally, the 10 year U.S Treasury bond yields is down to 3.03%

We open Seeking Alpha headlines with a summary of U.S. and China trade talk progress. I believe President Trump did quite well. Tesla's Elon Musk should be pleased with the outcome.

Stock markets around the world are in rally mode, posting big gains following a truce in the trade spat between the U.S. and China. President Trump agreed to postpone an increase in the tariff rate on $200B worth of Chinese imports to 25% (from 10%) that was scheduled for Jan. 1, while China will resume purchases of some U.S. farm, energy and industrial commodities. The trade detente relies on progress in talks that both sides aim to complete in the next 90 days covering broader issues, including forced technology transfer, intellectual property and cyber theft.

"China has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into China from the U.S. Currently the tariff is 40%," President Trump tweeted after a temporary truce in the U.S.-Sino trade war. The move is a boon for automakers including Tesla, BMW and Ford, which manufacture in the U.S. for export to China.

Canada is taking actions to cut crude oil extractions while Russia and Saudia Arabia also deal with the supply glut.

Canada's largest oil producing province has ordered an unprecedented output cut, adding to global actions to combat a recent price crash. Facing a pipeline bottleneck and glut of oil in storage, Alberta will force producers to slash output by 8.7%, or 325K barrels per day, until excess crude is drawn down (the cuts will then drop to 95K bpd until Dec. 31, 2019). The measures follow a renewed commitment over the weekend by Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend their deal to manage the oil market.

Qatar is pulling out of OPEC!

Just days before a crucial OPEC meeting, Qatar announced plans to pull out of the oil cartel in January 2019. "Achieving our ambitious growth strategy will undoubtedly require focused efforts, commitment and dedication to maintain and strengthen Qatar's position as the leading natural gas producer." Qatar has also faced a blockade and diplomatic isolation from its regional neighbors - which maintain the Gulf state supports terrorism - since June 2017.

France is facing violent protest that is leading to a declared state of emergency. Macron's plans to increase taxes on gas and diesel fuels is not playing well with citizens.

Emmanuel Macron is considering declaring a state of emergency, which allows authorities to prevent protests and other public gatherings. It follows the third weekend of demonstrations by the gilets jaunes - or yellow vests - which have broadened their protests as a rallying cry for those who say his policies favor the wealthy and punish the working class. Violence exploded on Saturday, leaving 133 people injured, the Arc de Triomphe vandalized, and the heart of Paris dotted with burning cars and smashed storefronts.


Featured Coin of the Day!

I'm pleased to report that GFRC has sold 1886 coins year to date. This leaves only 114 coins to be sold in December towards my stated goal of 2000 pieces by year 2018. This level of coin sales in December is always challenging due to collector attention shifting to holiday preparations. Loading a wave of new consignment to drive new sales is the strategy. Your help is needed on the purchasing side.

Following are great coins in current GFRC inventory.

          1861 PCGS MS64 CAC 3C                                                   1913 Type 1 PCGS MS66 CAC 5C


       1909-D PCGS MS64 25C                                                          1917 Type 1 PCGS MS66FH 25C


1806 O-107a PCGS VF20 50C                                                   1820 O-108 ANACS AU53 50C



That is a wrap for the first Blog from Venice office. There is still much unpacking to get done along with morning shipping.

Thanks for checking in and wishing everyone a great week!




December 1-2, 2018

On the Road to Sunshine State

Greetings from a North Carolina hotel and welcome to a road edition of the Daily Blog edition.

As much as I had hoped to prepare a full Blog edition for December 1, it simply did not take place. Packing the entire GFRC business along with winterizing a home in Maine takes much mental energy. Every small detail must be carefully executed to completion unless there could be frozen pipes or consignor coins left behind in Maine. As an example, RV antifreeze must be placed in all drains. Toilets must be plunged to ensure the antifreeze is concentrated in the elbow traps. Toilet tanks must remain full, with some antifreeze, to ensure that rubber gaskets don't dry out. Then the water to the house is shutoff.

The Fortins left Maine early on Saturday morning. 13 hours later, we arrived at an undisclosed hotel in North Carolina. We purposely drive during weekends to avoid a host of traffic issues along the I-95 corridor with the Baltimore to Alexandria VA stretch being the absolute worst. This time, the Boston and New York area traffic was minimum. Does everyone know that the replacement bridge for the venerable Tappan Zee, that spans the Hudson River at I-287, has been named the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge? As expected, I-95 through the East DC beltway down to northern Virgina was heavily congested. What we could not understand is the E-ZPass Express lane being open for north bound traffic rather than south bound at 4:30 pm.

Hotel arrival was about 8:00 pm. Luckily, a local Italian restaurant did take out delivery to hotel rooms so we dined in and call it a day. That was the good news. The bad news is the adjacent room is full of unsupervised kids having a noisy sleep party and constantly slamming the door every minute. Lucky us for the room assignment! They finally quieted down after 11:00 pm and two discussions on the necessity for sleep when driving long distances....

Here is what the entire GFRC inventory plus all consignor coins looks like when carefully packed into five pieces of luggage. Not included is my numismatic library which remains in the car along with other essential but non valuable accessories.


December E-Gobrecht is Published by the Liberty Seated Collectors Club

On Friday afternoon, Editor Bill Bugert published the December 2018 E-Gobrecht, as a PDF file, and distributed to his substantial mailing list. Following is a screen shot of the headline page. Daily Blog readers can download the document by clicking on this link or the headline page image.

Please note the not to subtle reminder that 2019 club member dues are due along with voting for the annual Kamal Ahwash literary award and club officers. My apology for not writing more on individual columns or articles, but after 13 hours of driving, I believe publishing this Blog edition alone indicates goodwill towards providing daily content.


GFRC Important Liberty Seated Dime Die Variety Purchase

The following lovely 1891-O F-106a dime was posted as a Blog preview and on the price list Friday afternoon. It lasted four hours and is currently on hold.

1891-O F-106a Raw AU58 - Choice Original - $275


Wrapping Up the Blog

It is 11:00 pm on a Saturday night and definitely time for bed.

The next Blog edition will be written from sunny Florida. I look forward to your readership.




November 30, 2018

Final Day In Maine GFRC Office

Welcome to the Blog and thank you for your ongoing patronage.

Another day starts in the Maine office in front of the laptop. Breakfast is spicy take out Chinese house fried rice as the Fortin house has little food left due to the pending Florida migration. Southern Maine skies are crystal clear blue with a temperature around freezing. Weather is quiet and has returned to seasonal conditions. Low 50s are forecasted for next week, but by then the Fortins will be in sunny Venice with mid 80s as the norm.

Emails arrived from Coin World's Brenda Wyen on Thursday. Kudos go out to Brenda and Coin World graphic arts department as they custom design GFRC banners for their digital newsletters. I was particularly impressed with this banner that will appear in Coin World's December 3 Monday Morning Brief. I believe even Brenda has become a Daily Blog fan, checking in on discussion topics, and utilizing the art department to structure graphic themes that dovetail perfectly with Blog content. There is no question that the Daily Blog is unique among major dealers in the numismatic industry and worthy of being leveraged towards increased market visibility; and, of course, more coins sales.

GFRC's Coin World December 3 Banner


A Special Shout Out to New Hampshire Collection Consignor

As Blog content continues to expand, the publication is becoming more of a community effort. A special shout out is warranted for the New Hampshire Collection consignor. Each morning, he proof reads the Blog immediately after it appears online. He generously takes the time to check content for spelling and grammar errors. Currently, I'm doing well with spelling but grammar is only a B-. For some reason, there is a struggle with the usage of commas (,) and hyphens (-). Each day, like an old English professor, he will email corrections and provide his humorous comments. Yesterday's long discussion on the forthcoming audio/video system project warranted the following;

Gotta see if we can't get a freshman English Comp. class covering "commas, your key to proper placement of pauses in your sentences" added in Orono!


Gerry Fortin Updating Whitman Red Book Liberty Seated Coinage Prices

It is an incredible honor to be working with former ANA President Jeff Garrett as Red Book pricing consultant for Liberty Seated coinage. On Tuesday, Jeff emailed price guide Excel spreadsheets for all Liberty Seated denominations. Gone is the old and archaic pricing entry system that was anything but user friendly. Instead, pricing updates wll be conducted with simple Excel worksheets where price change recommendations are highlighted with color. The 2020 Red Book deadline for pricing update submission is December 15 and becomes a priority once settling down in Florida office.


Matthew Yamatin Hired as International School of Beijing Sustainability Manager

There is no question that GFRC sales growth has been facilitated by a custom designed website, and impressive information management system. The system was custom built by GFRC's IT manager, Matthew Yamatin. By now, most GFRC friends are well aware of Matt's passion for running marathons, and sustaining our global environment.

It is with substantial pride that I announce Matt's new Sustainability Manager position at the International School of Beijing (ISB). Matt worked for months with ISB board of directors towards establishing a groundbreaking sustaintabilty program and hands-on curriculum at the pre-K through high school level in mainland China.

Matt recently published this ISB a pioneer of sustainability in int'l schools bulletin on the ISB website. If interested, simply click on either link to learn more. Following is a sustainability focus area pictorial from the online ISB bulletin. Well done Matt!


Seth Godin Blog: “But he paid extra”

I could not resist adding Seth Godin's latest blog post to today's ramblings. Every business ultimately faces the excessively demanding customer or consignor. GFRC has worked with a few of these types of individuals. There are consignors who worry if their coins don't sell quickly and request weekly updates on sale progress. Or the customer that wants detailed verbal descriptions of surfaces on a $75 coin and then considers the purchase. In the end, the time allocated to these individuals is not sustainable and best to just let them move along to another dealer. Working with individuals who are focused on long term relationships, who respect my time commitment, and who have a passion for the numismatic hobby is where precious attention is allocated.

“But he paid extra”

We come up lots of reasons to work with jerks.

We take an investment from a jerk investor instead of a kind one.

We accept a job from a bully instead of someone who will nurture and challenge us with worthwhile work.

And we take on a customer who denigrates our team and our work instead of embracing the good ones…

The most common reason is that they pay us more. A better valuation, a better hourly rate.

That’s not a good enough reason. We pay for it many more times than we get paid for it.


New Listings Added to GFRC Price List

Thursday brought a new wave of listing on the GFRC price list. All are Liberty Seated halves from the New Jersey Collection consignment and a recently transferred 1861-O W-7 specimen. These will be the last new postings until the GFRC office is reassembled in Venice starting December 3.

Following are two recommended Seated halves for your consideration. Both are top quality offerings at the AU58 grade level. I particularly like the 1875 half with its substantial eye appeal.

