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Collecting coins other than those from the United States may seem daunting but the efforts to learn world coins brings challenges and rewards. Most collectors pick a specialty area whether it be European Crowns, Great Britain type coins or closer to home, the Latin America coinage that still circulated within the United States up through the Civil War.

When it comes time to sell or disposition holdings, the world coin market is more thinly traded than that for United States coins. Specialty dealers often demand higher buy/sell margins to cover inventory holding costs.

Gerry Fortin Rare Coins is becoming well known for it consignment business model and this concept is also applicable to World Coins. Please contact me if you wish to consign or participate in this rapidly expanding product line with attractive commission rates. The initial GFRC focus will be Latin America, Canadian and European pieces of high quality.

European grading standards are different from United States Sheldon scale standards. For World coins listed and sold by GFRC, the European grading standard will be utilized. Shorty, I will add a comparison table between European and Sheldon scale standards to guide customers.


KM = Krause and Mishler Standard Catalog
Gilboy = Columnarios of Central and South America. FF Gilboy
DP = Resplandores. Dunigan and Parker
Jara = Historia de la Casa de Moneda de Guatemala. Carlos Jara

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Photo Denom / Ref Date Grade TPG Price Description Buy
 6400R 1782 6400R
1782 AU55 PCGS
$1100 Brazil 6400R. Choice Original, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Rub on Cheek and Head, Uniform Strike, Accurately Graded, . Mintage of 324,000. A choice example housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. Will be shopped on a wholesale basis at the Whitman Baltimore show if not sold immediately. Taking offers while on the price list.
China - Commemorative Medals and Silver Pandas
 10 Yuan 1984 10 Yuan
$1350 Mintage: 10,000. Part of the famous 1983, 1984 and 1985 early Panda 10 yuan group and certified PCGS PF69. Fully blemish free and beautiful cameo appearance. The gray shading on the lower half of the obverse and reverse images is from photography and is not present on the coin. The field are strong Deep Cameo. 1984 PCGS PF69 Pandas peaked in the $2600-$2800 range in late 2011 and are sharply down from those levels.
 Commemorative 1984 Commemorative
1984 PF68 UCAM NGC
$1650 3rd Hong Kong Exposition, 1 oz Silver, Mintage: 1,000. First year of issue for special silver medals commemorating International Coin Expositions. Soft white edge toning and clean fields. Limited mintage of 1000 pieces and quite rare! The 1 oz silver strikes are much more difficult to locate than the 5 oz strikes (which I also can offer). New NGC holder during 2013 timeframe.
 Commemorative 1987 Commemorative
$4250 1987 Platinum Panda New York International Coin Exposition Medal that is now frequently referred to as the World Trade Center Medal post 9/11. Mintage: 1,000. PF69 Deep Cameo certified by PCGS and one of the finest available. Medal contains 1oz of .9995 Platinum and features obverse with mother panda and cub. Reverse illustrates lower Mahanttan skyline and Hudson River with World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty along with inserted Great Wall image. This medal has escalated in price since the 9/11 terrorist attack due to the pronounced WTC visual memorial, a platinum base medal and mintage of 1000 pieces with many returning to mainland China. PCGS PF69 DCAM population is 5 pieces.
 50 Yuan 1988 50 Yuan
1988 Proof DCAM raw
$525 Mintage: 11,000. 50yuan, 5oz. with all original packaging including Panda lacquered box, outer box and COA. The proof coin has typical rose peripheral tone as is typical for the year. Purchased back in 2006 timeframe. Examination of coin reveales no spots or marks. Box images can be seen here; outer box, lacquered box.
 Commemorative 1988 Commemorative
1988 PF68 UCAM NGC
