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Liberty Seated Quarters - New Orleans Dates

The BIG BLUE Collection
Last Updated on December 29, 2018

Rating: 21.3      Complete: 50%      Weighted Grade: 43.8 30%

# Date Type/Variety Rarity Grade TPG CAC Photo Owner Comment
1 1840-O
No Drapery
- 3.0 AU50 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1840 Seated No Drapery 25C 1-a (mintmark way left). Iridescent aqua blue toning made this a keeper. More luster than what appears from the photo. Stronger than normal strike for a New Orleans mintage known for weak strikes.
2 1840-O
With Drapery
- 4.0
3 1841-O
- 3.3 AU50 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1841 Seated  25C 1-A
4 1842-O
- 4.3
5 1843-O
- 5.0
6 1844-O
- 4.0
7 1847-O
- 5.3 AU50 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1847 Seated  25C 1-C
8 1849-O
- 6.3
9 1850-O
- 5.0 EF40 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1850 Seated  25C 1-A. Coin was formerly an ANACS 45 which made the crossover 40 criteria. The tone is a little blotchy on the obverse but it does have a fairly strong lower obverse rim; somewhat uncharacteristic for t
10 1851-O
- 5.3
11 1852-O
- 6.0 EF40 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1852 Seated  25C 1-A, same as the 51-o, R6. The 1852-o has one of the lowest mintages for any quarter dollar produced in the 1850\'s. At 96,000 you\'d think there would be sufficient survivors but this does not se
12 1853-O
Arrows and Rays
- 3.3 EF40 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1853 Seated Arrows and Rays 25C 2-C. Nice original look the way you\'d expect from a 40 grade.
13 1854-O
With Arrows
- 4.0
14 1855-O
With Arrows
- 6.0 EF40 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1855 Seated With Arrows 25C 1-A. A very original, and super tough example to find with a full obverse strike around the date. Splashes of luster tickle the eye throughout both sides. Non-existent with eye appeal that has even
15 1856-O
- 4.0 EF40 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1856 Seated  25C Super deep sea-green toning doesn\'t show well in the photo\'s. The strike on the obverse has the typical weak head and top stars for this year. Conservatively graded for sure.
16 1857-O
- 4.0 EF40 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1857 Seated  25C What a nice looking mid-grade coin. Perfection is the how I describe this look with no marks and a superior circulated look. I don\'t think you can ask for anything else out of a 40 grade.
17 1858-O
- 4.3
18 1859-O
- 4.3 EF45 PCGS
GFRC Open Set Registry - BIG BLUE 1859 Seated  25C 2-B (no obverse die lump on the rock next to Liberty\'s finger and small thin date numerals at their respective base) A beautiful double-sided toner with luster remaining in the devices. \\\\\
19 1860-O
- 4.0
20 1891-O
- 5.3