New Jersey Collection - Liberty Seated Half Dollar Highlights

1875 PCGS AU58 50C                                                                 1876 NGC AU58 50C



Global Financial News

There is much to share today concerning global news and finance. I really enjoy writing this segment as a chance to stay abreast of global events outside of the clickbait mainstream media. We open with a look at commodities and long interest rates.

Spot gold dropped slightly overnight to $1228 but remains well positioned for potential upside in December. Crude oil is back over the important $50 threshold and quoting at $50.60/bbl. Bitcoin continues to struggle at $3975. And finally, the 10 year U.S. Treasury yield is just a sliver over 3.00%

The financial world will be closely watching the President Trump and Xi Jinping meeting at the G20 summit. Much is at stake for global markets.

Shares across Europe and U.S. futures are drifting lower on the final day of November, as markets watch ongoing trade developments between the world's two largest economies. President Trump and China's Xi Jinping are expected to meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina and the two leaders will have a dinner meeting with staff on Saturday evening. The presence of three top crude producers - Saudi Arabia, Russia and the U.S. - have also raised expectations that oil policy will be discussed in Buenos Aires.

Also at the G20 summit, the new USMCA trade agreement is due to be signed.

The leaders of Mexico, Canada and the United States are due to sign a renewed North American trade pact this morning, although brinkmanship over its final details continued through yesterday evening. Officially known as USMCA, the ceremony will be held on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Legislators from the three countries still have to approve the pact, before it goes into effect.

Pressure is building on Xi Jinping to cut a deal with Trump as China's manufacturing sector is slowing and about to enter contraction territory.

Growth in China's manufacturing sector stalled for the first time in over two years in November, heaping pressure on Beijing ahead of high-stakes trade talks between Xi Jinping and President Trump. The official Purchasing Managers' Index fell to 50, indicating no growth in activity or contraction on a monthly basis. The survey also showed further weakness in new orders from at home and abroad.

The Ukrainian - Russian conflict is entering a dangerous new phase. What will NATO do if Putin become more aggressive in destabilizing the Ukraine government?

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has accused Vladimir Putin of wanting to annex his entire country and called for NATO to deploy warships to the Sea of Azov, which is shared by the two nations. Poroshenko has also barred Russian men between 16 and 60 from traveling to his country, in order to prevent the Russians from forming "private armies" fighting on Ukrainian soil.


Wrapping Up the Blog

Ok, it is almost 8:30 am and time to turn over this Blog edition to New Hampshire Collection consignor for proof reading. I was most careful with usage of commas today and hopefully will be given an at a boy!

Thank you for visiting with me today and taking in these ramblings.

I'm uncertain if there will be a Blog edition on Saturday morning. If there is, it must be written this evening. We shall see.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and coming weekend.




November 29, 2018

Pursuing the Last Audio/Video System of a Lifetime

Greetings from the Maine GFRC office and welcome to another edition of the Daily Blog.

Are you surprised by today's headline? Expecting more discussions concerning GFRC annual winter migration to Florida?

Let's me assure customers and consignors that I've not lost my mind. The Maine numismatic operations are winding down nicely and I can promise that no coin will be left behind in the Maine office. So let's move on to another topic.

Pursuing the Last Audio/Video System of a Lifetime

Doesn't the headline sound a bit dramatic? Well, it is the honest truth. I will turn 63 years old during March 2019. My sound systems typically last for approximately 20 years. During 2019, I'm planning to spoil myself and build a dream audio/video system and reconfigure the Maine basement sound room.

How about a short history of my audiophile hobby that took center stage in life until Liberty Seated dimes arrived circa 1988?

During the last three years of high school, I worked in a downtown Lewiston, Maine record shop known as DeOrsey's. There is even a Facebook page sponsored by Friends of DeOrsey's though the firm closed shop in the 1990s. The number one highlight was having Queen walk into the shop the day they were playing the Lewiston armory. My life was focused on rock music and electronic stereo equipment. During high school senior year, I won the annual science fair after hand building my own high performance bass reflex cabinet speakers. There was little money for stereo equipment so I custom built my own where possible. Then it was off to University of Maine for their BSEE program.

Joe Stereo's 33 RPM Vinyl Library

Once in college, I discovered that music could be a money making hobby. I bought a power amp, a quality turntable, a reel to reel deck and married these with my science fair speakers. The outcome was Joe Stereo who did weekend dance parties in the dorms. Come senior year, after an early job commitment from IBM, the equipment was upgraded to Altec Lansing floor speakers and a top of the line Technics receiver/power amp. What beautiful sound as compared to my hand built speakers. I clearly remember being blown away when first listening to Steely Dan's Aja on the new equipment.

1978 brought the transition to Dutchess County, New York and a semiconductor engineering position at IBM's East Fishkill chip development and manufacturing facility. The IBM 360/370 mainframes were shipping and development was underway for the next generation systems (3030 mainframes employing water cooled TCM technology ie. thermal conduction modules). It was a thrill of a lifetime working at IBM. During mid 1979, I shared a house with an IBM collegue. We went to work in the morning only to receive a phone call that our house was on fire. The living room was a total loss including all my stereo equipment.

This resulted in the purchase of my dream speakers, at that time, the ESS Heil AMT-1Bs with the Heil air motion tweeter. The tweeter was nothing more than plastic encased parellel wires suspended insider a huge magnet. The result was crystal clear mid and high frequency range performance. The Heils lasted until about 1995 when the passive radiator and main woofer began to crumble from age and usage. The Fortin's had moved back to Maine during 1985.

The next audio phase in life took a turn to Boston Acoustic tower speakers that were procured at a Portland, Maine high end sound shop. The power unit for the speakers was nothing special; a high powered Sony receiver with excellent signal to noise ratio. Eventually, the Boston Acoustic towers migrated to the basement along with the purchase of a NAD A/V amplifier and Sony flat screen TV. This occurred during the mid-2000 timeframe; but, unfortunately, I was traveling constantly for Fairchild Semiconductor and then headed off to China come January 2007. Starting mid 2013, the basement soundroom become a much more important chill out location after long days operating GFRC.

Just last week, the NAD center channel electronics died. One Boston Acoustic tower had a woofer or cross over issue that precluded deep bass at high volumes. With multiple failure points on an aging system, the time has arrived to completely upgrade the basement sound room speakers, electronics, and video systems. Research begins in early 2019 and the purchase is targeted during the Florida to Maine migration in late April 2019.

Numismatists and Audiophiles Join Forces

In the November 26 Blog, I made mention of pursuing a high end sound system. This caught the attention of a GFRC consignor who lives in the New England area and frequents the Baltimore shows. This individual has been an anonymous consignor with an excellent eye for original Liberty Seated halves. His set is posted on the GFRC Open Set Registry. Come to find out that this individual is a passionate audiophile. He writes and volunteers to help me research and purchase my dream sound system. A phone discussion ensues. Why not conduct the research in a manner similar to HGTV's Property Brothers or Flip or Flop? Gerry will set the budget and my new audiophile consultant (now the StoneCold Collection; gotta love Humble Pie) will work together in the Blog to discuss and finalize the system component selections followed by implementation.

My budget is $20,000 split between speakers and electronics. Expectation is for top end listening experience with recording studio quality playback.

Listening requirements are;

- Watching rock concert DVDs - Home theater style with friends
- Late night CD chill
- Late night streaming chill out
- Exploring old rock concert footage on Youtube
- Occasional critical listening of old rock music(1965 -1980) recordings.

Following is StoneCold Collection's kick off commentary.

Hi Gerry,

Read many times in your blog about nights spent in your sound room enjoying music. What better way to detach and realign one's brain from the outside world. Everyone should have a hobby, no matter, it makes good sense. I know for myself that when I sit down after a busy day, look at coins, and listen to music, I immediately feel more grounded.

I see so many parallels between audio electronics that produce beautiful music and coin collecting. Being someone who will obsess about details, who better to look at than coin geeks. Same holds true with audio-folks-philes. Face it, would you buy a coin that has too many underlying hairlines, or is overgraded?....or buy a set of speakers that are out of phase and sound anemic? One has to look deeper and understand what they are seeing, or hearing. And don't forget about the physics, the materials, the design, etc....

To start; your amplifier center channel blew out and it has become a sign to upgrade your "Stereophonic"(or more) system. You say you want to start by spending possibly $10K on speakers you haven't seen or heard yet? More than a mint state rare seated dime maybe? Interesting how one deeply involved in any hobby wants to seek out the best. That always comes with the price of research....time spent looking and listening to what is out there. What is new and fresh. We will go there, look at all the options available, leave the myths behind, and find the ultimate audio system that fits your ear and your budget.

More to follow....


GFRC Mailing Address is Now Florida Office

It is official! The GFRC mailing address has changed on the website to the following. Please start mailing check payments and consignments effective Friday to;


502 Auburn Lakes Circle

Venice, Florida 34292-2367


Global Financial News

Wednesday brought a pivotal day for the Federal Reserce and United States equities. Fed Chair Jerome Powell has decided to halt interest increases leaving the Fed rate at 2.5%. Equity markets rallied on the news, with many indebted companies breathing a sigh of relief. The halt in interest increases is also bullish for gold as a hot economy could eventually see increasing inflation.

Let's start today's Seeking Alpha review with usual commodity and interest rate checks.

Crude oil lost ground during the last 24 hours with traders pushing the black gold to slightly under $50/bbl. Yellow gold moved in the opposite direction and jumped to $1231/oz. Bitcoin has stabilized at $4165. As expected with the Powell dovish speech, the 10 year Treasury bond yield dropped to 3.01%.

United States oil producers are generating record amounts of crude with stockpiles increasing. How will the major players (Saudi Arabia, Russia) react at the G20 summit?

Crude prices have dropped below $50 a barrel for the first time since October 2017, amid data from the EIA showing U.S. crude stockpiles increasing for the tenth consecutive week. All eyes are now on this weekend's G20 summit, where Russia and Saudi Arabia will likely discuss how to coordinate oil policy. Shielded by a budget surplus and a weak ruble, Vladimir Putin said yesterday current prices are fine for Russia, but Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, under pressure over the Khashoggi killing, can't afford to alienate President Trump and his demand for lower prices.

On a sad note, United States life expectency is dropping due to elevated suicide rates. Is the information age and social medium partly responsible for enhanced stress and depression?

Life expectancy for Americans fell again last year, to 78.6 years, and has now lost three-tenths of a year since 2014. Economists consider life expectancy to be an important measure of a nation's prosperity, but the 2017 data paints a darker picture of health in the U.S. The figure was pushed down by the sharpest annual increase in suicides in nearly a decade and a continued rise in deaths from opioid drugs.