$495 97th ANA Convention, Cincinnati, 1 oz Silver, Mintage: 2,000. Low mintage for 1988 American Numismatic Associated coin convention. Panda and device frost is uninterrupted and the field are clean. New NGC holder during 2013 timeframe.
 Commemorative 1988 Commemorative
1988 MS68 DCAM Proof PCGS
$4500 Basel Coin Week, Struck with Platinum Die, Mintage: 600. 1 oz gold medal in 0.9995 DCAM quality. A modern error for China panda series along with PCGS Mint State labeling mistake as these medals were struck as Proofs. Mintage for 1988 Basel gold coins struck with correct dies is 1600. Please note there is a small copper spot at the base of tree due to gold/copper alloy issue. PCGS population report indicates 2 pieces graded at PF68 grade with none at PF69.
 10 Yuan 1989 10 Yuan
1989 Proof DCAM raw OMP
$1350 Mintage: 25,000. Rare mint issued strip of ten 1989 10 Yuan silver Panda DCAM proofs in original double plastic packaging as purchased in Shanghai during 2003 timeframe
 Commemorative 1989 Commemorative
1989 PF69 UCAM NGC
$250 98th ANA Convention, New York City, 1 oz Silver, Mintage: 4,000. Uninterrupted frost on the device and clean fields. Reverse features a beautiful horse consistent with Chinese Lunar calendar. New NGC holder during 2013 timeframe.
 10 Yuan 1990 10 Yuan
1990 Proof DCAM raw OMP
$1600 Mintage: 20,000. Rare mint issued strip of ten 1990 10 Yuan silver Panda DCAM proofs in original double plastic packaging as purchased in Shanghai during 2003 timeframe.
 Commemorative 1993 Commemorative
1993 PF68 UCAM NGC
$425 Munich Int'l Coin Show, 1 oz Silver, Mintage: 2,500. Top end medal for designated PF68 grade as I don't see any silver frost disturbance on panda or reverse buildings. Fields are clean. New NGC holder during 2013 timeframe.
 10 Yuan 1993 10 Yuan
1993 PF68 NGC
$295 Mintage: 20,000. NGC new edge view holder, at least three available.
 10 Yuan 1994 10 Yuan
$600 Mintage: 20,000. Choice Example in PCGS holder, essentially perfect with no marks in either the obverse or reverse field. Panda and tree is also perfect with no break in any of the frosty devices. PCGS serial number 16085976.
 10 Yuan 1994 10 Yuan
1994 PF68 UCAM NGC
$500 Mintage: 20,000. Older NGC holder, only one available. Lower left "glare" on image is a result of photography and not on the coin. Still need to improve technique for photographing larger coins.
 10 Yuan 1994Sm D 10 Yuan
1994-Sm D MS69 PCGS
$365 Mintage: 120,000 for Shanghai (Large Date) and Shenyang (Small Date). Choice Example in PCGS holder, essentially perfect with no marks in either the obverse or reverse field. Fields are semi proof like.
 10 Yuan 1995 10 Yuan
1995 PF68 UCAM NGC
$625 Mintage: 10,000. Older NGC holder, only one available. Once again the lower "glare" on the obverse and reverse images is a result of the photography and is not on the coin.
 10 Yuan 1995 10 Yuan
$525 Mintage: 10,000. Strict PCGS grading with PF67 assigned. There are two reasons for the assigned grade; under a 16x loupe there is a slight disturbance of the mint frost on the panda's nose and region between the eyes and a small milk spot adjacent to the left ear. String like fibers to the left of 10 Yuan is on the holder during photography and not on the coin. Reverse is perfect. PCGS serial number is 15031023. Priced below PCGS price guide which is $600 (OMP) and $550 (PF67)
 10 Yuan 1995 10 Yuan
$525 Mintage: 10,000. Strict PCGS grading with PF67 assigned. Several reasons for the assigned grade; under a 16x loupe, there is faint disturbance of the mint frost on the panda's nose; two tiny spots in the water waves. On reverse, there is a disturbance of the inner ring frost by the first left chinese character. The reverse line at 8:00 through the outer ring is on the PCGS holder and not the coin. Priced below PCGS price guide which is $600 (OMP) and $550 (PF67).
 10 Yuan 2000Fros 10 Yuan
2000-Fros MS69 PCGS
$350 Mintage: Unknown. A Choice Example housed in older blue label PCGS holder. PCGS serial number is 26817490. When grading 2000 pandas, check the panda's nose and forehead for any disturbance in mint frost. This example has solid mint frost in those area and is choice overall. Always in demand due to year of issue