Automakers will be building new electric car plants in North Amercia shorty. Volkswagen is one of those going public on the topic.

"We are 100% deep in the process of 'We will need an electric car plant in North America,' and we're holding those conversations now," said Scott Keogh, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America. The factory will produce a yet-to-be-revealed EV, priced between $30K-$40K, that is due in 2020. VW previously announced it would spend almost €44B on developing electric cars, autonomous driving and new mobility services by 2023, while exploring areas of cooperation with Ford.


GFRC is Still Selling Coins!

Wednesday turned out to be a strong sales day as orders continued to arrive. GFRC is getting closer to its November financial forecast, and hopefully, a final order push, during the next 48 hours, will close the gap.

Following are just a sampling of great coins in GFRC inventory. An order made before 11:00 am today will ship immediately if the buyer is a GFRC Quick Ship program participant. Friday orders will ship from the Venice FL office on Monday.

         1864 PCGS MS64RB CAC 1C                                               1832 LM-3 PCGS MS64 5C - Osprey


      1853 NA NGC AU55 CAC 5C - Peterson                                 1814 JR-5 STATESOF PCGS VG8 CAC 10C


     1868 F-108 PCGS AU55 10C                                                   1875 BF-1 PCGS EF45 CAC 20C


           1806 B-9 PCGS AU50 CAC 25C                                             1866-S No Motto PCGS VF30 CAC 50C



Another busy day is at hand with more shipping, teeth cleaning appointment, and purchasing supplies for winterizing the home plumbing system.

Thank you for visiting the Blog on a Thursday morning and being part of the GFRC community.

See you tomorrow with yet more ramblings.




November 28, 2018

Winding Down GFRC Operations

Greetings once again from a snowy Maine landscape and welcome to the Blog.

Tuesday's Maine weather was just plain nasty. Overnight snow accumulated and then the rains arrived. Evergreen tree branches were challenged with the weight, and by 10:00 am power was out. There was still much Black Friday shipping to get done plus a drive into Windham to transfer packages at the post office. Weather was so bad that mail service was halted. A service commitment to customers is that; a commitment with no snow days allowed. The electrical generator was started and a few electrical extension cords were employed to connect the printer and computer to a power source. Huawei cellphone provided the internet hotspot and we were in business. Lunch was heated soup on the wood stove and by 2:00 pm, it was time for a post office run.

I'm pleased to report that the last of Black Friday orders were shipped yesterday. New orders that arrived during the power outage (a sincere thank-you) are shipping today, again on Quick Ship.

As today's Blog is being composed, snow flurries still linger with another layer of snow on top of yesterday's mess. Luckily, the balance of the week will be quiet weather wise and "getting out of Dodge" should be smooth. Starting today, I will be slowly winding down GFRC operations and begin the inventory sorting and packing process. Orders are always welcome with the last shipping day being on Thursday for Quick Ship program and those paid with Paypal or credit card.

GFRC has had an amazing year of prosperity and growth thanks to hundreds of customers. It is time to take as break, shifting attention on a controlled business ramp down and ensuring that no coin is left behind. Most important is working through a checklist to make certain that the Fortin homestead is properly prepared for the winter months.


The Search for More Quality GFRC Inventory Begins

One of the challenges facing coin dealers is replacing sold inventory. There is satisfaction is placing eye appealing coins into customer collections. But the downside is acknowledging that every sold coin must be replaced with another quality coin to sustain the business. Buying quality coins is much more challenging than selling those coins. Sure, it is straightforward to go out and purchase "stuff or product" to fill the inventory lists. But locating truly special pieces, that are strictly original and have superior eye appeal, takes much effort and some luck. As I've said repeatedly, the best coins are tied up in strong collector hands. Therefore a portion of GFRC business is focused towards consignments and using that channel for securing attractive offerings. But consignments come to market on a random and unpredictable basis. Core inventory must be carefully developed and managed.

GFRC will be actively searching out new inventory between now and the FUN show. Already, a substantial purchase was made this week. Florida buying trips have already been scheduled towards rebuilding the price lists prior to the FUN show. Of particular interest will be better date Liberty Seated and Barber coinage coupled with United States gold. Gold sales have been hot the past few months and it is time to replenish the gold department. Dan White has a substantial challenge on his hands.

If you are willing to divest a few top quality coins (consistent with GFRC inventory profiles), then please contact me. Transaction can be outright purchase or consignment.


Global Financial News

A brief read through of Seeking Alpha headlines suggests three main themes for the day. First is Bitcoin's recent price swings, second is attention on the Federal Reserve's interest rate strategy, and finally the upcoming G20 meeting including face to face time between President Trump and Xi Jinping.

Here is where commodity prices and interest rates stand as we start the day. Bitcoin prices recovered 10% and quoting at $4002. Crude oil is flat at $51.49/bbl and spot gold has moved down to $1214/oz. The 10 year Treasury bond yield has moved down slightly to 3.05%.

We open Seeking Alpha headlines with Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, under pressure from President Trump to halt interest rate increases. Higher interest rates are taking their toll on the housing and automotive industries.

Traders will be glued to their screens at noon today as Fed Chair Jerome Powell delivers what will be the most critical speech of his short time leading the central bank. He's likely to provide insights into the Fed's plans for monetary tightening and may address growing hostility from President Trump, who said in an interview on Tuesday he's "not even a little bit happy with my selection of Jay" and believes the central bank is "way off-base with what they're doing."

The SEC Chairman is not comfortable with Bitcoin as an asset behind ETF funds but Nasdaq controls plans to list Bitcoin futures starting next quarter. I would not be holding any Bitcoin related assets at this time.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton wants to see better market surveillance and custody for cryptocurrencies before being "comfortable" with a Bitcoin ETF. "We've seen some thefts around digital assets that make you scratch your head," he told CoinDesk's Consensus Invest conference. "We care that the assets underlying that ETF have good custody and that they're not going to disappear."

Despite the warning from the SEC, Bitcoin soared 9% overnight to above the $4,000 level, heading for its biggest daily jump since July. Exchange operator Nasdaq has confirmed it's moving ahead with a plan to list Bitcoin futures in Q1 2019, betting on sustained interest despite a dramatic plunge this year. The rout has intensified over the last two weeks, wiping billions of dollars off the market capitalizations of the world's biggest cryptocurrencies.

And finally, will the United States and China reach some type of deal to avoid the next round of trade tariffs that come into effect January 1, 2019?

U.S. stock index futures rose 0.3% ahead of the speech, with the dollar nearing 2018 highs, powered by remarks from Larry Kudlow that the upcoming G20 summit was an opportunity to "turn the page" on the U.S.-Sino trade war. Other economic news today includes the Commerce Department's second estimate of third-quarter GDP growth, which is expected to be confirmed at a 3.5% annualized rate.


Featured Coins of the Day

During the Black Friday Sale, GFRC sold 10% of its CAC approved price list. But there are still many great offerings to consider as most CAC approved coins were not discounted for obvious reasons. CAC coins are bringing premiums in the market place and provide long term assurance of pricing stability. Consider that collectors always give PCGS rattler and old green holdered coins a second look due to conservative grading. Ditto for coins in NGC Fatty holders. My prediction is that CAC approved coins will garner special respect in the years to come and are worth the pricing premiums.

1839 No Drapery PCGS EF45 CAC 50C                                      1839 GR-7 RE NGC AU58 CAC 50C


1937 Antietam PCGS MS66+ CAC 50C                                          1937 RoanokePCGS MS66 CAC 50C


      1874 PCGS AU58 Trade $1                                                   1875-CC PCGS AU53 CAC Trade $1


1883 PCGS MS64+ CAC G$5                                                         1913 PCGS MS63 CAC G$5


Another edition of the Daily Blog concludes. Thank you for stopping by and taking in these ramblings.

The GFRC office is open and in operation for the next 48 hours. I would love to sell a few more coins to wrap up November sales close to the financial forecast set by Matt Yamatin months ago. A great coin is just a phone or email away.

Wishing everyone a great Wednesday and balance of the week.




November 27, 2018

Not Leaving Maine Soon Enough; Another Snowstorm

Greetings from snowy southern Maine and welcome to a late edition of the Blog.

I can't believe it is only November and the current outdoor weather conditions. Winds are howling as the temperature hovers between the snow and freezing rain transition point. About five inches of snow have fallen and now comes the wet stuff to weigh down branches. So far, so good. The power is on and hardboiled eggs are being prepared. The outdoor scenery is much more consistent with the January and February timeframe.

Of course, driveway clean-up will take precious time away from GFRC business efforts and Florida migration. I'm waiting for Gary, the plow guy, to make the first pass through the driveway for vehicle passage.


Halting Check Payments to GFRC Maine Address

As of today, please hold mailing check payments for purchased coins. Starting on Thursday, check payments should be mailed to the GFRC Florida office address. The address is listed next and will be updated on all website pages tomorrow. Thank you for your support and patience while we execute our annual migration to a warmer climate.


502 Auburn Lakes Circle

Venice, Florida 34292-2367


Procedure for Shipping Consignments to GFRC

The Sunset Point and Twin Lakes Collection consignments are under preparation for shipment to Florida. In both case, there were question and answer sessions, via email, on the proper way to prepare and ship USPS Express packages. Since responding to the same questions twice, the idea arrived to write a procedure within the Blog to explain the process and document the procedure.

GFRC is insured by Hugh Woods and part of the insurance policy includes coverage of USPS shipments. GFRC does not use FedEx given our countryside location and long travels to a FedEx outlet.

There are two types of USPS shipments possible for transferring consigned coins; 2 Day Priority and Overnight Express.

- Consignors using USPS Express will enjoy up to $60,000 of insurance coverage under GFRC's business policy.

- USPS Priority boxes are limited to $3,000 coverage.

The obvious shipment method for larger collections is therefore USPS Express. Following is an image of the recommended USPS Express cube box that GFRC uses constantly for insured shipments to customers and CAC submissions. Three PCGS blue boxes will fit in this cube box allowing up to 60 slabbed coins to be shipped.

USPS Express Cube Box

USPS shipments are priced on a weight and distance basis. Previously, USPS offered flat rate box service; but discontinued it probably due to losing too much money on the program. The above image is of the older box with Flat Rate printed on the outside. New cube box versions do not have the Flat Rate markings. Since USPS boxes are priced based on weight and distance, then shipment must be done at your local Post Office. Free cardboard boxes should be available in Post Office lobby areas. If not, ask a clerk for a box as some smaller post offices will keep these behind the counter.

To conduct a USPS Express box shipment, one will need to obtain and complete an Express Shipment form. Below is a cellphone image of the form. Please note the left side of the form is printed in blue and the right side is printed in red. Blue is for customers to complete and red is for the postal clerk to complete during counter shipment.