 50 Yuan 2005 50 Yuan
2005 Proof DCAM raw
$650 Mintage: 10,000. 50yuan, 5oz. with all original packaging including original China Gold Coin Incorporation green felt box and COA. The double seal proof coin is spot and mark free. Box image can be seen here.
 1 Peso 1871 1 Peso
KM 154.2
1871 VF30 raw
$195 Columbia, Rose Toning, Luster. A letter edge piece with rose patina over lustrous surfaces. This piece is not perfectly flat with a high point on the reverse shield that led to enhanced wear in that area. The surfaces are faintl hairlines and have retoned with current coloring.
 10 Francs 1967 10 Francs
KM 932
1967 Mint State raw
$42 France, 90% Silver. Bold cartwheel luste with light gold rims. High on eye appeal and really an inexpensive piece for the quality.
German States / Germany
 32 Schillings, Thale 1629 32 Schillings, Thale
KM 123
1629 EF40 raw
$375 German States, Hamburg, Silver Gray, Old Clean. An interesting 17th century piece with Hamburg city towers not dividing the numerial date as in earlier issues. There is considerable reverse strike doubling and planchet fatigue.
 32 Schillings 1731 32 Schillings
KM 72
1731 VF20 raw
$160 German States, Hamburg, Light Gray. A well struck example with reeded edge. Surfaces have seen a light clean in the past and now retoning a light gray. Reverse rim has light gold ring. A well preserved piece with no blemishes and a good value at this grade level.
 1 Thaler 1763 1 Thaler
KM 417.3
1763 VF30 raw
$375 German States, Hamburg, Gray/Rose Patina. An impressive coin in terms of size. Surfaces still show some luster in the protected areas. There is a 2mm planchet void on the lower reverse at 6:00 which is typical for these types of issue.
 20 Lepta 1831 20 Lepta
KM 11
1831 VF20 raw
$240 Greece, Kapedistras Aegina, Original.
 8 Reales 1814NG M 8 Reales
KM 69
1814-NG M EF40 raw
$250 Guatemala, Ferdinand VII 8 Real, Light Gray. Guatamala reales are continually in demand. This example is large sized 8 Reales with an old cleaning that has left the surfaces a light gray. The surfaces are blemish free and one can detect some original min frost in a few protected area including behind the head scarf box knot.
Italy / Italian States
 Ducato 1752/53 Ducato
KM 611
1752/53 EF40 raw
$250 Italy, Venice, Francesco Loredan. An amazing mid 18th century Ducato from "The Queen of the Adriatic", Venice or Venezia. Almost all of the Venice coins were undated through the 18 century; study of design attributes is necessary to determine the appropriate era. St. Mark is seated on the left and presenting a staff with cross to doge kneeling at right. Reverse features the Lion of St. Mark. Surfaces are a nice silver gray. There is a crude plug at the top of St. Mark's staff that appears to be as made.
 5 Lire 1832 5 Lire
KM 130.2
1832 VF30 raw
$95 Italy, Sardinia, Carlo Alberto. Surfaces have retoned a light rose after long ago cleaning. Design minted from 1831 through 1849. Edge lettering.
 120 Grana 1854 120 Grana
1854 EF40 raw
$110 Italy, Naples and Sicily, Silver Gray. Surfaces have seen an old cleaning and are an even silver gray with little remaining luster. Reverse rim has few ticks .
 20 Lire 1927R 20 Lire
KM 69
1927-R EF45 raw
$345 Italy, Choice Original Light Gray. A strictly original silver piece with blemish free fields. Residual luster is evident under bright light. A scarce type design which is only collectible for coinage issued during 1927 and 1928. Subsequent years 1929 through 1934 saw tiny mintages of 50 pieces only per year. Classic Italian design with standing male with fasces approaching seated Italia.
 1 Peso 1866 1 Peso
KM 388.1
1866 EF40 raw
$155 Mexico, Empire of Maximilian, Mexico City. A gray white example that has seen an old dip and is now recovering. Mintage is only 2,148,000.
 1/2 Reale 1476 1/2 Reale
1476 VF20 raw
$65 Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, Seville. A thin hammered planchet with considerable remaining details. Surfaces are darker gray in the protected areas while higher points are a dull gray from old cleaning. Strike doubling is evidence on some lettering.