USPS Express Shipment Form


Information Required to Conduct a USPS Express Shipment

Again, please note the blue left side of the above form. The top section documents the Sender's information and the bottom section captures the receiving party. Please note that in the middle section is a "Signature Required" box to be checked. This is a key part of the form which will be discussed shortly.

There are three steps towards completing the USPS Express form;

1. Fill out the top section with sender's name, address, and phone number.

2. Heavily check the Signature Required box. The form has three layers with the bottom carbon copy being attached to the box. The Signature Required box checkmark must be visible on the bottom carbon copy. If sender does not check the Signature Required box, then GFRC business insurance WILL NOT cover the shipment. So pay close attention to this requirement. I will go as far as ask the postal clerk to highlight the Signature Required box on the carbon copy with a yellow highlighter.

3. Fill out the GFRC destination address including the 9 digit zip code and phone number. Consignors will always be able to locate this information at the bottom of every price list page on the website.


Pricing Estimate for USPS Express Usage

From my own experience, costs will range from $32 to over $50 depending on weight and distance. My typical cost for a shipment from Maine to CAC in New Jersey with two PCGS blue boxes of coins is about $35. Shipping several expensive coins from Maine to California will be roughly $40. Add more weight and the cost will move towards $50.

USPS is a very safe vehicle for transporting coins. If USPS does not meet its delivery commitment, then the purchase price is refunded. This is an important incentive for USPS to carefully track and schedule this transport service. Tracking is always available online.


Global Financial News

Global markets are on edge as the China - U.S. trade war could continue for sometime. Oil markets are stabilized in the near term and Bitcoin is in free fall. Let's have a quick look at usual commodities and longer term interest rates followed by a few Seeking Alpha headlines.

Bitcoin is getting hammered as confidence in cryptocurrencies is waning. Current quote is down to $3695. Crude oil is slightly up at $51.60/bbl and I expect prices to start increasing over the next few months as Saudi Arabia and Russia take steps to curtail supply and drive prices back to $60/bbl. Spot gold is in a very tight trading range and is again quoting at $1224/oz. Finally, the 10 year U.S. Treasury bond yield is flat at 3.06%.

The upcoming G20 summit will expose major differences between President Trump and Xi Jinping. The Chinese wish to continue dialogue while Trump will raise tariffs to force resolution on intellectual property issues and other matters.

Stock market sentiment felt some pressure overnight after President Trump said he expected to raise tariffs on $200B of Chinese goods to 25% (from the current 10%) on Jan. 1. He also declared that he's ready to apply a further round of levies on $267B worth of imports, including iPhones and laptops, starting next year. In response, China's foreign ministry urged the U.S. to work toward a positive outcome of a planned G20 meeting later this week between President Trump and Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires.

Separating fact from fiction concerning the Brexit agreement between Theresa May and the EU is difficult. The EU appears to have structured the deal to keep the U.K as a client state with onerous restrictions. The Brits get to pay the European Union a sum of 50B Euros for the priviledge.

The EU's top court today will deliberate whether the U.K. can unilaterally cancel Brexit once it is triggered, a decision some Remain campaigners think might give them an argument to reverse Brexit. Timing could not be better: Dec. 11 has been set as the date for the House of Commons "meaningful vote" on Theresa May's withdrawal agreement. Tensions surrounding the pact are still growing as President Trump said her plan could threaten a U.K.-U.S. trade accord.

More bad financial news for Elon Musk and Tesla.

Tesla's sales in China sank 70% from a year ago to 211 vehicles in October, according to the China Passenger Car Association, underscoring how the Sino-U.S. trade war is hurting the American automaker. The data comes after Tesla said it was cutting the prices of its local Model X and Model S to make the cars "more affordable," while absorbing more of the impact from higher tariffs. TSLA -1.4% premarket.

While staying focused on China, the Chinese are moving forward with genetically modified humans. Where this all goes in dark Chinese state laboratories is an unknown.

The first genetically modified human babies have been born in China, according to researcher He Jiankui. Healthy twin girls Lulu and Nana were conceived artificially with sperm from their HIV-positive dad, but the team sent in proteins and instructions for a gene surgery via CRISPR/Cas9 to "remove the doorway through which HIV enters to infect people." CRISPR Therapeutics closed 2.3% higher on the news yesterday and is up another 1.4% premarket.


Wrapping Up the Blog

More Black Friday shipment must be prepared in anticipation of getting to the post office this afternoon. The day will be mostly focused on driveway clean up and digging out the Acura MDX.

Will do my best to get a few more coins posted on the price lists but no guarantees at this point.

Thank you for checking in and monitoring the GFRC migration to Florida.




November 26, 2018

New Offerings Including Conservative PCGS Grading

Greetings and welcome to the Daily Blog on a Monday morning.

A snow shower is passing through at 6:30 am as the day will be unsettled with a light rain and snow mixture. The main weather event arrives this evening and into Tuesday; it could be rain or much snow.

Life moves along much too quickly since there is always a substantial number of items on the to do list. The Black Friday Sale is done with one more day of substantial shipping. Probably 80% of orders are being processed through the GFRC Quick Ship program and a testiment to the level of repeat business being enjoyed. A sincere thank you to everyone who participated and helped reduced GFRC inventory before the Florida transition.

Attention now shifts to a host of preparations including winterizing the Maine homestead and packing up the GFRC business. No coin left behind is the imperative when contemplating a move of this magnitude. All consigned coins in queue must be properly labeled and loaded into the COIN system for tracking purposes. Coin photography is out of the question as the sun is so low on the horizon. Next week will bring a massive amount of photography and image processing once the transition is completed and the office is configured.

Mixed into the Florida packing is retrieving a new pair of glasses and a dental appointment. Oh, the center channel on the old NAD amplifier crapped out this past week so basement soundroom electronics will be replaced with an advanced Bluetooth and internet enable sound system. That task must wait until we return in the spring. Since probably being the last major sound system purchased in a lifetime, the acquisition will be carefully researched towards understanding the latest electronics wizardry on the market. Speaker wise, I've already made a decision to go with premium Bowers & Wilkins tower speakers. These will be one level below the B&W professional studio speakers which are listed at only $30,000 a pair.

Seth Godin: String too short to be saved

When packing up the GFRC business, it becomes apparent that many low priced raw coins seem to accumulate in a six month period. Those are the under $50 coins in consignments, the stuff I buy from people at coin shows as I can't say no to customers. And of course, those coins that collectors send in for variety research and inclusion in the "web-book". Your's truly does all the heavy lifting and the submitter secures his name in online print.

This morning, Seth Godin spoke to me in a substantial tone with his Monday blog post. I must learn to say no to these low priced coins as there is insufficent time for them. Slowing down, setting priorities and enjoying life requires attention during 2019 else I am becoming nothing but a coin processing factory with an endless input source.

String too short to be saved

Poet Donald Hall told the story of a hermit in New Hampshire, a man who passed away leaving behind sheds full of hoarded stuff.

In one of the sheds was a box labeled, “string too short to be saved.”

That’s what we do with the trivia that gets in the way of our best work. The tiny slights, the small rejections, the bumps in the road that could be easily forgotten. Ideas too useless to be saved.

But we save them nonetheless.

This is the cruft that keeps us from moving forward.

What happens when we treasure the memories that serve as fuel, and ignore the rest?


GFRC New Offerings

On Sunday, attention shifted to posting new offerings. Our friend, the Winesteven Collection consignor, is back with a single coin offering after an upgrade to his top end type set on the PCGS Set Registry. This 1882 F-101 proof dime is really special and someone should immediately call out First Right of Refusal (FRoR). Many high end Cameo proofs are heavily toned and difficult to enjoy unless viewed under a bright light. This piece is the opposite! The watery mirrors and cameo effects are immediately evident during in hand viewing. A faint gold skin is found at the peripheries.

PCGS has only graded four pieces at the PR66+ Cameo level. If you plan to rush to CoinFacts for price research, I'll save you the effort. There are five listings. One for this piece at $2820 and then four listings for the same heavily toned example at ~$2000. The latter must be ugly in hand as it just can't find a home.

New Winesteven Collection Consignment - Proof Liberty Seated Dime Type

1882 F-101 PCGS PR66+ Cameo CAC 10C

1882 F-101 PCGS PR66+CAM CAC 10c . The Winesteven Collection consignor is back with a newly divested duplicate from his spectacular type coin collection. GFRC is pleased to be offering this high grade 1882 Cameo proof that is only one of four graded at the PCGS MS66+ Cameo level. I have seen two of the other specimens at this grade level and they are heavily toned as compare to the bold eye appeal of this lightly toned example. Both sides feature watery mirrors and highly reflective cartwheel lustrous. A faint gold skin is seen at the peripheries. The strike is pinpoint-sharp and there are no obvious contact marks on either side. Eye appeal is superior and consistent with duplicates from the Winesteven Collection. Last CoinFacts record dates back to January 2013 with HA priced realized of $2820. Housed in 2013 transitional PCGS holder with blue label and edge view insert along with CAC approval.


I treated myself on Sunday and inserted a Liberty Seated dime from my own collection onto the price list. This 1888 dime is absolutely magnificent and a near gem. Forget the old NGC holder and focus on the coin. Mirrored fields and sharp reflective cartwheel luster along with pretty toning. How I hate to sell these types of eye appealing coins but then again, I'm shopping for a top end basement sound system that costs in the low to mid five figures.

Please don't ask me if this piece will cross to PCGS and yes, it has not been submitted to CAC. This one is fresh from the bank box and sometimes I'm not very organized with my own coins.

Gerry Fortin Reference Collection Consignment - 1888 F-111 Web-Book Plate Coin

1888 F-111 Misplaced 8 in Base NGC MS64 10C

1888 F-111 Misplaced 8 in Base - NGC MS64 10c. A wonderful 1888 Philadelphia strike with brilliant reflective cartwheel luster coupled with classic old album blue, rose and gold patina. Surfaces are entirely blemish free on this near gem original example. The F-111 obverse 11 exhibits a misplaced lower loop of an 8 digit in the base immediately to the right of the pendant. This extra 8 digit is located mid way between the final two 8 digits in the date. The lower loop of the 8 digit is well defined and be easily diagnosed with some practice. Reverse die is cracked primarily between the rim and wreath devices. This offering is also the F-111 plate coin at The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors at Housed in old NGC holder with standard ring insert. Recently pull from the Fortin bank box and has not seen a CAC submission.


Then there is very conservative PCGS grading to discuss. Case is point is this solid original 1874-S quarter from the Sunset Point Collection. This piece was consigned raw at the CONA show and I assumed it would straight grade at roughly AU53. Well, the experts at PCGS decided to be super strict and found tiny faults leading to an undeserved EF Details certification. I'm still shaking my head after seeing years of cleaned coins being straight graded and placed into their holders.

Sunset Point Collection Duplicate

1874-S Briggs 3-A PCGS EF Details - Very Conservative Grading

1874-S Briggs 3-A PCGS EF Details 25c. It is now apparent to the numismatic community that PCGS grading has tightened with very conservative standards for coins with any type of imperfection. Case in point is this lovely 1874-S Seated quarter from the Sunset Point Collection. This piece was consigned raw and submitted to PCGS with an expectation for a straight AU53 grade. Instead, the piece was certified as EF Details. I'm sorry but this piece is not an EF given the frosty cartwheel luster and minimal wear. Luster is completely natural with fresh mint frost surrounding the stars, reverse legend and within the device details. A very careful 10x loupe inspection under both halogen and incandescent lightling revealed wispy hairlines in the lower right obverse field by stars 12 and 13. There are also a few faint vertical lines in the left obverse field that disturb the luster. Otherwise the reverse is 100% natural and unmolested. I spoke with the Sunset Point consignor and we have decided to list this 1874-S quarter in its current holder with detailed explanation. I still stand by my first assessment of straight grade AU53 with a few blemishes. However, this piece has not been cleaned and does not have EF level wear. Asking price is at the PCGS EF45 price guide grade level and fair for the quality. At some point in time, this quarter will find its way into a straight graded AU holder. Freshly graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder.


Global Financial News

Fairly interesting reading is at hand this morning concerning Seeking Alpha headlines. Europe and EU strong arm control over its member countries is becoming more apparent. Some French citizens are demonstrating against Macron. And Tesla almost died according to Elon Musk. So let's jump into commodity prices and then headlines to close out today's Blog.

How low can crude oil prices fall? That is the question as today's quote is hovering over the $50/bbl threshold at $50.84. The Russian economy will be further impacted at these levels. Spot gold is managing to hold is current $1226/oz level, which is encouraging for gold bugs. Usually gold and crude oil prices will fall together as gold mining is most energy intensive. Bitcoin is on life support at $4022 and probably has more downside. Finally, the 10 year U.S. Treasury is holding at 3.06%. Will the Feds raise rates again in December?

As expected, less American's are heading to U.S malls and shopping online during the holidays.

Continuing the trend of recent years, net sales at U.S. malls and brick-and-mortar stores fell 4%-7% Y/Y on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, while foot traffic fell 5%-9% over the two days. On the other hand, online sales skyrocketed more than 23%, crossing $6B on Black Friday, and grew an estimated 28% to $3.7B on Thanksgiving Day. Data was gathered from analytics firms RetailNext and Adobe Analytics.

The EU and Theresa May have come to terms over Brexit. Now the ball is in the U.K. court to ratify the agreement terms.

EU leaders from 27 states on Sunday formally backed Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement, which foresees London following many of the European bloc's rules to keep easy access to trade. The biggest question now is whether May’s divided minority government can steer the deal through fierce resistance in the U.K. parliament. The pound has strengthened since the pact came together over the past 10 days, but companies and investors remain nervous.

Financial markets are assuming the Italians have blinked with respect to budget fines from EU oversight.

European stocks, Italian bonds and the euro rallied overnight on signs that Rome was preparing to tweak spending plans that set it on course for disciplinary action from the EU. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini on Sunday hinted at the possibility of reworking the country's fiscal goals, saying "no one is stuck" to the draft budget target of 2.4% of GDP.

Now the Swiss stock market may be running afoul of their EU masters....while Swiss citizens have rejected self determination in liu of EU compliance.

In a referendum held over the weekend, Swiss voters rejected a "self-determination" initiative, which would have asserted the supremacy of the Swiss constitution over international treaties. A question mark still hangs over the Swiss stock market - the fourth biggest in Europe - whose recognition under EU regulation expires at the end of this year. Failure by Bern to accept an "institutional framework" agreement could result in Brussels imposing penalties on Switzerland.

French residents are protesting it safe to assume that many of the protesters were recent immigrants?

More than 100,000 people took part in about 1,600 protests across France on Saturday, marking the second weekend of "yellow vest" demonstrations that have caused disruptions across the country. Violence was seen in the capital of Paris, with protesters throwing stones and setting barricades alight. The campaign began as a movement against rising fuel prices, but it has morphed into a wider crusade against standards of living and Emmanuel Macron's policies.

Another casualty of raising interest rates is General Motors. After years of 0% financing, new car demand is weak when financing costs increase.

General Motors is set to make a big announcement today that will affect its global operations and threatens to shut down a major vehicle assembly plant in Ontario. Plagued by plunging car sales in North America and negative cash flow for the first nine months of the year, GM shares are down 12% YTD. The company has even been offering buyouts to North American salaried workers and said it could lay off white-collar staff if it does not hit a cost-cutting target.

And we close with Elon Musk, the dreamer who almost took Telsa into the financial abyss. I'm sure this interview was inspiring for major Tesla shareholders.....

Tesla almost died earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk told Axios on Sunday night, stating the company was "bleeding money like crazy" as it worked through a Model 3 production ramp in the spring and summer. In fact, the EV automaker "came within single-digit" weeks of death before it was able to meet its output goals. Musk added that he sees a 70% chance that he'll eventually "move to Mars" and live to ride one of his SpaceX rockets to the Red Planet.


Wrapping Up the Blog

Sorry, but I have no plans to ride a rocket to the Red Planet anytime soon. There is way too much shipping to get done and then packing the GFRC business for Florida migration.

I will be in the office all day and still soliciting more purchases. GFRC has not met its November financial forecast and more sales are required by Friday to close out the books with a favorable outcome.....

Wishing everyone a great day in the numismatic neighborhood.




November 25, 2018

GFRC at Winter FUN Tables 535/634

Greetings and welcome to a Sunday edition of the Blog.

Another day starts in southern Maine with much warmer temperatures than we've seen in the past week. Current temperature is at the freezing mark with light rain. Today's high is expected to reach 40F with the same temperature pattern holding until GFRC begins its Florida migration. As a local weather person joked in last evening's telecast, southern Maine may have had a white Thankgiving but a barren Christmas is possible. Warmer temperatures are a chance to remove ash from the wood stove and also scrape the driveway down to tar.

Day 2 of the Black Friday sale was quiet and, frankly, I was grateful for a slow day. A few orders streamed in during the day with two day sales total approaching $30,000. After flying back from Shanghai on Tuesday, Black Friday database prep and debug on Wednesday/Thursday, and a downright roaring sales day on Friday, I was ready for a slower-paced day. Last evening brought a dinner party with friends then table tennis and scotch. Us old guys could still play hard but the backhand shot was quite rusty.

The Black Friday sale closes at 9:00 pm ET today! If this sale parallels the behavior of prior sales, I expect to see a final surge in orders as customers relax during Sunday daytime hours.

Seth Godin: Denying the Heart

Bringing and utilizing emotions as part of our professions is today's point being made by Seth Godin. I chose to add this piece to this Blog edition as I often bring some level of personal emotion to these ramblings. Numismatics can be a personalized hobby driven by emotions for many among us. We are more than robots attempting to fill holes as defined in a Red Book. Collectors develop an appreciation of mint engraver artistry, high quality production strikes, and beautiful patina covering vibrant cartwheel luster. There is the chance to utliIze our hunting skills towards amassing rewarding collections and finally, the opportunity to associate with like minded individuals who share similar passions.

Denying the heart

If you want to annoy someone with back pain, tell them it might be in their head.

And if you want a medical practitioner to feel disrespected, you might try bringing up the placebo effect and how it’s often more effective than ‘real’ medicine.

Engineers and marketers often get stressed when we talk about emotion and dreams instead of rfps, features and benefits…

The thing is, we’re not automatons, computers making Vulcan-like decisions.

And that’s okay.

It’s better than okay. It permits us to bring heart and soul and magic to our work.

Instead of feeling disrespected because you’re seen as working with human emotions, perhaps it’s worth realizing that it’s a rare privilege, one with unlimited leverage and responsibility.


Winter FUN 2019 Booth Locations Announced - Tables 535/634

Attention quickly shifts to the upcoming Winter FUN show as only six weeks away. Gerry Fortin Rare Coins and David Perkins Rare Coins have received their table assignments. We will be located at tables 535 and 634. Unfortunately, the FUN website has yet to post a bourse floor map, therefore we're unable to provide an initial indication of our bourse floor positioning. Once the map is published, a pictorial will be shared in the Blog.


GFRC First Half 2019 Show Schedule Announced

The FUN table announcement triggered the need to assess and prepare the GFRC coin show schedule for the first half of 2019. This was done on Saturday afternoon and is now posted on the GFRC homepage ( Following is that posting. GFRC is planning to be visible and active during the upcoming year.

Dan White is well established as GFRC table assistant and will be attending most of these events. Dan will continue to focus on the United States gold portion of the GFRC business.

GFRC 1H 2019 Coin Show Schedule

Winter FUN Show, Orlando, Florida - January 10- 13, 2019 - 535/634 Tables with David Perkins
Venice Coin Show, Venice, Florida - February 2 - 4, 2019 - Double Tables
Sarasota Coin Show, Sarasota, Florida - February 22 - 24, 2019 - Double Tables
Whitman Baltimore Spring Show - February 28 - March 2, 2019 - Booth 818 with David Perkins
ANA National Money Show, Pittsburgh, PA - March 27 - 28 - Buying Trip/Consignment Pick-ups
Dalton (GSNA) Show, Dalton, Georgia - April 13 - 15 - Buying Trip Only
Central States Show, Schaumburg, Illinois - April 25 - 28 - Table TBA with David Perkins
Denver Coin Expo - May 8 - 10 - Table TBA with Jim Poston
Whitman Baltimore Summer Show - May 23 - 26 - Corner Table


Another Major GFRC Consignment is Committed - Twin Lakes Collection!

Saturday also brought another substantial consignment commitment from the Twin Lakes Collection. The Twin Lakes Collection consignor is most passionate about his hobby and has decided to make course changes after completing several near term collecting goals. He has chosen GFRC to handle three distinctly different sub collections that will total over 90 pieces once I transfer to the Venice Florida office. Twin Lakes Collection offerings are consistently above average in quality and eye appeal. Following is a preview of the three sub collections. All will be marketed and made available in conjunction with the Winter FUN show.

- 50 pieces of Liberty Seated half dimes, dimes, quarters, and half dollars along with a few Capped Bust half dimes and half dollars consistently graded PCGS AU58.

- 25 pieces Walking Liberty halves all graded PCGS MS64 with CAC approval. Dates range from 1917 through 1846-S. Most dates are in the 1930 and 1940s.

- 15 piece United States gold type set uniformally graded PCGS AU58! All gold deominations are present from $1 gold through $20 double eagles.


Summary of GFRC Major Consignment Debuts

Late 2018 through early 2019 will see a ramping of GFRC consignment offerings. As collectors discover and appreciate the GFRC business model and consignment services, the pace of substantial collection offerings is increasing. Following are the planned major collection debuts during the next three to four months.

Winter FUN 2019

- Rollout of the Twin Lakes Collection and balance of Dr. Glenn Peterson's Liberty Seated Half Dime Collection by die variety!

Spring 2019 Baltimore Show

- Rollout of a complete set of Liberty Seated Quarters from the Sunset Point Collection. This is a fully certified PCGS/NGC set grading AU through Mint States with key Carson City dates at the Fine and Very Fine grade levels. Also planned for Baltimore is the initial offering of LIberty Seated Half Dollars from the Dr. Glenn Peterson Collection.


Several Important Black Friday Sales Lots to Consider

The 2018 Black Friday Sale still features a host of great lots to consider. Following are two pieces that hopefully will find new homes today!

1838 Reeded Edge PCGS AU53 50c. Ex. Montana Collection and now being consigned by the Port Matilda Collection. When the Montana Collection made its GFRC debut, a broad array of top quality early silver type coins were added to inventory. All Montana Collection coins were purchased from two sources during the past ten years; Aspen Park Rare Coins and HLRC. Both dealers are well known for offering top quality coins. GFRC is so fortunate to have been chosen to handle divestment. I'm in love with this gem 1838 Reeded Edge half with bullseye toning that is a piece of art. Even though priced at double the PCGS price guide, I'm still issuing a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation and once in hand, you will know why. If not so busy loading coins on the price list, I take a break to enjoy the interplay of steely cartwheel luster with the bullseye toning. Let's start with the obverse; an internal rose circle is outlined by a thin ring of aquamarine which also surrounds the primary device. Immediately outside the center ring is a transparent golden film that surrounds the stars. Bright light viewing is amazing. Now the reverse; circular sky blue toning covers the eagle and immediate fields. This area is nicely framed by a burnt gold ring that surrounds the legend. Strike is completed executed on the reverse and center obverse. Those pesky stars in the right field lack connected centrils. Surfaces are entirely blemish free. A truly incredible offering for those that want special eye candy in their collections and are not afraid to pay the premium. Price reduced to $1195 during Black Friday Sale.

1861 Scott Restrike PCGS UNC Details 50C. GFRC is incredibly pleased to be offering one of the 500 Scott Restrikes but more importantly, the CSA reverse is choice original uncirculated. Both the CSA Reverse and obverse exhibt frosty cartwheel luster. For numismatic curiosity, the base coin's obverse was studied and easily attributed as an early die state CSA W-13 (Bisecting Date Crack) without signs of the die crack. The date position on CSA W-13 is unique and lends itself to a straightforward attribution. Offered here is an Scott Restrike with a choice original mint state CSA reverse coupled with a CSA W-13 base coin that was well preserved for years due to a obverse mount. At some point, the obverse mount was removed and the tooling remnants are most difficult to see on the PCGS TruView image. CSA Reverse strike is hammered with deeply impressed details. Reverse surface is choice with each die nuance available under a 10x loupe. Original silver mint frost is evident with mottled gray toning. Freshly graded by PCGS and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. This Scott Restrike has been off the market since the early 1980s with no auction records. An important historical aritfact that is worthy of careful consideration. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with Genuine UNC Details - Damage certification. Price reduced to $5000 during Black Friday Sale.

    1838 RE PCGS AU53 50C - 10% Off                                 1861 Scott Restrike PCGS UNC Details 50C - 17% Off   


Thank you for checking in at the Blog. My apology for the late publishing time as decided to catch up on sleep this morning.

Please remember that Sunday is the final day of the Black Friday Sales and your orders are most appreciated.

Monday's Blog will be published at the regular 8:00 am time for those who enjoy numismatic readings with their morning office coffee.




November 24, 2018

GFRC Black Friday Sale Is A Roaring Success

Greeting and welcome to the Daily Blog after a most exciting initial Black Friday sales day.

GFRC is pleased to announce that Friday's sales total reached over $25,000 by the time I retired at 10:00 pm.

It was an incredible day that first did not start well. The Black Friday price list download volume was too much for the Hostway server to handle, resulting in error messages during access attempts. For those that did gain access, the shopping cart icons did not operate properly. By 12:15 am, the initial surge abated and operations returned to normal. My apology for the difficulties with gaining access as I realize that many of you made a point of staying up late to gain first access. Based on the order profiles, I believe everyone was able to purchase their targeted coins and no harm was done. Matt Yamatin arrives to Venice Florida on December 15 and one of our discussions will focus on restructuring the Sales list architecture towards dealing with growing demand.

There was no question that GFRC customers were in a buying mood on Friday, given the quality coins being offered at attractive prices. Purchases spanned all denominations and designs as my humble business expands beyond traditional Liberty Seated coinage. Broad based sales continued throughout the day and finally waned by dinner time.

I had originally planned to add the Union Bridge Collection consignment to the price list on Friday afternoon along with other coins. Photography was completed during a very narrow daytime window towards enabling more offerings, but the commitment to execute the Quick Ship program fully absorbed me during late afternoon and well into the evening hours. Diane and I probably packaged 16 USPS Priority boxes along with a CAC submission and the return of a small unsold portion of coins to one consignor. It was that kind of day.

Today brings Small Business Saturday. After uploading today's Blog, I will refresh the price list and make all current in terms of sold Black Friday lots. Hopefully additional customers may find a coin or two to satisfy their holiday shopping needs. Given the expected lower sales volume, I will definitely focus on adding more coins to the price list. The backlog of potential new offerings is staggering with the Union Bridge pieces being the first to be posted.


Please Continue Mailing Checks to GFRC Maine Address

Many customers asked when the GFRC mailing address will be changed for check payments. Here is the schedule!

- The last day for mailing checks to Maine address is Monday November 26.

- No checks should be mailed on November 27 through 29. That is Tuesday through Thursday of next week.

- Starting November 30, checks should be mailed to GFRC, 502 Auburn Lakes Circle, Venice Florida 34292


Warning, Warning!!!

Black Friday Sales Warning - Collecting Liberty Seated Coinage is Infectious.

This customer email brought a huge smile and just had to share. Indeed, I was bitten by the infectious Liberty Seated coinage bug years ago as many others have been. My challenge, as Liberty Seated Collectors Club President, is to ensure that many more 20th century collectors are exposed and infected with this 19th century bug.

Good morning Gerry,

I will mail out a check this morning.

This Seated half represents the beginning of a date and mintmark set. I initially came to your website just looking for type coins, but it seems to have infected me with some kind of Liberty Seated collecting bug. Maybe you should post some sort of warning.

Regards and stay warm,


Several Important Black Friday Sales Lots to Consider

The 2018 Black Friday Sale list shrank from 604 coins to the current 569 offerings during the past 30 hours. Many great lots still remain and are buried treasure in the sale. How about exposing a few more of my favorite pieces that someone should buy. If I was still collecting, these would be at the top of my must aquire list....of course, they will be Liberty Seated dimes!

1839 F-104 PCGS MS64 10c. A stunning 1839 Liberty Seated dime that awoke my die variety researching spirit when first viewed. I have never seen an 1839 dime with such heavy reverse die polish lines as is the case for the Newtown example. Light wheat-gold toning is seen on the major devices while the fields are semi-prooflike. From a quality rating perspective, this is a near gem with only a few faint hairlines holding it back. I've listed the die marriage as F-104 as a small die line from denticles to STATE(S) is visible. This must be one of the first F-104 strikes as the reverse is uncracked and exhibits a myriad of delicate die polish lines in multiple directions. This example/die state has been added to the web-book as F-104. Later die states, for the same die pairing, were renamed as F-104a and F-104b. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder and an impressive acquistion for the serious die variety specialist. This is yet another fine numismatic property from the Newtown Collection.. Price reduced to $1370 during Black Friday Sale.

1839-O F-105 NGC AU55 CAC 10C. An important 1839-O F-105 dime with pedigree directly back to Kam Ahwash including his 1979 flip and hand written notes. This lovely dime was purchased by GFRC through an intermediate collector in the original Ahwash flip and then sold raw to the Denver Collection consignor during March 2015. The Denver Collection consignor did the heavy lifting with grading and CAC approval. Now this historically significant dime is back to the market. Frosty cartwheel luster is immediately evident along with faint gold patina. Strike is complete with high relief stars and nearly every horizontal shield lines well defined with only slight wear impacting the center area. Choice original 1839-O dimes are quite challenging to locate at the higher AU grades and in mint state. A superior offering from the Denver Collection that is housed in newer NGC holder with CAC approval. The original Kam Ahwash flip and hand written insert is included with the purchase to validate the pedigree. The Insert reads, "Nice Luster, Slider UNC, AU55". Price reduced to $945 during Black Friday Sale.

    1839 F-104 PCGS MS64 10C - 10% Off                                 1839-O F-105 NGC AU55 CAC 10C - 10% Off   



Wrapping Up the Blog

My sincere thanks go out to all GFRC customers who made purchases on Friday. It is recognized that many competing coin dealers are striving to secure your attention. At GFRC, I simply try to work harder and provide better coins and services for your precious hobby dollars. Our community is also a special part of the GFRC experience and much more substantial than just a simple coin transaction.

Ok, time for a shower and tackling the morning emails followed more shipping and loading of new coins. I suspect that Small Business Saturday will be another busy day.

Thanks for stopping by at the Blog.....



November 23, 2018

GFRC Black Friday Sale Update & Union Bridge Collection Consignment

Greetings from the Maine GFRC office and welcome to a frosty edition of the Daily Blog!

Friday 6:00 am temperature is only 10F with the wood stove cranking out plenty of heat. The office is comfortable while viewing initial Black Friday Sale emails and starting the invoicing and USPS Priority box kitting process.

Black Friday Sales Demand Overloads Hostway Server for First 15 Minutes

My apology goes out to GFRC customers who attempted to download the Black Friday Sale price list without luck between 12:00 am and 12:15 am. GFRC customer demand has grown and the initial downloads hammered the Hostway server. The current 600 piece price list architecture must be redesigned by Matt Yamatin and will be a discussion topic when the Yamatins visit Venice Florida home during mid December.

By 12:15 am, the surge demand had subsided with customers gaining access and orders quickly following. Total sales in the first few hours approached $8000. Sales were spread across a host of product lines and I'm sure there will be pleased consignors when informed of their available Trading Desk monies.

After wrapping up today's Daily Blog edition, I will refresh the Black Friday Sales price list with initially sold items to avoid repeat orders.

Extensive Usage of GFRC Quick Ship Program

Trust is one of the wonderful outcomes of the GFRC community and enables me to immediately ship orders to vetted customers. To date, every individual that has been placed on Quick Ship has followed through with rapid check payment for their purchases. Therefore, GFRC will be shipping Black Friday Sale lots starting on Saturday morning to those individuals who have indicated that they are done shopping and will mail a check for their invoiced amount.

Several Important Black Friday Sales Lots to Consider

The 2018 Black Friday Sale is substantial with over 600 lots to consider. About 42% of GFRC inventory was committed to the sale; a huge participation rate by consignors. There are many great lots buried in this sale. Therefore, I'm starting to use the Blog to highlight some of those lots that are worthy of special consideration.

Following are four more Black Friday Sale lots seeking new homes. .

1884 PCGS AU55 CAC 3 Cent Nickel. 1884 Philadelphia strikes offer the second-lowest mintage among three cent nickels (1,700 coins, behind only the 1885 with 1,000 strikes). However, the 1884 date has a much lower survival rate and ranks as the series key circulation strike date. This outstanding near gem original AU example has seen limited circulation with not with no abrasions whatsoever. The devices are well struck, showing only the slightest bit of wear. The reverse strike is hammered with all vertical lines in the Roman III digits separate by deep groves. Steel-gray satiny luster is immediately evident under a light source. CAC has only approved 16 total pieces for the date. Population 1 in AU55 with only two mint state exampes finer. Price reduced to $5150 during Black Friday Sale.

1881-S PCGS MS67 CAC $1 Morgan. An amazing GFRC offering for the collector who wishes to own the finest available while still being fiscally prudent. Obverse pastel rainbow colors are so transparent to the underlying mirrored surfaces. Cartwheel luster is so vibrant and attractive and without any visual distractions at the MS67 grade level. A pretty reverse golden arc at the rim nicely frames an untoned center region. A closed 10x loupe inspection revealed not distracting marks, again as one would expect from a large silver dollar graded MS67 and approved by CAC. Price reduced to $870 during Black Friday Sale.

1884 PCGS AU55 CAC 3CN - 10% Off                                      1881-S PCGS MS67 CAC $1 - 8% Off   



1861/58 Contemporary Counterfeit Raw VF25 3 Cent Silver. The only known overdate in the 3 cent silver contemporary counterfeit exumonia area. Probably created by an amateur counterfeiter with limited skills given the crude engravings. Populat and currently in demand. Weight is 0.6 grams with normal coin turn die alignment.

1864 25% Off Center Strike PCGS AU55 Indian Cent. Handling nice original error strikes is an atypical event at GFRC. But this exciting offering from the Saco River Collection is one heck of a special inventory offering. This early 1864 bronze planchet strike is strictly original with no signs of mishandling whatsover. Strike is positioned southeast on the planchet. Surfaces are toned a thick chocolate brown. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder with PCGS label reading, "Mint Error, PCGS AU55, Bronze, Struck 25% Off Center".

       1861/58 Counterfeit Raw VF25 3CS - 10% Off                    1864 25% Off Center Strike PCGS AU55 1C - 19% Off   



Latest Union Bridge Collection Consignment Arrives Today!

GFRC is pleased to feature another eclectic type coin consignment from the Union Bridge Collection consignor. Following is the client gallery to consider on a Friday morning. I should have the entire lot posted to the price list by end of day so please check back at that time for new offerings.

Union Bridge Collection Consignment - An Eclectic Type Coin Mix

            1827 PCGS AU53 10C                                                            1847 PCGS EF40 Seated $1


   1809 Raw EF40 1/2C                           1864 Lg Motto Raw MS64 2C                        1859 Raw AU55 5C


               1863 PCGS F12 5C                                   1930 Raw MS63 5C                                  1840 ND ANACS EF45 10C       


1846 PCGS VF25 10C                             1876 BF-x PCGS VF25 20C                           1898 Raw F12 25C   


         1811 PCGS VF35 CAC 50C                          1864-S PCGS VF25 50C                            1869-S PCGS VF35 50C       



Sunset Point Collection - A Complete Set of Liberty Seated Quarters Grading AU-MS

One of the thrills of operating the GFRC business is handling complete Liberty Seated coinage collections. A major thrill is on the horizon with the Sunset Point Collection of Liberty Seated Quarters. Discussions continue with this consignor and we have agreed to transfer his AU and Mint State graded collection immediately after the Winter FUN show. This will allow preparation time for a debut at the Spring Baltimore show.

Specialists for the Liberty Seated quarter denomination should continue to monitor the Daily Blog for updates concerning the divestment of this old time collection assembled during the late 1990s and early 2000 timeframe. Yes, the key date Carson city pieces grade in the Fine and Very Fine range but nearly all other pieces are certified Almost Uncirculated and Mint State by PCGS and NGC. This collection has not been to CAC and will be an initial priority once arriving to Venice office.


Global Financial News

United States stock markets are open today and therefore Seeking Alpha has published its daily Wall Street Breakfast edition. So lets check our favorite commodities and interest rate data points along with a few headlines.

Crude oil remains under pricing pressure as is quoting at a weak $53.20/bbl. Spot gold is once again in a tight trading range and is quoting at $1224/oz. Bitcoin remains depressed after last weeks major drop. Today's initial quote is only $4312. And finally, the 10 year U.S. Treasury bond is steady at 3.06%. Will the Fed raise interest rates another 0.25% in December?

According to this Seeking Alpha headline, the primary reason for lower crude oil prices is the excess supply from North American producers. Great job by the Americans and Canadians....

Oil prices have tumbled to 2018 lows, falling 2.6% to $53.20/bbl, triggering expectations that OPEC will start withholding supply after a meeting planned for Dec. 6. Amid the plunge, Brent and WTI price divergence has jumped in November to approach levels not seen since the market slump of 2014-2016. Surging North American supply appears to be clogging the system, while global markets are somewhat tighter, in part because of reduced exports from Iran.

Shanghai's stock market remains weak due to the U.S. and China trade war. As is so typical of the Chinese, there is a request for more dialogue before additional tariff actions. Dialogue provides time for the Chinese to adjust strategies to counter the pending the tariffs.

Steep losses were seen in Chinese markets ahead of the weekend, with the Shanghai Composite slipping 2.5%, as lingering trade war tensions added to worries about global growth. Trade talks? Discussions between the U.S. and China should be equal and mutually beneficial, Chinese Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen declared, adding that he hoped the two countries can find ways to manage their differences through dialogue.

Tesla may be on an unsustainable path as its attempts to hold on to its China market share.

Tesla has slashed prices of its vehicles in China by as much as a quarter to absorb the impact of tariffs from the U.S.-Sino trade war. Beijing imposed 25% duties on $34B of American goods, including cars, in July, in response to Washington's move to slap levies on $34B of Chinese imports. Earlier this year, Tesla also cut prices of the Model X and Model S in reaction to the tariffs, but later raised them.

And finally, recent data indicates that the German export based economy is flat to slightly contracting.

Weaker exports were the primary driver behind Germany's first quarterly economic contraction since 2015, according to the Federal Statistics Office, which confirmed a preliminary negative reading of 0.2% in Q3. The data didn't get any better, as flash PMI figures from IHS Markit showed Germany's manufacturing output slipping to a 67-month low amid a broader eurozone economic slowdown.


Wrapping Up The Blog

Ok, that is all she wrote for a Black Friday Sale morning. Time to return to Black Friday orders and invoicing as I see more emails arriving with purchase requests.

A sincere thank you to everyone who visits the Daily Blog on an ongoing basis and supports this humble numismatic business. At GFRC, we strike to be a different type of coin dealer!

Will be back on Saturday morning with a Black Friday Sale update. Please consider a purchase as many consignors are hoping for new Trading Desk credits.




November 22, 2018

Coldest Maine Thanksgiving on Record?

Greetings from frozen southern Maine and Happy Thanksgiving!

It definitely feels like the middle of January as Thanksgiving Day arrives. Current Raymond Maine temperature is 3F with gusty winds leading to a wind chill of -15F. The wood stove is cranking out heat and special thermal barrier window shades are down. There is no chance to peer out the GFRC office window this morning due to the record breaking cold temperatures.

United States Temperatures - Thanksgiving Day 7:00 AM ET - Weather Channel

On principle, I'm still in a t-shirt and shorts but the run into the garage for more firewood will be downright cold! Last evening, Diane warned me to be careful by the wood pile as she setup the mouse traps again now that I am home. I will be amazed if field mice are active today given the cold and deep snow.

Winters in Maine are tough on car batteries. Anyone with an aged or weak car battery will quickly discover this fact today.


Black Friday Sale Arrives at Midnight Including 74 CAC Approved Offerings!

After spending Wednesday morning catching up on GFRC shipping, the balance of the day was spent loading Black Friday sale reductions into the COIN system. I'm pleased to report that the sale is queued up with 600 coins available at strong discounts. Notable is the amount of higher priced coins being discounted and the presence of larger pricing reductions. Even with a minimum pricing reduction requirements of 8%, consignors are wholehearthedly supporting the event. Some consignors have taken reductions beyond 30%. An educated guess is that the average discount ranges from 9 to 12% which is important considering overall quality of GFRC offerings.

As the final COIN database debug was completed, a special sort revealed 74 CAC approved coins being offered and another opportunity for GFRC customers.

This will be an exciting sale as motivated consignors are ready to place aged coins into new collections. Remember that aged coins do not necessarily mean an inferior coin. Matching coins between sellers and buyers is an imperfect science. Of course, the gem original and JUST BUY IT NOW coins typically don't last long on the price lists. Choice coins have been known to remain on the price list for a year of more as the demand side of the equation can hold these lovely pieces back from a quick sale. When prices drop closer to wholesale, then the value buyers step in to scoop up a bargain. Such is the coin business and its thrill of the hunt!


Black Friday Sale Instructions

Accessing the Black Friday price list is as simple as clicking on the black banner at the top of each GFRC price list page or the Daily Blog page. Once the countdown clock reaches midnight, then a separate price list will be available for download and shopping. Many of you have participated in the GFRC sales event and are old pros with navigating the special price list and its format. For those who are new GFRC customers, please carefully review the following usage instructions to avoid disappointments.

Accessing the Black Friday Sales List

- Click on the Black Friday Sale white lettering on the black banner and wait 20 seconds or so for the price list to load. Please have patience when first downloading the Black Friday Sale price list. The entire list and all coin images are downloaded at one time. Download time is variable based on internet service provider and your access device bandwidth. With local Spectrum ISP, the GFRC download took about 20 seconds due to the number of offered coins.

- Once in the Black Friday price list, click on the product tabs to access individual price lists. DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON as this will take you outside the sale list and requiring another download. When clicking on an image for high resolution photographs, these will open as a seperate session in your browser. Once done viewing the image, then please close that session which places you back in the sale price list.

All GFRC Consignors Notified of Black Friday Sale Participation

To ensure that no consignor has been left out of the sale, I've sent a confirmation email to each consignor indicating that their pricing reductions are loaded. If you have not received a confirmation email on Wednesday, then your pricing reduction have not be loaded. If this is the case, then no problem, there is still time on Thanksgiving morning and early evening to capture last minute reductions and GFRC loading oversights. Please contact me immediately towards loading last minute pricing reductions. There will be no additions to the sale list after 8:00 pm ET as I must move on to other GFRC consignments tasks.

When Does the Black Friday Sale Go Live?

The Black Friday Sale price list link will appear automatically at 12:00 am ET (9:00 pm PT). The link is located at the top of each GFRC website page where the countdown clock is currently marking the time remaining. The sale will continue through Sunday 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT).

How Do I Purchase Lots?

Purchasing lots on the Black Friday sale price list is no different than making a normal GFRC purchase. A customer can click on the shopping cart icon to launch a purchase email. Otherwise, simply send me an email and list the desired lots (denomination, date, mintmark and price). All emails will be processed in the order received to determine sale lot allocations. Phone calls can be employed starting at 8:00 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Will Lay-A-Ways Be Available for Black Friday Sale Items?

Unfortunately no....the Black Friday Sale is a cash and carry event. Regular GFRC payment terms will apply. Paypal and credit card usage will require a 3% adder to the combined purchased and shipping cost total with no exceptions.

When Will Black Friday Sale Lots Ship?

GFRC has a tight shipping window this year due to the Florida office migration in early December. Orders paid via Paypal, credit cards, and those from well known customers on the "GFRC Quick Ship" program, will see their orders shipped on Monday through Wednesday of next week. For new customers paying via check, those orders will ship up through Friday November 30 and then restart on Tuesday December 4.

GFRC will use the "Quick Ship" program extensively during the Black Friday Sale. "Quick Ship" is a courtesy to vetted GFRC customers who have proven to be reliable with immediately mailed check payments. I will ship coins via "Quick Ship" once a customers confirms mailing check payment via phone or email. The GFRC community is small and trust is an important aspect of our business.


The Passing of J.T. Stanton

Rich Hundertmark forwarded the following sad announcement from Chris Pilliod, Fly-In Club President, concerning the passing of J.T. Stanton.

We lost a numismatic legend and longtime Life Member last month. J.T. Stanton who along with Bill Fivaz authored the widely acclaimed “Cherrypicker’s Guide” series passed away after an illness in Savannah, Georgia. He died too young at the age of 66. Many of you knew him, we all respected him, and loved his cheery disposition. He was truly a great guy. We would like to offer you the chance to share a memory or anecdote to be included in the Ledger. Please send along any remembrances to our editor Rick Snow at


Featured Coins of the Day

How about showcasing highlights from the Black Friday Sale to kick off Thanksgiving Day morning?

GFRC Black Friday Sale Highlights - Going Live at Midnight!

1838 No Drapery PCGS MS64 5C - 10% Off                                      1838-O NGC EF40 CAC 5C - 16% Off   


    1807 JR-1 NGC UNC Details 10C - 17% Off                              1838 F-110 PCGS MS64 CAC 10C - 11% Off


1845 F-101 NGC AU55 CAC 10C - 10% Off                                   1882 F-101 NGC PF66UCAM 10C - 14% Off


  1892 NGC MS64 CAC 10C - 30% Off                                              1852/52 NGC MS63 25C - 15% Off


1795 O-113a ANACS F15 OWH 50C - 30% Off                                  1830 O-104 Raw EF45 50C - 14% Off       


1842 Med Date PCGS AU58 50C - 19% Off                                       1851 WB-6 NGC AU53 50C - 15% Off   


1861 Scott Restrike PCGS UNC Details 50C - 17% Off                          1870-CC Raw VF30 Seated $1 - 10% Off         



Thank you for starting your Thanksgiving Day with a visit to the Blog and taking in these ramblings. Of course, I will be back tomorrow with a Black Friday Sale update and more consignor news including a new Union Bridge consignment gallery.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




November 21, 2018

Back in Wintery Maine Office

Greetings from the GFRC Maine office and welcome to the Daily Blog.

As the opening image illustrates, 2018 winter arrives early for southern Maine. It will indeed be a white Thanksgiving tomorrow!

The Shanghai to Newark NJ return flight was most pleasant and uneventful. A full flight was expected but luck brought an empty middle seat and a decent amount of sleep. Other than spilling a small glass of water on the middle seat (my bad), the flight was essentially perfect. Then there was the connecting Newark to Portland Maine flight which had its typical delays and issues. The arriving plane was unusable and had to be rushed to the ICU. Then there were crew delays. Amazingly, United located an alternate plane for the delayed crew resulting in a limited one hour total delay. Returning to Maine was eye opening with nearly a foot of snow on the ground.


Seth Godin's Blog: Signal to noise ratio

How I love Seth Godin's characterization of the internet, and we should add in social media for good measure. Indeed we live in a noisy online environment with little signal strength or value. I sincerely hope that the Daily Blog is not part of the noise pack but for those outside of numismatics, there is that possibility. Within numismatics, the Daily Blog is designed to be a quiet space for facilitated commentary and sharing.

Signal to noise ratio

It’s almost impossible to have a substantive conversation at a soccer match. It’s too loud. Too much noise.

It’s exhausting to listen to some politicians speak, because there’s nothing being said. Not enough signal.

Signal to noise ratio is the measure of how much cruft we have to work through to get to the heart of the message.

The discussion to have when your message isn’t getting out is: Is the world too noisy, or is our signal too weak?

The internet is the noisiest communication medium ever developed at scale. And often, it has vanishingly small signal as well.

When you give everyone a microphone, they might surprise you by using it, even if they don’t have much to add.

One solution is to find a quiet space when you have something to say. Now (in this loud place, filled with spam) might not be as good as later, in a setting you’ve earned, saying something you care about, to people who are listening.

Cut down your noise, improve your signal.


Black Friday Sale Preview

After reviewing a broad range of Black Friday discounting inputs, let's just say that this will be a substantial sale that should not be missed. No hype here but rather the truth!

GFRC's major consignors have all made discounting commitments and most are higher than the 8% participation minimum. If you've been considering quality Liberty Seated coinage on the price lists and have been patiently waiting for the sale, then a reward will be at hand come Thursday midnight.

Today's primary goals are to load all Black Friday discounting instructions into the COIN system along with sending confirmation emails to every selling participant. Once again, if you don't hear from me by say, 7:00 pm today, then please contact me to check on discounting instruction status. I'd like to execute this sale cleanly but with jetlag, there is the possibility that someone's instructions could be missed if not following my email subject line guidance.

Within the Thanksgiving Day blog edition, Black Friday Sale rules and price list usage instructions will revisit for new GFRC customers.

GFRC Quick Ship Program to be used extensively....

Since the GFRC office migration to Florida immediately follows the Black Friday sale, I would like to use the Quick Ship program as much as possible. GFRC Quick Ship is where orders are shipped ahead of payment to those customers that are vetted via timely prior payments. Once an email commitment is made of check payment being mailed, then your order ships immediately.

I also welcome Paypal and Credit Card payments but with the usual +3% adder due to fees being charged to GFRC.


Global Financial News

It is great to be back in the office and the daily routine that includes reviewing Seeking Alpha headlines.

Folks, I'm gaining a sense of instability in the financial markets, especially after seeing the Chinese scooping up gold coins. The General Electric debt downgrade appears to be a canary in the coal mine event as the company is so heavily leveraged. Debt is now omnipresent in American society and throughout the world. Rising interest rates are applying pressure to the debt load and some defaults are possible. The million dollar question is how the Federal Reserve will handle the upcoming December interest rate increase. We currently stand at a 2.25% Fed rate with the goal being 4.0%. But behind the scenes, the Federal Reserve is also attempting to "normalize" its balance sheet and extract QE monies out of the United States economy. Liquidity could be an issue for firms that would have gone under during the protracted Great Recession without the support of ultra low interest rates. Judgment day is potentially on the horizon but the actual timeframe could extend for another year.

Let's start today's review with a look at commodities and interest rates. Crude oil remains in the mid $50/bbl range and is quoting at $54.36. This is great news at the gas pump if your state is not heavily taxing gasoline sales. Last evening, I saw a local Maine price of $2.44/gallon. Gold is holding its recent increase with this morning's quote at $1225/oz. Bitcoin has found support at a much lower level of $4500.

A finally, the 10 year U.S. Treasury yield has decreased to 3.07%. Are traders betting that the Federal Reserve will delay its planned December rate hike?

Looking overseas at Seeking Alpha headlines, we first check in on the Italian budget and EU response. No much progress has been made between the parties.

The EU Commission has opened disciplinary procedures against Italy after the country refused to submit a budget proposal that squares with its rules. The Excessive Deficit Procedure will require Rome to provide a plan of corrective action and policies, though the nation risks a significant fine if it doesn't follow through. Following the news, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini told reporters he was open to small tweaks in the budget, but said he wouldn’t compromise on the main principles.

It is official, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development remains bullish on global economic growth regardless of mounting debt loads. Let's remember that China and United States economies provide a heavy weight within global statistics.

Though there are no signs of a sharp downturn, trade tensions and higher interest rates are slowing the world economy, according to the OECD, which lowered its outlook for next year. The organization forecast that global growth would slow from 3.7% this year to 3.5% in 2019 and 2020. It previously projected 3.7% for 2019.

Brash Elon Musk continues to subject himself to scrutiny that has impacts to his businesses.

NASA is conducting a review of Boeing and SpaceX to assess "anything" and "everything" that could impact the safety of astronaut space missions, according to The Washington Post. Sources indicate that the review of the corporate culture was prompted in part by a video of Elon Musk smoking marijuana (legally) and taking a shot of whiskey during a podcast. NASA awarded contracts in 2014 to Boeing ($4.2B) and SpaceX ($2.6B) to fly astronauts.


Wrapping Up the Blog

It is well after 8:00 am and best to upload today's edition and get on with a busy day. Thank you for stopping by.

Blog readers can expect upcoming editions to be posted at regular 8;00 - 8:30 am times until the Florida migration. My apology for lack of coin images within today's Blog.